NFL Week 2

September 14, 2014 by


Bears at 49ers, and the chickens are at the Chargers. JMF vs. the Aints.

Saturday Football Update

September 13, 2014 by

Alright, another week of action!


The obvious choice for game of the week has Illinois visiting Wershington. Wish I could go but I actually leave for Hotlanta tomorrow on business. “Gentlemen’s” sixer on the line in this one fo sho.
Also, SE La vs. Tulane, Rice at (no more) Johnny Foosballs, and sk8’s quack attack hosts Wyoming. And much more!

Friday Night Football

September 12, 2014 by

Toledo at Cincy, Baylor at Buffalo.

Obama Thursday Night Football

September 11, 2014 by

La Tech at Norf Texas and Houston at Mormons.

Also, Steelers at Ravens.

Monday Night Football

September 8, 2014 by

Giants vs. Lions and Cardinals vs. Chargers.

NFL Week 1

September 7, 2014 by

So the Chickens thrashed the Packers Thursday night, that was awesome.

Bears host the Bills, and Johnny Motherfucker travels to Pittsburg.

Saturday Football Update

September 6, 2014 by

Western KY at Illinois – the Hilltoppers killed Bowling Green last week so I hope that the Illini can win here but I am cautious.
Eastern Washington at Wershington
The Ramblin’ Wreck at the Wave
Lamar at the Aggies
The VANDALS at La. Monroe

And Michigan State vs. the Quack Attack at Autzen. This is the game that will be super interesting to watch. I have a feeling that the Big Televenteen will be embarrassed at the outcome of this one.

Friday Night Football

September 5, 2014 by

Pitt at BC, and the Cougs at Nevada. I wonder if they still run that PISTOL there.

Obama Thursday Night Football

September 4, 2014 by

Slack vs. The chickens and some kollej games as well. BuhGAWK!

Saturday Football Update

August 30, 2014 by

Alright, our first full Saturday, and a big slate it is:

The Beloved host Youngstown State
The VANDALS at Florida
Wisco vs. LSU in Houston
Wershington at Hawaii

And a ton more!


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