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We Talkin’ Bout Practice

June 29, 2009

This is simply awesome, and includes many of my favorite all time video clips, including “playoffs”, “I’m a man, I’m 40”, and “crown their ass”.


Atta Boy Troy!

June 27, 2009

Sweetness from none other than the Zoomie head coach Troy Calhoun.  The money talking about the BCS:

“We basically have a system for college football that too closely resembles the old Soviet Presidium,” Calhoun said, referring to the policymaking and governing body of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. “You have a seven-member politburo that’s decided if you aren’t one of those party members, then you’re unable to participate.

“… Unfortunately, what’s involved here, are some similarities that’s not the United States of America. We have something here that’s not congruent with the foundation and the principles of our country.”

That is awesome.  Snake, you have got a winner there in the Springs. 

But the BCS is here for a while, and there really isn’t anything we can do about it.  It is nice to hear a head coach bitch really nice and loud once in a while.

Obama Thursday

June 25, 2009

WOW absolutely zero of interest going on in the football world, pro or Kollej.  Oh well, at least we have Obama Thursday.



June 19, 2009

So we have tried this before, a competing league to the NFL.  It will be made up of players that just missed the cut, and of coaches that are has beens.

The league is owned by a group of investors, I can only assume multi millionaires with nothing better to do with their fortunes than lose some of them for the tax write off.

Looks like 7 teams, all on the east and west coast.  But hell, I need to choose one for beer bets so I need to get the closest one to Madison.  And the winner is…drum roll please…New York. 

But wtf?  They still don’t have nicknames, or logos, or a schedule or…anything.  The UFL website is a joke.  Maybe I could pick the nickname for the New York team, my “home” team.  The New York Mob.  I like it.

I give this league a year or two tops, but it will be cool to see Michael Vick, Dante Stallworth and others have a place to play until their NFL suspensions are rescinded.

Obama Thursday

June 18, 2009

Not much football news to report on, so just a picture of dear leader for today.


End of an Era

June 12, 2009

7-22 Lachat bears 17.jpg

So Rex has signed with the Texans.  Oh well.  Honestly, he would have been a pretty good backup in case Cutler gets hurt and now the Bears are pretty much without a backup that has had any sort of playing time in a real game.

Rex’s horse left the barn a long time ago though.  I hope he does well, just like I hope Orton does well in Denver.

Obama Thursday and More Scheduling

June 11, 2009

6a00d8341c5cc953ef01156fea4b81970c-320wiAs the clown show at the bigtop rolls on, we have another Thursday upon us, full of libations.

No real good football news to report, besides Chicken coach Mora sticking up for Michael Vick.  Ugh.

Lets see…elsewhere, the Jests signed Dirty Sanchez for eleventy billion dollars.

Schlabach takes a great look at schedules this season.  Illinois is ranked at #9.  That will probably cost us a bowl, but fuck it. 

I love this quote from the “Easiest” schedules portion:

1. The little five
Indiana, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State and Wisconsin hail from the Big Ten, but you wouldn’t know it by glancing at their nonconference schedules. Combined, they play five FCS opponents, five smaller directional schools and only three opponents from BCS conferences (and that includes Syracuse twice). The five schools combined play only four non-Big Ten road games, and Michigan and Penn State don’t play a single nonconference game away from home. Indiana plays at Akron and Virginia. Northwestern plays at Syracuse. Wisconsin plays at Hawaii. No wonder Penn State coach Joe Paterno didn’t want Notre Dame in the Big Ten. Why would he want to give up playing Akron, Syracuse, Temple and FCS opponent Eastern Illinois at home?

Nice job Schlabach!  These cheesy schedules deserve ridicule, and nobody deserves more ridicule than Wisconsin for this years non conference schedule:

Northern Illinois, Fresno State, Wofford, and Hawaii.


June 9, 2009

Pat Forde, who I tormented a couple of years ago when Illinois went to the Rose Bowl, writes a somewhat decent article  (by Forde standards, mind you) about scheduling. The main point is that the non-conference scheduling for many teams has gone into the crapper. No news flash there. I am glad Forde at least brought this up, as I believe over time that even the most ardent fans will eventually start to not show up for those games featuring Alabama vs. Northwest Texas Christian Tech A and M, or Wisconsin vs. Madison West High School.

The second half of the article Forde jumps the shark with his explanations of why the big schools are doing this, as if he is writing for an audience of people who have never watched the sport of cfb before. But that is typical Forde, thinking he is explaining something that only he understands to avid fans who know more than he does all day long.


June 5, 2009

The rumor mill has the Bears looking at Plax.  Always remember this handy video on gun safety from the man himself.

Obama Thursday

June 4, 2009

Well, it is officially Obama Thursday here at KFiL and you know what that means, Thursday night libations!  I don’t have any stunning football news or thoughts but I do have this gem that I found on the intertubes.


I watch this show once in a while and would literally pull what few hairs I have left on my head if I had that many kids.  I can barely handle two.