Updated KFB pool standings…


After week 3:

1. JJ (Washington): 25

2. Snakeye (USAFA): 20

2. SK8 (Oregon): 20

3. TommyBoy (Ohio State): 15

3. JMAC (Penn State): 15

4. CougRook (Washington State): 5

5. DFM (Illinois): -20



7 Responses to “Updated KFB pool standings…”

  1. dfm Says:

    Awesome, in the cellar, I have wine. And hopefully beer at the end of the season.

  2. SK8 Says:

    I think this is the first WTW. Now we have B tue, WT wed, O thur and CFB sat filled with standard titles. Nice work to all.

  3. TB Says:

    Still happy and partying like ’99 with the Wifey….

    but I am SO GD PISSED at certain executive liberals, it may drive me to give JJ a homework assignment. I’m strapping on my chuck Ts and doing McTwist’s off my roof (bad kiteboard conditions lately).

    …”is there no standard anymore”

    I’ll just get stoopid and not worry about the manchurian takeover.

    Beers comin dfm, JJ….be lucky it wasn’t SoCo.

    U -dub freaks up in the Whidbey (SOFD and friends) still getin freakaaaaaay from the coup de’ tat. At least there still is justice in the world.
    My bro Luke was at the game with limited carnal knowledge to take home.
    What a game to be written in the ebonix boocs.

    I’m gonna git back to my MTV and play up on the LBC.

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