Time To Start Brainstorming


Well, it is that time of year again.  We need to figure out how we are going to do our pool for the year.  I am in for a case of good beer or equivalent, and I assume sk8, jj, Snake and jmac are in as well – haven’t heard from Astro – hope he joins us.

I am not exactly in favor of Snake’s AlGore math rules, but we need something a little different than years past.  Let the suggestions fly.


38 Responses to “Time To Start Brainstorming”

  1. dfm Says:

    Hey, don’t everyone jump in at once.

    I forgot our new guy TB – tuberculosis? That makes 6 if the ‘stro is in.

    I have been thinking, maybe we should scuttle the grand prize and just do weekly sixer bets or something like that – we could use Yahoo’s weekly conficence pool, that worked pretty well for the bowls. That way only those who want to play (or are around) get to play.

    • johnnyj Says:

      -I’m in for a gallon of gallo with UW…I like the yahoo pool that we used for the bowl games but I’m not sure how that would work for the season. Weekly sixer bets? That sounds like a pain in the ass.

      What’s that Snakeye formula again? I assume you’ll put/add the new (standings) page on here once the season begins…

      I think TB is in with ND, Sk8 with Oregon, Jmac with Penn State etc…Probably only 6-8 playaz this year (Hot Carl, Trav’s dad?)
      …If any of the other guys from previous pools want to join they need to pay-up first!

      • dfm Says:

        Yep, weekly sixer bet does sound like a pain. Just throwing stuff out there.

        We could always go wtih the random scoring thing like we have always done, but that really favors teams with a lot of blowout wins. Have you seen JoPa’s schedule this year? It is about as impressive as their schedule last year. Which is to say NOT.

        I think TB was in with tOSU? If you know some of those guys who didn’t pay up from last year, tell them that is pretty weak sauce.

      • dfm Says:

        Oh yeah the Snakeye AlGore formula:

        Looking at the comments we smashed it up pretty good…

      • johnnyj Says:

        …Everybody paid-up except for 1 person; I don’t want to single him out but his initials are Mike G. He owed smurfette a case of beer–(he owes me now). Oh, almost forgot, smurfette owes you a sixer for the HR derby…He’s pretty good about that stuff but I wouldn’t expect it soon, he’s dealing with getting married this week chaos…

      • dfm Says:

        No big deal, I am still waiting for a sixer from Astro too from the Super Bowl. Anyone talk to him?

      • TB Says:

        JJ’s correct….

        Sorry guys been reeeel busy on my end.

      • johnnyj Says:

        Nice, Tommy Boy in with the fat man and the ‘bucket-o-wings left.’

        “Tommy want wingy, tommy like wingy.”

    • SK8 Says:

      I’m down with whatever. Al Gore math, old rules, whatever. I just like to play. I will have to finger out a way to watch overseas for 1/2 of the next season though.

      I like the yearly prize personally, is there a way to tally it up on yahoo to make it easier?

  2. SK8 Says:

    I can’t really be in for a weekly sixer cause I’ll be in Europe. I’m sure you don’t want to pay that freight either when I skool all your dumb asses anyway. : )

    • johnnyj Says:

      Puh-leeze, Oregon.

      Actually, Oregon is favored to unseat USuC and win the pac-10 this year…

      Yeah, no go on the weekly sixer mailing, that would suck.

      • dfm Says:

        aight no weekly sixer.

      • johnnyj Says:

        I wouldn’t care if you could safely fit a sixer into one of those flat rate boxes…Otherwise it’s about 25-30 dolla to mail it…That could get expensive if you lost every week throughout the season (which I usually do)…

  3. SK8 Says:

    I got word from Astro about 2 months ago, he almost came out here for a business trip. Then I saw him on this site when the QB got kilt by the crazy ugly 21 year old hoochie. He said that he owed me the sixer but never sent it.

    • dfm Says:

      Oh well hopefully he will be back to join us when football heats up. We are still stuck without a plan for the big prize.

      • johnnyj Says:

        Once again we’ll have a mix of very good teams (Oregon, AFA), some ‘Okay’ teams (Illini, tOSU/ND, Aggies, Buffs, Jopa’s) and then crap (UW, tulane)…
        …So we will need either the old system or the Al gore system to keep it fair. I don’t think Snakeye will be around much to keep track of his ‘algorithms’ (unless his old man wants to take the reign)…

        You all know that I like Astro’s original system…I think the only people that don’t like it are Astro himself (because too many playaz were involved) and Snakeye…

      • dfm Says:

        Well we have time, and if we can’t come up with anything better we will just have to use the old system. I sort of liked the middle guy getting something last year though.

  4. SK8 Says:

    Either system is fine. Snake should be leaving his army job soon, I expect to see him around.

    On the TDF front, the battle between Lance and AC continues:


    Should make good drama for next year, cant wait. I hope to see in person next year. Alp Duez I hear for next season too!

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Gotdamn what a miserable day–103 degrees in Seattle? I live here so I can avoid heat like that…Sweatin’ like a slave in debo’s pigeon coop all day…
    Obama Weds for me, off for the rest of the week for Smurfette’s wedding…
    …MLS all star game tonight…Maybe it will be a draw.

    SK8 where are yoooou? Kill any blue ducks today?

    • SK8 Says:

      MLS all star game, 0-0, it was a blowout!

      103 here too, but we have AC. No blue ducks today, Fletch fed them though…

      • johnnyj Says:

        Nice–does the 2000 flushes place have a pool? I don’t remember.
        I guess today is the hottest day in Seattle—Ever. The hippies are crying gorebal warming.

        …Bring on the MLS all-star game! Seattle representin’ with 4 all-stars (Keller, Ljunberg, Hurtado, Montero).
        Yes, that Sounder/Fire match on saturday sucked with a draw…However, it was a crap-load of fun—-so much fun that I woke up the next morning and said—“what happened yesterday!?”
        —-lost my phone, lost my camera (thankfully a good samaritan returned them to me), lost my sunglasses, pissed off about 50 Fire fans and (we) almost got MY ass kicked—It was a fantastic day.

      • SK8 Says:

        GW, sheesh. Just like JV in his stupid comment on FB yesterday, what an idiot. He said “emissions from his AC contribute” to GW. I don’t think he knows its just an electric compressor that runs an AC, not an internal combustion engine. I am not shocked.

        It sounded like fun at the game, I watched a little, the crossbar shot would have been great for the sounders, but alas…

        You lost BOTH your phone AND camera? Wow, that sounds like a good time. Did Josh go with?

      • johnnyj Says:

        Josh couldn’t go, his parents were in town from Utah. He might go to the Barcelona match with me on Weds.

        JV is a retread.

  6. johnnyj Says:

    Wow, Fredy Montero and dirty douchebag Blanco (Chicago) are the starting forwards…Those guys almost killed eachother on Saturday…

  7. johnnyj Says:

    D’oh! Goooooal Everton. Shocker.

  8. johnnyj Says:

    Davis with the equalizer-Gooooooaaaaaaaal MLS!!!! Woot woot!…Tied, again.

  9. johnnyj Says:

    Penalty kick (PK)–Shootout time! No draws today!

    Donovan—Goooooooaaaalll!!!!!! Shit hot.

  10. SK8 Says:

    Cool, an actual shoot-out so someone will win!

  11. SK8 Says:

    Nice, Save Donavan!

  12. johnnyj Says:

    C’mon KELLER

    KASEY KELLER with the stumper! Awesome!

  13. johnnyj Says:

    Damn, this got exciting–

    —And Ljunberg chokes–WTF was that? Booo.

  14. SK8 Says:

    Well, good ending at least.

    • johnnyj Says:

      Ah, I forgot to mention -The Sounder sked is in your favor if you can swing the MattyD wedding…I’m just sayin….

      • SK8 Says:

        It is looking good right now, which day is it on? Looks like fly in fri early and leave late on sun.

      • johnnyj Says:

        Awesome…Saturday the 29th…

        Sounders vs. Toronto at 1pm
        MattyD wedding starts at 6:30 pm (also downtown, about a mile away)…

        Flippin’ PERFECT! That’s all me and you, a good way to earn your ‘futbol’ patch!
        Then again, the hens will probably want to go too, which is fine. We’ll get you guys in with us one way or another…The sooner I know the better, one of the other couples might swap extra tickets with me…

  15. johnnyj Says:

    Yes, that was fun…I love the PK shoot-outs. It’s a good thing that the Sounders have Keller, it might make a difference in the playoffs (providing that we don’t choke down the stretch)…

    Updated MLS power rankings:

    After the ‘friendly’ Barcelona (Ecuador) match on Weds, it’s a 3-week break from home games. Praise the lord, I might actually do something productive on the weekends…

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