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July 31, 2009

Well, it is vacation time for me.  Training camps have started, but in general there really isn’t much news to report on football.

I have been informed that when we arrive at our rented beach house on Lake Michigan for the week, that the fridge will be stocked with everything myself and the family will need for a great week of fun, sun and beach time.


I am sure that me and the significant other will take a stroll on the beach and perhaps relive some great memories.  Perhaps we will talk about our wedding reception.


But times are tough.  We have had a very cool summer and my A/C sales really suck.  So we will need to cut back on a few things.


But we will get through, as always. 

Starting Sunday I am offline and out of touch for a week. 

Below you can see what I think about work, the internets, and pretty much everything else while I am gone.  See ya when I get back.



Obama Thursday

July 30, 2009

obama-funny-graphicHoly crap, hot enough for you guys on the West Coast?  Send some of that my way, we are cool as a cucumber here (one day touched 85) and my numbers suck.  Hard to sell an A/C when it is 75 outside.  Anyway.

Still not much to report for football but pro camps start up soon.  Looks like Favra won’t be playing for now (please go away) and also Illinois is trying to get a game together with our arch rival Northwestern at WRIGLEY FIELD.  Now THAT would be the bomb.

Time To Start Brainstorming

July 26, 2009

Well, it is that time of year again.  We need to figure out how we are going to do our pool for the year.  I am in for a case of good beer or equivalent, and I assume sk8, jj, Snake and jmac are in as well – haven’t heard from Astro – hope he joins us.

I am not exactly in favor of Snake’s AlGore math rules, but we need something a little different than years past.  Let the suggestions fly.

TDF and Barista Thread

July 25, 2009

Since there is nothing really going on in the football world, thought I would put up a thread for this mornings EPIC climb up Mt. Ventoux, and for the Barista game later where they will LOSE against the undefeated Fire.  This bike race will make the lawn fairy game look like senior citizens playing bocce ball.

Zook Gets Extension

July 24, 2009


Zook is signed up for another year through 2014 , and that is great.  He has taken our program and turned it from a laughingstock under Ron Turner to not necessarily a powerhouse, but at the very least a team that is somewhat respected.  This will do nothing but help his already awesome recruiting efforts.  Thanks Ron, and well, you deserve it!

Obama Thursday

July 23, 2009

Well, lets see what we’ve got..

JP Losman signs with a UFL team.  Maybe he can use it to get a new job in the NFL.

If you don’t like the BCS, you can suck it.

That is about it.  Probably a Favra decision soon, and training camp starts in just about a week, so there will be some news from there pretty quickly I would imagine.


Holy Shite

July 22, 2009

Boy, I really hope not much of this is true.

Dr. Lou Makes the kfb HOF

July 20, 2009

Congrats to Dr. Lou and some others on making the college football HOF

Unlike the good folks in South Bend, I am here to acknowledge Holtz’s achievements off the field, rather than on the field, or on the sidelines.

Nobody has ever, and I mean EVER got me to stick around for a network halftime show like Lou has.  His onsetting dementia and who knows what else make him totally unpredictable and just about the only wild card in the world of kfb journalism.  From calling DickRod Hitler to his world famous TD dance below, to his “what the fuck” announcing, the hits just keep coming.

Keep up the great work, Lou, and to the guys at ABC and ESPN, keep that delay at about 7 seconds or so – you never know what is coming out of his mouth next.

Congrats Dr. Lou!  I am already looking forward to another great season of “Holtzisms”.


Kollej Football Futures

July 18, 2009

Vegas Insider has the kfb futures up.  Lets see…

Florida the favorite at 2-1.  I personally am getting very tired of Urban Meyer and his Jesus lovin’ qb. 

tOSU at 12-1, fifth place.  Blah ha, no way.

In a tie for 7th, Va. Tech at 20-1.  We will all laugh when they end up in the jmac bowl.

ND in a tie for 9th at 30-1.  No WAY!  They do have a cake schedule.  I think the right thing to do would be to root for ND to make it to a BCS game and then watch as they get the living shit smashed out of them.

Right below ND, Miami at 35-1.  Boy it has been a long time since we heard anything from that program.  Maybe this is the year they get back in the game.

sk8’s Quack attack at 50-1.

Illinois down the list a bit at 75-1.  That seems a bit optimistic if you ask me.  Hell they have Boise at 75-1 also, and they have a much greater chance of winning the NC than my beloved Illini.

Washington second from the bottom at 200-1.  You would think a casino would give you more than that, I would think 1000-1 would be more like it.

Oddly, no AFA on there, nor Tulane.  I guess they are part of the “field” at 40-1.

NFL Futures

July 17, 2009

Over at Bodog the NFL futures are up.  Of note:

The Patsies are the favorite to win the Super Bowl at 4-1.

Bears at 18-1…not bad.

Vikings are at 12-1.  I wonder if they have old man Favra built into that equation. 

Chickens at 45-1.  Sounds about right.

Packers at 26-1.

Eagles at 10-1 are the favorite in the NFC.

This years big projected losers?  Lions, Bucs and Rams, all at 100-1.