Obama Thursday


Well, again nothing of note going on in the football world.  But we always have Obama Thursday.



22 Responses to “Obama Thursday”

  1. sk8 Says:

    Smokin a fag.

  2. dfm Says:

    I hear he is having quite a time quitting the fags.

  3. TB Says:

    Bush makes him smoke’em.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    The smokes always come after Bush…

    Cha-fucking ching!!! Go ahead, laugh…

  5. johnnyj Says:

    2nd of July update:

    “Sir Sk8ratball” is in Seatown!

    He has been sober the entire tme. He is still a gentleman that buys the rounds…

    I know most of the patrons here can relate to this–

    –I have “floods” of family coming into town for our wedding party…

    …I just smile knowing that the DAWGS are going to beat NOTRE DAME.

  6. johnnyj Says:

  7. dfm Says:

    Fuckin’ A sk8 should be buying the drinks, he is the commander after all.

  8. Sk8 Says:

    For the record, jj is full of shit. It’s called projection, he hasn’t purchased 1 round, nor do I expect that 2 change. I’d compare credit card reciepts, if jj actually had one…

  9. sk8 Says:

    This is my life right now:


    • TB Says:

      Yup…….same same except that one went to bed a few hours ago. Now I’ve got the night shift with dash 2 (Zach).

  10. johnnyj Says:

    …Emergency sneakers…

    • TB Says:

      Holy shit you guys crack me up!!!!

      The only thing that I can remember (from the CA back-yard sessions) is that Sk8er is good at one thing….the puke and rally. He’ll have one of his SoCo lizzies, clean the system, then have more Bartles and James.

      Are you guys sharing a computer to bitch at each other on-line?
      That’s so hot!

  11. dfm Says:

    jj sounds like you have a lot of stress with this party thing coming. sk8 should still be buying being the commander and all.

  12. johnnyj Says:

    Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass but I’m loving seeing all our families and friends…Awesome!

    –This minor ‘detail’ is making things interesting (stressful) considering that our party is being held here:


    Fun times, beer makes us feel better!

  13. TB Says:

    Congrats JJ!

  14. johnnyj Says:

    Thank you TB! Congrats to you!

    –May the love flow so much that your wife and child understand Saturdays in the fall…(among other things)…

    Cheers dude!

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