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This Pleases Me Greatly

August 30, 2009

Hot damn this started my Sunday off swimmingly, if I do say so myself.  Looks like another tough year on the way, DickRod.



Erin in GQ

August 28, 2009

This one is for CougRook who falsely accused me of ignoring my girlfriend.  Erin is in the next GQ – and GAWD she looks great.  I will probably go to Barnes and Noble or something and browse it.

Obama Thursday

August 27, 2009

Looks like the dog killer is playing tonight.  Rumor mill has it that there is discord in the Vikings locker room over old man Favre – yawn.

Dirty Sanchez will be the starter for the Jests, I only wish him the most spectacular failure ever.

But for me the real story of the day is this one.  Indiana has agreed to move their home game with JoPa next year to FedEx field in Washington DC.  This looks to me to be a desperate money generating move for the Hoosier football program (they are guaranteed $3m if they selll 71k tix).

This gem from the Indiana head coach:

But I went into this with the calculus that there’s going to be a lot of Penn State people there and this may end up looking a lot a Penn State home game. I took that into account and won’t be surprised or regret that we went with the game if it ends up having a big Penn State crowd. It will be a big-time atmosphere, and that will be pretty exciting.

Well no shit sherlock, of course it will look like a Penn State home game!  Since you have NO FANS.  Duh!

ONE MORE WEEK until foosball starts, and we will get to rename it “Obama Thursday Night Football”.  I simply can’t wait.


New Rules

August 26, 2009

Bummer, I just found out that Snake left for his summer cottage across the way, so he won’t be around much this kfb season.  I would think we should let him off the hook for the pool, or just to spite him we could keep AFA in there. 

So with that we have:

dfm – the beloved
jj – washington
sk8 – oregon
jmac – jopa
tb – tOSU
snakeye – AFA
CougRook – Washington State

With the participants set, we now need rules.  I propose this for the scoring.  Same score for positive or negative.  In other words, winning or losing.

1-5    +5 points
6-10   +10 points
11-15  +5 points
16-20   +10 points
21-25   +5 points
26-30  -10 points
31+   +5 points

Nice and simple.  For first place, tie breaker goes to the team with the MOST rushing yards.   For the cellar, tie breaker goes to the team with the LEAST rushing yards.  Top and bottom places split the loot, one case of beer each participant or equivalent value of hard liquor.

This way, there is still a red zone, and for teams that are going to get blown out a bunch or stacked their schedule with a bunch of sallies (cough..jopa), they can’t simply run away form the pool.  Thoughts?

As a reminder, those who owe me sixers need to pay up – what the hell jmac and smurfette?

So comment away on the Snake issue, and the new scoring system.

Biden Tuesday

August 25, 2009

Holy cow I almost forgot!  This also reminds me that I need to pick up more wine on the way home.  Also, Edge has signed with the Chickens…it won’t help.


Maybe we’ll have three starting quarterbacks. That would be neat.

August 24, 2009

I tickled me and most Big Ten fans everywhere when DickRod and big blue sucked up nine losses last year.  Payback for running up the score all those years is a bitch.  The savage beating Illinois put on Michigan in Ann Arbor last season was easily the highlight of our average year.

So now DickRod is going to have three QB’s in rotation for their opener against Western Michigan.  Careful with this Dick, the MAC teams have been not only playing Big Televen teams well, they have been beating them.  And the rotating QB deal has never worked, unless you are going to run the option every play.  Most Pop Warner coaches even know that. 


Obama Thursday

August 20, 2009

OT is here, and I have a question for everybody.  Does anyone have the points scale we used for the pool?  I can’t find a copy.  If we don’t have it, we can surely make a new one.  Live long and prosper.


Biden Tuesday

August 18, 2009

 Well, another Tuesday, and not much news to report, except that FAVRE IS ON THE QUEENS.  Yikes, people up here will be CRANKY for the next week or so.

Anyway, time for some Pinot Noir to celebrate our first Biden Tuesday.


Husky picture day…

August 17, 2009

…That’s right boys and girl, the KFB season is approaching and I actually have something related to KFB that I can post!

I know that all the KFIL patrons are DAWG fans in one sense or another (they went 0-12 last season so at least have pity)…

I attended the annual Husky ‘media/picture day’ at Husky Stadium over the weekend…I enjoy going to this event to mingle with the players, staff and fellow DAWG fans…Plus, they usually give away a bunch of free crap—This year we received  T-shirts (I tried to get enough for everybody but fell short), lanyards, posters, buttons,  free donuts, drinks,  hot dogs, etc…So, here are some photos…

–The view from our seats– we “moved a row closer towards the field” this year! In 30 years I might be in the 10th row or so…The ‘lines’ of people are waiting to get pictures/autographs with coach Sark and of course Jake Locker: 

August09 006

–We got there a little late this year so there was NO WAY that I was going to stand in line for 1.5 hours just to get a ‘Snot Locker’ and Coach Sark  autograph/picture…Besides, JMAC and I got our Jake Locker pictures/autographs last year…So I just walked up and snapped this photo(s) of the future Anaheim/LA Angel instead:

August09 009

–For some reason coach SARK was more popular than TW was last year:

August09 018

My lovely wife showing off her ‘huck bump:’

August09 010

This year we went around and met/chatted with the ‘other’ players not named Jake Locker…One of my favorites was TE Kavario Middleton (a top recruit ‘get’ for us):

August09 014

Helluva nice guy…Expect big things from him this season… (uh, yeah, he’s a big fugger—I’m 5’11 and wearing flip-flops in this photo):

August09 015

And of course I couldn’t forget Fouch-bag!

August09 003

All-in-all it was a fun event,  the optimism and attitude for this year’s team is definitely different…You can almost taste it…

More Bowl Shuffling

August 14, 2009

Man I can hardly believe this!  Even the most casual observer of kfb knows that the Big Televen is on the downslide in a big way, and now the conference has three Jan. 1 Bowl games to get blown out in.  I guess this replaces the lost Alamo Bowl slot, recently taken by the Pac 10, but I would consider it an upgrade.  All dollars, my friends.alligator-sunning