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May 30, 2009

Last year when our offensive coordinator Mike Locksley left to be the head coach of New Mexico I was pissed off.  Now, I am singing a different tune.  Glad he left before all of this crap went down.  Hopefully our new O Coordinator gels with Juice and Benn and the rest.


Wisconsin Scheduling

May 28, 2009

Much has been made in this area about Wisconsin’s shitty out of conference scheduling for the past decade or so.  The beat goes on this year with games against Northern Illinois, Fresno State, Wofford (?!) and Hawaii.  Although I will give them the benefit of the doubt with that Fresno game, the Bulldogs always come to play.

There are always TV and radio ads for Wisconsin football tickets around the time of the crappy games.  Can’t get a sellout for that game against the Citadel?  Who could have guessed?

The rumor mill is swirling that Wisconsin is talking about a series starting sometime around 2012 with Notre Dame.  That is ass-kicking.  I will get a boatload of money for that pair of tickets, even though my season seats are in the nose bleeds.  It also makes sense, as my close personal friend Barry Alvarez was the D-coodinator at ND in the late 80’s.


May 25, 2009

I see on ESPN that they hauled Jeremy Shockey to the hospital for “dehydration”.  I had to laugh when I saw where he was – Rehab at the Hard Rock in Vegas.  For those who don’t know, Rehab is a giant pool party that the Hard Rock has where you basically keep on a drinkin’ from the night before.  So the truth is that Shockey wasn’t dehydrated, rather blotto, I would imagine.

I have seen that “dehydration” theme used and abused before, but usually I have seen it when referring to music stars on drugs or booze.  Famous people also use “exhaustion” when they are strung out and have to get carted to a hospital or somewhere where they need to dry out.

New Top 25

May 16, 2009

With the Spring practices behind us, Schlabach has come up with his newest version of the top 25.  Lets take it apart, shall we?

Florida at number one still.  Boy Schlabach looooves the Gators.  I will hopefully be able to enjoy watching the Gators drop a few games next year.

USuC at #4?  Damn, how can the Trojans keep reloading like that when they lose half of their team every year, and this time they lost all of their coaches too?  I am no Pete Carroll fan, but I don’t think that there can be much doubt that he runs the best program in the nation.  Yes, they cheat with ‘roids and all of that, but don’t they all?


Suck It, Injuns!

May 16, 2009

The courts yesterday threw out a lawsuit against the Washington Redskins that had to do with their famous trademarked logo.


Now, really I don’t care about the Redskins, but that is one sweet logo.  I do have a lot of resentment against the PC crowd for helping kill Chief Illiniwek, even though they let us keep the “Illini” moniker.  So any win for an injun based team is a win for me.  I am sure we will hear a lot more about this now that my beloved Blackhawks are in the Campbell Conference Finals. 

But this isn’t the first version of the Redskins logo.  Here are a couple of the other incarnations they have gone through.


Thanks For The Scotch, sk8!

May 15, 2009

Got it in the mail today.  Did I win a bet from you?  Because I sure as hell don’t remember.

What Happens in Dover, Stays in Dover

May 13, 2009

Something just happened that has slipped under many radars. Delaware has de-criminalized sports gambling. A bit. For the state.

In Delaware they have decided to run sports betting, on parlays basically. No word yet on if they will be allowing straight up bets against the spread. This ESPN story, which was done before the legalization is OK, but very funny in parts.


I Need To Get Paid For This Shit

May 12, 2009

Remember my post on who is the natural fit for the Big Televen to choose to be the 12th member? ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg agrees.

The only thing I would disagree with in the article is that he doesn’t mention the real reason the Big Ten needs/wants expansion – money.

Props to Adam for setting the record straight right off the bat, and saying that ND is the BEST choice for the Big Televen by FAR.  But them out of the running, Mizzou is the best.  He mentions some stupid cultural stuff that I won’t get into, but misses that money point that I mentioned.  Mizzou brings with it the St. Louis market for TV ($$).  TV revenues are going to be one of the deciding factors (if not the biggest factor) if/when the Big Televen makes the move to choose a 12th member.

I would have written that article for ESPN, better, and would have done it for half of what Rittenberg probably got paid.  And I don’t even have any inside sources.

Big Ten Does What Is Worst for Big Ten

May 7, 2009

Jim Delaney, the commish of the Big Ten, has blasted JoPa’s recent remarks about expansion.  JoPa had a very good point that the Big Televen always finishes play very early in the season, and that a 12th team, with two divisions and a championship game (a la the SEC) would extend the season at least one week for everyone.  So what does Delany say?

The issue has come up with our football coaches a couple times — with the extra week and if we did expand, would we be more competitive?” Delany said. “I would say in some years they might be right. But has it enhanced the competitiveness of the ACC in football? Has it enhanced the competitiveness of the WAC? I don’t know.

Oh Jim, lets not bring up the WAC.  The ACC does suck, of that there is no question, but the WAC has been much better than the Big Televen over the last couple of years.  Sure, the Big Ten draws better, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of play is better.  Shows how far in the dark Delany is about his own damned conference.

There’s not an obvious move,” Delany said. “There might be to some coaches, including Coach Paterno, but it’s not as obvious to the university presidents and to the athletic directors.

Not an obvious moveReallyNo obvious moves?  Oh god, it is worse than I thought.  Delany tried to wreck the Big Ten with the infamous Big Ten Network, and it looks like after that failure he will continue with more.  I would take Delany’s job for a lot less money and NOT wreck the conference’s horrible reputation (more).

Favre a Viking?

May 6, 2009

That nasty smell you are getting a whiff of that is coming from the upper midwest is the stench of some very not good things-a-brewing.

Favre is going to visit Minnesota this week about becoming a Viking.  He must really hate the Green Bay top brass that much.  The fans here are going insane.  The world is upside down.favreviking1