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Updated KFB pool standings…

September 29, 2009

After week 4…

1. JJ (Washington): 35

2. Snakeye (USAFA): 25

2. SK8 (Oregon): 25

3. Jmac (Penn State): 20

4. CougRook (Washington State): 10

5. TommyBoy (Ohio State): 5

6. DFM (Illinois): -30


Biden Tuesday

September 29, 2009

Just a few words about the Illini performance on Saturday.  The D wasn’t too bad, but the offense…oh man.  It is crystal clear that the new offense is NOT well grasped by the players.  Juice was tossing the ball to nowhere, receivers didn’t seem to know which routes to run, you name it.  The run blocking was all out of whack too.  If the new O coordinator doesn’t get it together quick, it is going to be another season of no bowling for the beloved.  I had a very off color Biden photo up but took it down.  Too lazy/time pressed to look for another.  If one of the other contributors wants to slap one up, be my guest.

NFL Week 3

September 27, 2009

Let’s be real here…the only game being played today is the Bears at the Chickens at 3.05 on Fox.  I may or may not be joining in the fun here as I will be returning from Gunstock.  Weak sauce for jj and sk8 for not placing the standard rivalry sixer bet on this one.

Saturday Football Update…

September 25, 2009

…Alright Gentlemen and Jmac, it’s GAMEDAY! Conference play is in full swing and that means heated rivalries and plenty of smack talk!

Hopefully we will have a good thread here today as it will be the last one (stateside) for Sk8 before he makes his move to Europe…Lets send him off in style…

All times Western.

Snakeye: 11 a.m no TV…San Diego State at USAFA…The Zoomies could have a tough day with QB Tim Jefferson out with an ankle injury…Then again, this is SanDog State we’re talking about…I suspect that backup QB Connor Dietz and crew will get the job done… 

Air Force Minnesota Football

SK8rat: 12:30 p.m on ABC (I assume west coast only)…#6 California at Oregon…This one should be epic, the Quacks will get to prove that they’re the real deal against a very solid Golden Shower Bears team…If Sk8 doesn’t like the outcome he can send Chip Kelly an invoice for a refund; I hear he’s cutting checks to disappointed fans…That’s a smoooooth PR move…


DFM and TommyBoy: 12:30p.m on ABC (Uh, I assume in the midwest only)…Illinois at #13 Ohio State…Our first KFIL head-to-head matchup of the year! This one is being played at the ‘Horseshoe’—The Illini upset the then #1 Buckeyes the last time they were there so I imagine this one will be dirty…DFM offered up a sidebet for his underdog Illini but TommyBoy declined. Hmmm…


JMAC: 5 p.m on ABC…Iowa at #5 Penn State…No Jopa cupcake today! The Nifty Lions will finally get a chance to prove if they’re a top-5 team…I think this one will be close and Jmac should have some interesting comments while ‘Kickin it’ on pain killers after knee surgery this past week…


JJ: 6 pm on FCS*…#24 Washington at Stanford…*Thanks to the a$$holes in the Stanford athletic department, this one is not on TV unless you pay for it (which I will)—ending a streak of 30 plus (free) televised games for the Huskies. UW had a TV time set with FSN if Stanford would simply change the kickoff time to 4pm…For some unknown reason Stanford declined. I guess they didn’t want to inconvenience all 300 of their diehard ‘Tree’ fans…Anywho, Husky nation is flying high after the upset of USC last week. Hopefully the Dawgs can contain RB Toby Gerhart (that dude killed us last year) and keep this victory train rolling.


CougRook: 7:15 p.m on FSN…Washington State at #12 USC…Credit to the Cougs for finding a way to win against SMU last week, they’ve avoided the ‘defeated’ season! However, it’s back to reality for the Cougs today as they travel to the Coliseum to take on a pissed-off Trojan team…This is gonna be ugly, sorry Cougs…


Other games of interest:

Fresno State at #14 Cincinnati (Cincy is looking phenomenol), #22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech, #9 Miami at #11 Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame at Purdue (Go Boilermakers)!

Friday Night Football

September 25, 2009

Well, it is better than nothing as we have Mizzou at El Pistolero on the uno at 8pm.  I wonder if you could do a drinking game to take a drink every time they say pistol tonight.  I bet you would be sloshed.

Obama Thursday Night Football

September 24, 2009

King-Nothing-2Lets see what we have on the docket for tonight.

#4 Olay Miss at South Carolina, 6.30 on the uno.  I always love seeing Spurrier go down in a ball of flames, but Ole Miss I think is super overrated (clap clap).  We shall see.

Updated KFB pool standings…

September 23, 2009

After week 3:

1. JJ (Washington): 25

2. Snakeye (USAFA): 20

2. SK8 (Oregon): 20

3. TommyBoy (Ohio State): 15

3. JMAC (Penn State): 15

4. CougRook (Washington State): 5

5. DFM (Illinois): -20


Biden Tuesday

September 22, 2009

I don’t have much for you today, still catching up a bit.  But I do have this funny photo and a fresh thread.


Back Finally

September 21, 2009

Unlike CougRook with his TALL tales, I actually have photos.  I am slammed, but hope to be back soon with some posts.

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Saturday Football Update…

September 18, 2009

UPDATE:   My friends, it was a good day of ball…Check the cover:

It’s Gameday Boys and Girls! Some exciting action this week…

All times Western.

Jmac…9 a.m on the BTN…Temple at #5 Penn State…The non-conference cupcakes keep coming for JOPA…The Lions haven’t lost to Temple in 68 years (about the time Jopa was celebrating his 40th birthday)…Should be a blowout…

UPDATE: That ‘rushing game’ won’t work for conference play…Non-the-less, the JOPAS gain 5 points with a pansy-ass 31-6 victory…


Tommy Boy…9 a.m on ESPN 360…#11 Ohio State at Toledo…This one is being played at Cleveland Browns Stadium and the Buckeyes are looking to rebound after a tough loss to USC last week…

UPDATE: Feeling good again? 38-0 skunk on the ‘in-state’ rival gains 5 …


JJ…12:30 p.m on ABC…#3 USC at Washington…This game has been hyped-up all week and Husky fans are thinking upset…Sark’s former team won’t have it easy against a loud crowd, an improved Husky offense and the Trojans will (supposedly) start their backup QB Aaron Corp (Pete Carroll is a sneaky bastard)..Should be a good one, I just hope that we don’t get embarrassed on national TV…


Update:  16-13 DAWGS…VICTORY! Yes we rushed the field, came back and rushed it again! Ode to my wife for photo credits, plus 5 for that…

USC upset! 014


USC upset! 015

Sk8rat…12:30 p.m on ESPN…#18 Utah at Oregon…The Utes will bring their 16-game win streak to Autzen and a drowning Duck team…The Quacks got lucky with a 2 point victory over Purdue last week and seem to have lost their swagger under new coach Chip Kelly. Not that I’m complaining…

Update: Another close one for the Quacks, they escaped again…31-24…Plus 10 for Sk8…


CougRook…2 p.m no TV (shocker)…Southern Methodist at Washington State…The Cougs go from a June Jones offense to, uh, a new June Jones offense…Things aren’t looking good for the Cougs with a decent Mustang team traveling to the lonely Palouse…Coach Wulff is on the hottest of hot seats these days (which sucks because I actually like the guy) and he is in dire need of a victory. I don’t think it will be today…So, here’s a picture to cheer you up Rook:

UPDATE:  Congrats COUGS! It took some overtime but they got it done! 30-27 and 5 points for dating the hot, stupid, blonde. WE still don’t beleive it, ROOK…


Snakeye…4:30 pm no TV…USAFA at New Mexico…The Zoomies are looking to rebound after a close loss to Minnesota  last week…They should easily run-it-up on the lowly Lobos in this one…

UPDATE …That 37-13  ZOOOMIE victory has me worried….5 points

Air Force Minnesota Football

DFM…Bye week…Next at Ohio State. I wonder if there will be any sidebets for that one?

-Other games of interest and there are some good ones this week:

Tennessee (and fat mouth Kiffin) vs #1 Florida…#2 Texas vs Texas Tech…Notre Dame vs Michigan State (the fat man is canned if he loses this one, go Spartans!) and #17 Cincinnati at Oregon State (two very underrated teams, this should be a good one)…

…Have fun ya’ll, I’ll be here to chat after the game…Look for me and Jmac to rush the field if the Dawgs upset the Trojans!