NFL Futures


Over at Bodog the NFL futures are up.  Of note:

The Patsies are the favorite to win the Super Bowl at 4-1.

Bears at 18-1…not bad.

Vikings are at 12-1.  I wonder if they have old man Favra built into that equation. 

Chickens at 45-1.  Sounds about right.

Packers at 26-1.

Eagles at 10-1 are the favorite in the NFC.

This years big projected losers?  Lions, Bucs and Rams, all at 100-1.


25 Responses to “NFL Futures”

  1. johnnyj Says:

    …Adding Cutler isn’t going to save the bears; they’ll choke—especially if Farvra goes to the queens (who looked OK last year)…Yes, I know the chickens suck too. I think this is the last year for Hasslebeck to shine, we’re on the downward spiral…New coach too…

    …Not that I care anyways…

  2. johnnyj Says:

    Sounders vs Chelsea on the deuce tomorrow! I know you guys are pumped and will spend your afternoon watching…
    Qwest is sold out! Who knew that Seattle had 67,000 lawn fairy fans!? It is going to be insane, I guess Chelsea and the English Premier League have a large following around here…

    • Sk8 Says:

      Portland Sounders join the league next year, what a great idea to put pro lawn ferries in Sea-town! The PNW represents wrt foozball.

      • johnnyj Says:

        Actually, they don’t join until 11…Philly joins next year…Portland AND Vancouver in 11…

        …Talk about rivalries!? It’s going to be fun…

      • johnnyj Says:

        Oh. buy your ‘season tix’ now, it’s a good investment! My ‘Sounder seats’ have gone up 40% in 9 months…Not bad…

        Hooray MLS!

  3. TB Says:

    • johnnyj Says:

      This is true…Some of the ‘old timey taverns’ around Seatown are JUST like that…”Futbol” is serious business, English Premier League…
      …I ‘would’ talk shit and ‘re-inform them’ that baseball, CFB and the NFL are the ‘real’ sports in America, but, I don’t need my ass kicked…

  4. Sk8 Says:

    Up in Oregon, easy to find all my linkies cause LITGM is #1 on the google search!

    Congrats DFM!

    Anyhoo, wedding tomorrow w/ best man in my wedding. He’s half Mexican so I see tequilla tomorrow in my future. Arrrriba!!!!

    See u guys in the spirit world…

  5. Sk8 Says:

    Nice, U homos r still up!

  6. Sk8 Says:

    Walter Cronkite dies, yawn…..

  7. johnnyj Says:

    Donny boy Bacon!? Well, at least you had practice serving the shots!

  8. Sk8 Says:

    OK, out. Off 2 the spirit world tomorrow. Did u see the size of that Chicken?

  9. johnnyj Says:

    F*ck yeah:

  10. johnnyj Says:

    For Snakeye and DFM (and you other dads with daughters):

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