Obama Thursday


Well, lets see what we’ve got..

JP Losman signs with a UFL team.  Maybe he can use it to get a new job in the NFL.

If you don’t like the BCS, you can suck it.

That is about it.  Probably a Favra decision soon, and training camp starts in just about a week, so there will be some news from there pretty quickly I would imagine.



39 Responses to “Obama Thursday”

  1. dfm Says:

  2. dfm Says:

    I think Halford died of aids didn’t he? Lets check the almighty wiki…well, looks like still alive, gay. No metion of aids. Yet.

  3. dfm Says:

    Alright, OT is started for me already, a pint down the hatch from my favorite local micro brewery, and now some Capital Amber going down smooooth.

  4. dfm Says:

    Wow Buehrle tosses a perfect game. Impressive.

  5. dfm Says:

    Oh Jaysus, the 2010 draft show will be THREE days now, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Suck! Two days was already too long…

  6. dfm Says:

    Shithot, Team RadioShack next year, for Lance in the TDF 2010!

    • Sk8 Says:

      I have to work late before I start my @bama thur. Damn you DFM, I am jelous!

      That is awesome news with Lance, he has Bruneal as the head of the group 2. I wonder who is going to be on the squad? I hate Contadore now (although he is very good), but I think Lance will have a better shot with more than 9 months training. I just hope he gets a podium spot this year. It will all be determined sat on Monte Vonteau, good one to watch if you are around.

      • dfm Says:

        Yea, a guy actually dropped dead on that mountain a few decades ago while riding.

        As for Lance, he wasn’t the “chosen one” this year, it was Contador all the way. I don’t know if Lance could have beat him or not, but we will never know.

        I hope Lance gets some of his old teammates back from Discovery like Hincapie, etc. Contador can suck it!

  7. dfm Says:

    I am watching Brooke Knows Best. What a bunch of idiots, but they make up for it by being hos.

  8. Sk8 Says:

    Agreed, here is the SI article:


    Hincape would be great along with the Ruskie Kloden to start to build on. Plus a young up and comer for when Lance retires for good this time. As the article states, I bet next year with more supporting members aiming at Lance’s success, he will do well. Cantador can suck it, selfish, no sense of getting other team members stage wins or on the podium with him, ect. Sut still really good, just an asshole.

    • dfm Says:

      Kloden is a kraut, not a commie. He was pissed when Contador attacked him in that last stage. Very unprofessional for Contador to attack his own team. He would be sweet on Lance’s team.

      To Contador’s credit he did let Frank Schleck win that last stage for doing all the work. I think Andy Schleck is the odds on favorite to win the TDF next year.

      • Sk8 Says:

        Probably, if Schleck can get his time trialing down. Contadore is just so well rounded.

        I hope the fact the the Krout Kloden was attacked (and probably lost a stage win and or podium spot) it will push him to Radio Shack and away from the spanish ass-wipe. Plus, Levi Liphimer will be back and looked really strong before breaking his wrist.

        So, I would want: Hincape, Kloden, Levi and a strong new guy for the core.

      • dfm Says:

        Contadore is well rounded, but no rider is shit without the TEAM. If we got the team you mentioned, hell, maybe Levi could push through. But everyone wants to see Lance win it again, I don’t think he would have joined Team RadioShack without making sure he was the top dog.

      • dfm Says:

        I think at the least Contadore will not have Kloden next year for that shit yesterday.

      • dfm Says:

        I need a Team RadioShack jersey for my birthday present.

      • Sk8 Says:

        Sounds like with your riding and watching the Tour, your getting into this.

        I started watching it in 2000 to enjoy the upstart US riders kicking ass. After that, when I really started to understand the Tour, you realize there is a lot of gamesmanship and teamwork involved. It is a beautifull team sport, and the best test of endurance anywhere in sport, imao…

      • dfm Says:

        Yea, I am totally into it. If you are a cyclist like me you understand how insane in shape these guys are. It is so interesting to me because it is technical with the bikes, beautiful scenery, and great athletes all trying to absolutely destroy each other out there. Also it is great to see so many great US riders in a world sport.

      • dfm Says:

        Also, I am streaming each stage in my office at work and I get to hear the great call by Phil Leggett – Versus has a great stream you should try it tomorrow, Cavendish will certainly make a run for another stage victory.

      • Sk8 Says:

        I think Cavendish is an @sshole like Cantadore. I am glad he won’t get the green Jersey.

        I like the Leggett call, but I love on the extended coverage when Bobke gets to do some of the calls. He is a total goofball, but he has good words on the infighting and etiquite of the sport.

      • dfm Says:

        Agree on Bobke. I don’t think Cav is an ass, what makes you say that? He has a MUCH better team than Hushovd so I think it is SWEET that Thor the god of thunder will win the Green even though Cav gets the sweeet leadout to the stage wins.

      • Sk8 Says:

        Cav is very arrogant, haven’t you see him brag he is the fastest? I think he is, I just think he is sort of a T.O. personallity that I hate in sport.

        Thor has done well, and he is a classy guy.

  9. dfm Says:

    Damn, Brooke has huge knocks.

  10. dfm Says:

    Well, it is halftime somewhere, and wtf, someone has to get up and work to keep the country movin’ tomorrow.

  11. Sk8 Says:

    Night DFM!

    I saw a bumper sticker that said:

    Work hard

    @bama needs your money

  12. SK8 Says:

    Damn, got home so late I can’t even have a proper Barry O. Thur. Oh well, there is always Friday…

  13. dfm Says:

    Suck! Cav takes stage 19 by a whisker over the god of thunder. Columbia’s lead out just can’t be beaten.

    • SK8 Says:

      He is the fastest, and the climb before the end was impressive just to get to that sprint. He will win the last stage in Paris, I predict. Can’t wait for tomorrow, should be exciting, they previewed the mountain, it looks BRUTAL.

      • dfm Says:

        Yep, I am going to stream that shit live on Versus while I am at work tomorrow. I am only pushing papers anyway, might as well be entertained. I still can’t believe that a TDF rider dropped dead on that climb in the 60’s. Hope Lance can hold on to 3rd.

        Phil Leggett dropped a hint that Levi will be on Team RadioShack next year- score!

      • johnnyj Says:

        Be sure to tune-in that SOUNDER/fire game too. That way you’ll know how and why you are sending me a sixer.

  14. SK8 Says:

    I heard today Hincape will not be @ the tour next year, damn. Great Levi will be there, now we need the krout.

    Workin on a Sat?

  15. SK8 Says:

    Me to on Lance in 3rd on the podium, he did gain 4 sec on the Schlecks and Bradley Wiggins. Any little bit helps. It will be Lance if he is strong, otherwise I think between Kloden and Frank Schleck. Wiggens isn’t that strong in the mountains.

    Latest overall standings:


  16. johnnyj Says:

    Which stage do they start the HGH and Steroid injections?

    I heard that they got shot at with bb guns! Same old french army…

    • SK8 Says:

      Like the French army crack. Suck it in the rest, better than lawn ferries any day!

      0-0 awesome game, we ‘owned the pitch’ but the damn refs blah, blah, blah. Lather, rinse, repeat…

  17. johnnyj Says:

    Heee-heeee! Awesome.

  18. SK8 Says:

    OK DFM, here is your dirt on Cavendish. Bobke just said on extended coverage that Cavendish went up to Thor and said “you don’t deserve the green jersey”. What an ass. I know Cav got docked 13 points for some BS, but that is just not cricket. T.O. on a bike imao

    A cool book I might pick up:


  19. SK8 Says:

    DFM: Levi, Horner, Kloden, Taylor Finney (young guy) were named by Lance in the extended VS coverage as possible members of the Radio Shack team.

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