Saturday Football Update…


…Alright Gentlemen and Jmac, it’s GAMEDAY! Conference play is in full swing and that means heated rivalries and plenty of smack talk!

Hopefully we will have a good thread here today as it will be the last one (stateside) for Sk8 before he makes his move to Europe…Lets send him off in style…

All times Western.

Snakeye: 11 a.m no TV…San Diego State at USAFA…The Zoomies could have a tough day with QB Tim Jefferson out with an ankle injury…Then again, this is SanDog State we’re talking about…I suspect that backup QB Connor Dietz and crew will get the job done… 

Air Force Minnesota Football

SK8rat: 12:30 p.m on ABC (I assume west coast only)…#6 California at Oregon…This one should be epic, the Quacks will get to prove that they’re the real deal against a very solid Golden Shower Bears team…If Sk8 doesn’t like the outcome he can send Chip Kelly an invoice for a refund; I hear he’s cutting checks to disappointed fans…That’s a smoooooth PR move…


DFM and TommyBoy: 12:30p.m on ABC (Uh, I assume in the midwest only)…Illinois at #13 Ohio State…Our first KFIL head-to-head matchup of the year! This one is being played at the ‘Horseshoe’—The Illini upset the then #1 Buckeyes the last time they were there so I imagine this one will be dirty…DFM offered up a sidebet for his underdog Illini but TommyBoy declined. Hmmm…


JMAC: 5 p.m on ABC…Iowa at #5 Penn State…No Jopa cupcake today! The Nifty Lions will finally get a chance to prove if they’re a top-5 team…I think this one will be close and Jmac should have some interesting comments while ‘Kickin it’ on pain killers after knee surgery this past week…


JJ: 6 pm on FCS*…#24 Washington at Stanford…*Thanks to the a$$holes in the Stanford athletic department, this one is not on TV unless you pay for it (which I will)—ending a streak of 30 plus (free) televised games for the Huskies. UW had a TV time set with FSN if Stanford would simply change the kickoff time to 4pm…For some unknown reason Stanford declined. I guess they didn’t want to inconvenience all 300 of their diehard ‘Tree’ fans…Anywho, Husky nation is flying high after the upset of USC last week. Hopefully the Dawgs can contain RB Toby Gerhart (that dude killed us last year) and keep this victory train rolling.


CougRook: 7:15 p.m on FSN…Washington State at #12 USC…Credit to the Cougs for finding a way to win against SMU last week, they’ve avoided the ‘defeated’ season! However, it’s back to reality for the Cougs today as they travel to the Coliseum to take on a pissed-off Trojan team…This is gonna be ugly, sorry Cougs…


Other games of interest:

Fresno State at #14 Cincinnati (Cincy is looking phenomenol), #22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech, #9 Miami at #11 Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame at Purdue (Go Boilermakers)!


544 Responses to “Saturday Football Update…”

  1. SK8 Says:

    I love UO, that girl rocks! Dug said he would eat her ass?

  2. dfm Says:

    Erin at the ND Purdon’t game today, she better look nicer than on Thursday or I’m smackin’ the ho, as they say in “jump around”.

  3. dfm Says:

    Oh and you can suck it TB, not even stepping up for your team at home even though they are THIRTEEN point favorites. Weak Sauce.

  4. TB Says:

    Leeches…..all of you.

    JJ (or Sk8 if you’re up) can you send me Sk8’s address? I know he’s out on Oct1st but the Wife and I need to overnight them somthing before they leave…..super importante’.

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Wakey Wakey, chicken-fried steaky…

    …Time to Irish-up this coffee…

  6. TB Says:

    wakey wakey hands off spanky

    F the Irish up…..Sk8er……soon to be EXPAT……is going for the shampoo effect.

    pour up a good 17 year old. (I”ll spare you all the Winger).

  7. TB Says:


  8. Cougrook222 Says:

    So i know the Cougs aint gonna win this one…but how much do we have to lose by in order for me to get some points for the pool….35 or something? I am sure the high flying Cougs can manage to get beat by that much!!

  9. Cougrook222 Says:

    Johnny…Irish coffee sounds amazing right now by the way

  10. Cougrook222 Says:

    got it…looks like i can pencil myself in for 5 points today!!

  11. SK8 Says:

    Games on tap, let me see:

  12. SK8 Says:

    Cal vs OR @ 12:30 looks good.

  13. SK8 Says:

    Maimi VS Va Tech. Go Miami!

  14. Trav's Dad Says:

    Sk8: Goin’ to Europe, heh?
    Did you know that Snakeye will be at Aviano Italy by early summer?

    And… speaking of Snake, Go Zoomies! Up 10 zip at the end of the quarter!

    • SK8 Says:

      TD welcome, yeah I dropped a line to him. Sounds like some good duty for him. I will be in Lisboa for 2-3 years. No flying though, working for NATO (nothing after two o’clock). Got to love that European work ethic!

    • johnnyj Says:

      TD: Do you have the Zoomie game on TV?

  15. johnnyj Says:

    TD! Good day sir! Who are the Aggies playing today?

  16. johnnyj Says:

    Nice, fresno hanging in there with Cincy…And GT putting the smack-down on NC…

  17. Cougrook222 Says:

    I hate Michigan too but I have to admit….Forcier looks like the real deal…probably not an NFL prospect but he is tearing it up and single handedly carrying fuckin michigan

  18. Cougrook222 Says:

    WOW…that was a great run by indiana!!!!!!!!!!!…fuck michigan

  19. SK8 Says:

    Suck it mish-again!

  20. johnnyj Says:


  21. Cougrook222 Says:

    The cougs are actually gonna be on TV tonight so I will be able to witness the debacle

  22. johnnyj Says:

    Souf florida about to upset the noles!

  23. Cougrook222 Says:

    man…so much to watch coming up soon…CAL v ORE, MIA v VTECH…and the SOX v yankees….its gonna be a nice little saturday

  24. Cougrook222 Says:

    me too…I think that is gonna force me to go to the bar where there are mulitple tvs and games going on…plus booze of course

  25. JMAC Says:

    Hey dudes…

  26. johnnyj Says:

    DAMMIT Michigan…Good call on Forcier Rook…

  27. Cougrook222 Says:

    WOW…Forcier!!…I hate Michicant but this is a great game going on

  28. SK8 Says:

    Shit, michigan back.

  29. johnnyj Says:

    Ball goes to the offensive team! That is BS!

  30. Cougrook222 Says:

    Horrible call…IU just got screwed

  31. SK8 Says:

    Wondering when I should break out the nice bottle of gin that Astro got me.

  32. johnnyj Says:


  33. johnnyj Says:

    Bring on the Quacks!

  34. Cougrook222 Says:

    Damn..those Oregon unis are BAADDD!!

  35. Cougrook222 Says:

    Miami and va tech isnt on out here…that sux

  36. Cougrook222 Says:

    Damn that was a hit by Cal

  37. JMAC Says:

    And Cal goes ahead by 3…

  38. johnnyj Says:

    Sweet, I have another TV set up the Illini game is on Espn!… And tOSU strikes first…3-0…

  39. SK8 Says:

    God dammit, I can’t find the VA Tech game.

  40. SK8 Says:

    Still waiting for this fog to lift from my head for a drinky.

  41. SK8 Says:

    Gonna go try ESPN That is a sweet site for free sports.

  42. johnnyj Says:

    HA! The Quackers coughed it up!

  43. SK8 Says:

    Its on ESPN 360. Just need a log in and its free.

    JJ, if you had another monitor on your computer, you could have another game on…

  44. SK8 Says:

    God dammit, VT looking good. I hate them so.

  45. SK8 Says:

    Illinois vs tOSU on ESPN as well.

  46. johnnyj Says:

    FG Ducks…3-3

  47. Cougrook222 Says:

    Man this sux….Mia and Vtech arent on and instead of the fucking yanks v the 2009 world series champion red sox….its the stupid cubs v the ridiculously boring Giants…WTF!!

  48. Cougrook222 Says:

    COx…our gay internet provider…doesnt have espn360 yet..not until the 1 of october…so thanks for the suggestion anyway Sk8…oh well

  49. johnnyj Says:

    tOSU with another fg…

    …The Quacks D is looking pretty good so far…

  50. johnnyj Says:

    TD DUCKS!!! Shite.

  51. Cougrook222 Says:

    Johnny Damon is the biggest douchbag/fag/traitor ever!!!

  52. johnnyj Says:

    Good lord, the Duck D is no joke…

  53. johnnyj Says:

    And tOSU puts one in the endzone…oh TommyBoy where are Yoouuuuuuu?

    …And Cal misses the FG try…

  54. johnnyj Says:

    Holy crap, a ‘monsoon’ at the Horseshoe! Awesome…

  55. Cougrook222 Says:

    Man..i hope Miami pulls its collective head out of its ass and beats Va Tech..not that I like Miami all that much but its good to see them back in the top 25 regularly

    JJ how bout your boy Ichiro getting tossed from his first game ever for arguing balls and strikes!!! thats nuts

  56. johnnyj Says:

    Zoomies up 26-2 in the 4th and driving…Snakey close to entering the red zone!

  57. johnnyj Says:

    Ducks looking Good Billy Ray! up 18-3….WOW.

  58. Cougrook222 Says:

    How come DFM aint on here??

  59. johnnyj Says:

    The Aflac answer is…San Fran U? Northwestern?

  60. johnnyj Says:

    GAh, the Illini looking absolutely Horrible.

  61. Cougrook222 Says:

    Just gonna put this out there…I dont think there is a better combo than a nice cold coors light, while chewing on some copenhagen!!

  62. johnnyj Says:

    And ANOTHER 3-and-out for the illini…Lame.

  63. Cougrook222 Says:

    Whats up with ORE and VTECH running away with these games?

  64. johnnyj Says:

    Yay for a Zoomie victory 26-8….BOOOOOO that Snakeye gains 10 points…Shit.

  65. johnnyj Says:

    Another QUACK TD…Holy crap they are running away with this one…

  66. Cougrook222 Says: know who no one is really talking about but is good enough offensively and dominating defensively? Alabama…they are looking really good

  67. johnnyj Says:

    -HALFTIME! (ritual, Jmac)…

  68. johnnyj Says:

    ZERO passing yards for tOSU in the 1st half? Interesting…

  69. johnnyj Says:

    Onto the ‘good stuff’ now…A little ‘Chabliss’ on Ice (For Dug E fresh)…

    Did you wimps pass out already?

  70. Cougrook222 Says:

    The WSU grad is still here and going strong!!!

  71. johnnyj Says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEW! That was a nasty hit on Masolli! Ouch!

  72. Cougrook222 Says:

    Man…Cal can chalk this one up as a major choke job!

  73. Cougrook222 Says:

    Hey Johnny…I have been meaning to ask you…since Locker signed that baseball contract does that mean he can still play football next year at UW or what?

    • johnnyj Says:

      Yes. He simply received 300k from the Angels for ‘rights.’ Meaning, if he ever decides to play baseball the angels get him. If he goes to the NFL (which he probably will) then the angels are out 300k! Pretty sweet deal for Locker…

      And yes, he’ll be back in a HUSKY uniform next year (I hope)…

      • Cougrook222 Says:

        Nice…because I think next year with one more year under their belt..that offense can be seriously legit…plus, is it just me or he is hella more accurate this year?

        • johnnyj Says:

          Yep–Coach SARK was all over him to increase his passing accuracy (60%)…Which is why you don’t see him running as much this year—which is AWESOME because that threat is there!

  74. johnnyj Says:

    Riley screwed that one!

  75. Cougrook222 Says:

    Got to hand it to ORE…they do have some of the hottest cheerleaders in the country…which makes no sense whatsoever…Eugene??? c’mon!!

  76. SK8 Says:

    VT driving up 21-7.

  77. SK8 Says:

    24-7 now.

  78. johnnyj Says:

    I hope the Cal/Oregon score stays the same so SK8 will lose 10 points.

  79. johnnyj Says:

    Nevermind. TD ducks, Again…

  80. Cougrook222 Says:

    That fat fuck Sabathia is carving up the sox…FUCK!

  81. SK8 Says:

    UW on Fox sports west down here. I am calling to order that channel (even though they are disconnecting on wed).

  82. Cougrook222 Says:

    man AZ sucks…we have Fox sports AZ not west…i want to watch the UW game

  83. Cougrook222 Says:

    fuck those TRee huggin yuppies!!

  84. johnnyj Says:

    …Put a fork in the Illini…23-0 with 4 left…SKUNK

  85. SK8 Says:

    Yep, just ordered it. 5 bucks for all the Fox sports (east, central, west). Its gonna be on here!

  86. johnnyj Says:

    OUCH, tOSU scored, 30-0 now with 1 minute left. Red zone for DFM again. Atleast it didn’t cost him a sixer too, that was pretty nice of TB to decline the sidebet…

  87. astro Says:

    No defeated season for the Wave – Tulane wins 42-32!

    We had to do it against a high school team, but I’ll take it.

  88. johnnyj Says:

    What’s up Stroh!?

  89. Cougrook222 Says:

    trying to think if i should make the switch to scotch or stick with beer before the coug game…..

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Stick with beer for now Rook, you have a while before kickoff…Then again you are a Coug, they always pass out before kickoff…

  90. johnnyj Says:

    Congrats DUCKS…Nice showing today…

    Who’s on next Boys? I kind of want to see if Penn State is worth a shit or not…And I’ll be watching some pac-10 ball, Arizona vs the Beavs and ASU vs Georgia!

  91. Cougrook222 Says:

    Gods “other” son is kicking the shit out of Kentucky on ESPN right now

  92. Cougrook222 Says:

    he has almost 100 rushing yards in the 1st quarter

  93. astro Says:

    jesus Florida put up 31 in the 1st quarter…

  94. astro Says:

    lol – just saw the ‘other son’ comment above…

  95. Cougrook222 Says:

    the announce just said that the Gators are riding Tim Tebow like Seabiscuit….giggity!!

  96. SK8 Says:

    Florida vs KY jelly on ESPN, switching.

  97. SK8 Says:

    Ok, sweet. I will go over and check out DFM’s Injuns then.

  98. johnnyj Says:

    Oh snap! I almost forgot that theSounders are starting too! At those sons-of-bitches New England…(I know you guys are pumped)…

  99. SK8 Says:

    I think OU just blew up the Pac 10 now. Cal was the team to battle it out with USC, but now its open for the taking. Even UW has an honest shot at it now.

  100. SK8 Says:

    7-7 now Tenn vs Ohio.

  101. SK8 Says:

    Anyone know how big Tebow is (tall, weight)? I know he’s gonna go big in the NFL draft, but wondering if he is an NFL prototype player.

  102. Cougrook222 Says:

    I have moved on to Dos Equis!!…because I can speak fluent French… Russian!!

  103. Cougrook222 Says:

    Oregon State….the home of the Hottest chic to ever grace the cover of playboy….you guys remember that cover??

  104. johnnyj Says:

    Or do you just mean…”BEAVER?”

  105. Cougrook222 Says:

    Hey JJ…scotty is trying to mack on the sister of that linebacker Kristick from Oregon state..she lives down the hall from him in the dorms..its pretty funny

  106. SK8 Says:

    So what was the answer to the hottest Playboy from OSU?

  107. johnnyj Says:


  108. johnnyj Says:

    Gooooooooooooalllll! Sounders…

    • Cougrook222 Says:

      are they gonna make the playoffs this year? is it in Seattle or New england?

    • SK8 Says:

      I gotta say JJ, I loved going to the game with you but I have no idea what is going on with the different leagues, playoffs, points towards playoffs or any of that shit. I wish there was just one league to simplify.

      • Cougrook222 Says:

        I am with you Sk8…soccer is fun to watch if its world cup or the US is playing but i dont understand all the friendlies, and non regular season games that are played during the regular season…too confusing

      • johnnyj Says:

        There is: MLS. Just focus on that one…

  109. SK8 Says:

    So Scotty doesn’t like Football?

  110. SK8 Says:

    ND vs Perdue starting. Go Boilermakers! They make boilers, don’t ya know.

  111. SK8 Says:

    JJ, I called Mikey G and told him his christmas trees r going down.

    • johnnyj Says:

      Yeah…I’ve gone to his ‘Stanford tailgate’ at UW twice anf the Cardinal(S) kicked our asses both times…Stanford has a decent team this year (watch RB Gerhart) and I’ve always quietly cheered for them…Until THEY FUCKED US ON THE TV DEAL LAST WEEK.

      They can suck it.

  112. Cougrook222 Says: i dont know if you guys are big Hawks fans but it aint looking good for us…whats up with all the injuries??

    • johnnyj Says:

      DAn will bet you sixer on that game Rook (He’s a Bears fan)…

    • SK8 Says:

      I love the Hawks, they just dissapoint me so much. They don’t look very good this year. I think Hasslebeck is over the hill and we need a running back. We are still sucking since Alexander went pussy on us and got that huge contract.

      • Cougrook222 Says:

        yeah..I am a HUGE hawks fan but your right..Hasselnuts is done and J jones is a joke of a running back…our defense under performs every year…we have a sick line backing crew and a decent d line but ZERO secondary…we need a QB and RB in the draft next year…we have two first round picks so i hope we get two good ones

        • SK8 Says:

          We are just putting off the rebuild that is inevitable. Like you said, we can be as good as we want in all those positions you mentioned. Without a new franchise QB and a good RB, we are not really going anywhere.

        • Cougrook222 Says:

          Jake locker or colt mccoy would look good in a Hawks uniform…no RBs excite me that are entering the draft this year though

  113. Cougrook222 Says:

    Yeah i know…but i have a feeling the bears are gonna win, so i am not sure if I wanna take that bet

  114. Cougrook222 Says:

    WOW….penn state touchdonw on first play from scrimmage

  115. Cougrook222 Says:

    hey JJ…you still coming down for UW v ASU right?

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Nope. We have cancelled, ‘Dad’ came to visit us! 800 dolla for plane tickets for 2 days isn’t worth it, I’m no high roller…

  116. Cougrook222 Says:

    Yeah I hear ya JJ…that would have been fun though for sure

  117. Trav's Dad Says:

    Aggies over UAB 28-6 in the 2nd.
    Yahoo, Yippie, Hoo Wah, EEEEE Haaaa, etc.
    (I shoulda signed up this year)

  118. Cougrook222 Says:

    I am out…got to head to the bar for the debacle of WSU v UScunts

  119. SK8 Says:

    Pre game for the Dawgs is on!!!!!!!

  120. SK8 Says:

    Alright JJ, Don James is on the pregame show on FSP.

  121. SK8 Says:

    23 minutes till game time~!11!!!!!1!!!

  122. Trav's Dad Says:

    I’ve got Penn State/Iowa on the tube…
    JoPa’s looking like championship quality (so far).

  123. SK8 Says:

    24-17 Vols up @ the half.

    And cracking my first adult beverage for the day.

  124. johnnyj Says:

    ND not looking so hot in the 1st…Down 7-3…GO BOILERMAKERS!

  125. SK8 Says:

    Jake is on the replay of the USC game on FSP.

  126. Cougrook222 Says:

    Hey Sk8 check out this mock draft…its hella early for mock drafts but if it worked out this way for the Hawks I would be stoked…then pick a legit RB in round 2 i am really going

  127. johnnyj Says:

    GAMETIME! Go get em Dawgs!

  128. SK8 Says:

    Does Sonny Six-killer do radio? Best CFB name EVA.

  129. johnnyj Says:

    No Way. FML

  130. SK8 Says:

    What the hell just happened?

  131. SK8 Says:

    God Dammit.

  132. SK8 Says:

    Annie says we just did it so we could have a great comeback.

  133. SK8 Says:

    I’m going to be sick. That was close to an interception.

  134. SK8 Says:

    1st down Dawgs.

  135. SK8 Says:

    Our offense looks pretty good.

  136. johnnyj Says:


  137. johnnyj Says:


  138. SK8 Says:

    Well at least the int was way into Stanford territory…


    • johnnyj Says:

      Tell nanner to do a rain dance or something—NE just took a 2-1 lead on the SOunders and the Dawgs are sucking…WTF?

  139. SK8 Says:

    This is not looking good JJ. If they score a TD here, really bad.

  140. SK8 Says:

    Mother F, Stanford on the UW 20.

  141. johnnyj Says:


  142. SK8 Says:


    We needed to stop the hemoraging, that helps.

  143. SK8 Says:

    Serriously JJ, if they would have scored there…

    Maybe game over.

  144. SK8 Says:

    From above, I told prince zamunda to suck it. He has won everything since he moved up here from UW to the Hawks. Bastard.

  145. SK8 Says:

    Nice 3rd down conversion Jake!

  146. SK8 Says:

    Jaysus Christmas, fumble.

  147. johnnyj Says:


  148. SK8 Says:

    LIve ball, husky TD.

  149. johnnyj Says:

    TD DAWGS!!!!!

  150. SK8 Says:

    I hate that call on the kickoff. Kick it deep.

  151. johnnyj Says:

    Gerhart. Told Ya.

  152. SK8 Says:

    I cant take this.

  153. SK8 Says:

    I consider us lucky to be in this game at all now.

  154. johnnyj Says:

    C’mon DAWGS, fire BACK!

  155. johnnyj Says:

    Gerhart Gerhart Gerhart…KILL HIM!

  156. SK8 Says:

    We need to get some pressure on the QB and HAVE TO STOP THE RUN.

  157. SK8 Says:

    17-7, we need some help.

  158. johnnyj Says:


  159. SK8 Says:

    Nice looking drive going on here.

  160. johnnyj Says:

    Gimme that interference…

  161. johnnyj Says:

    TD DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. SK8 Says:

    Cant we just flood the box and go man on the outside?

  163. SK8 Says:

    Holding? Offsides? nope false start…

  164. johnnyj Says:

    Who’s covering Gerhart? NOBODY!

  165. SK8 Says:

    Please god holding.

  166. SK8 Says:

    We HAVE to hold them to 3 points.

  167. johnnyj Says:

    Fook me. TD Trees.

  168. SK8 Says:

    Well, 24-14. We cant win if we don’t stop Gerhard. Period.

  169. Cougrook222 Says:

    SO ended up not going to the bar…but seriously, the Coug game has Petros Papa “I like to suck a dick”is as the announcer…that dude has the most annoying voice in all of college sports

  170. SK8 Says:

    2:41 remaining in the half. We really need to score 3 or 7 before the half ends.

  171. Cougrook222 Says:

    I can see that Gin is treating ya well Sk8…didnt go to the bar..if I watched the game at the bar I would be too wasted to go out I am watching the game from home and heading out after…man..whats up with Gerhardt..almost 200 yards in the first half

  172. SK8 Says:

    Looks like we are runing out the clock to get to the half down by 10. Fuck

  173. Cougrook222 Says:

    Dont worry about the Dawgs…they had a shitty half..but they will pull it out….unlike my Cougs who have decided they are going to tuck tail and not block anybody

  174. johnnyj Says:

    …Way to go Kavario…NOT

  175. Cougrook222 Says:

    WSU looks like a fucking junior high team against USC….touchdown USC

  176. Cougrook222 Says:

    HOLY SHIT..cougs got a first down!!!

  177. johnnyj Says:

    Gotta love SARK…He’s right…AND, stop that bastard Gerhart!

  178. Cougrook222 Says:

    I see myself getting wasted and making bad decisions tonight seeing as how the Coug game is going so far

  179. SK8 Says:

    This one is for CR:

  180. johnnyj Says:

    The Zona Cats sticking it to the Beavs…Wow, didn’t expect that… 35-25 with 5 left…

  181. Cougrook222 Says:

    The Cougs have no business playing college football…this is embarrasing!

  182. SK8 Says:

    Other updates:

    Arizona over OSU 35-25 with OSU driving down to the 10

    ND over the BOILERMAKERS 17-14 in the 4th with 12 min left. GO Perdue

    PSU down 11-10 to iowa

  183. johnnyj Says:

    JOPA is NOT a top-5 team! 11-10 Iowa with 12 left…Penn State should own this…Then again I guess Iowa always plays them tough?

  184. Cougrook222 Says:

    Thats what you get when you have a ginger as our starting QB

  185. Cougrook222 Says:


  186. Cougrook222 Says:

    What bullshit is that??? who does an onside kick when we are getting our asses beat..that is fucking BS….FUCK USC!!

  187. johnnyj Says:

    Iowa with the the TD…Jopa is feeling the pressure. 18-10 now!

  188. johnnyj Says:


  189. Cougrook222 Says:

    That really pisses me off….is that onside kick really necessary

  190. SK8 Says:

    Nice pass Jake!@111!!!!

  191. johnnyj Says:

    Giddy-up…Quick drive, quick drive…DO IT!

  192. Cougrook222 Says:

    This is embarassing…..I am definitely going deep tonight…and by that i meand Pullman style fucked up

  193. Cougrook222 Says:

    Huskies need a score here…GO DAWGS!!

  194. SK8 Says:

    Going for it, nice.

    Come ON!

    Sack, shit.

  195. SK8 Says:

    Napoleon Kaufman, ter-bull.

  196. SK8 Says:

    OK, well nice stop D.

  197. SK8 Says:

    God damn it, int Stanford.

  198. johnnyj Says:

    Fuck me. My swear jar is full.

  199. SK8 Says:

    466 comments, not bad. 500 easy, no way on 1000 though.

  200. johnnyj Says:

    Gotta hand it to that f8cking horse Gerhart…Funny how you never hear about him on ESPN etc…That dude is a badass mofo…I’m calling him the great white hopeless.

  201. SK8 Says:

    We need to break one open, a long TD reception or something…

  202. johnnyj Says:

    C’mon JAKE!

  203. Cougrook222 Says:

    when the announcers flat out laugh at your teams ass…you know you suck

  204. SK8 Says:

    27-14 with one quarter left. Can we do it? Sark says play 4 quarters, I am on the fence if we have it in us yet.

  205. Cougrook222 Says:

    OK…I have had about enough of this debacle….time to go salvage the night(at least try to)….GO DAWGS!!!

  206. johnnyj Says:


  207. SK8 Says:

    Wow, my heart dropped on that Lockar scramble for a 1st.

  208. SK8 Says:

    Go for it, we have to.

  209. SK8 Says:

    If they score, its over.

  210. SK8 Says:

    eff, you, cee, kay. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

  211. johnnyj Says:

    Now we’re down by 20…See how that bit me in the ass rook?

  212. SK8 Says:

    I’m bummed, maybe going to bed.

  213. SK8 Says:

    Did you ever get a skype account?

    • johnnyj Says:

      Nope. Kimmy says I have to put it on my giddyup—I don’t have the fancy ‘touchscreen camera etc’ like her so I need to upgrade. FML.

      • SK8 Says:

        on my giddyup? You can create an account and use her camera on her computer…

        Or you can just create an account and then I will have your guys username in my favorites before we leave.

        Computer coming down tue night, iphone till sunday then news blackout for the Rogers fam. Probably a month or so before we talk again. I’m guessing on that one.

        I am going to get a vontage account in Europe for an american number for peeps to call when I get the time.

  214. johnnyj Says:

    Well, onto NOTRE DAME for the DAWGS next week!

    There are a few ND fans that ‘lurk’ on the KFIL…JTI, GFV, ERIN (different erin dan)…It sounds like TB is a fan too…

    I’m open for bets boys and girls, I love my Dawgs…

  215. johnnyj Says:

    …The Cougs still down by 20 in the 3rd. Maybe ol Pete does have some class…

  216. SK8 Says:

    Did you see that hit on Tebow? Gods other son…

  217. johnnyj Says:

    Jopas go down…OUCH…JMAC where are yooooouuuuu?

  218. johnnyj Says:

    Still 20-0 USC at the start of the 4th…WUH?

  219. SK8 Says:

    For some reason, the songs are not coming up…

  220. johnnyj Says:

    The Cougs scored! AWESOME! 27-6 with 22 seconds left…That score just pulled you from the red zone, Rook…

  221. johnnyj Says:

  222. TB Says:

    Holy sunni batman!!!

    Looks like I missed the whole season in one eve. The Wife and I had our official get faced celebration downtown. Rocket-fuel V-martinis lead to Ribeyes followed by Gueness leads to Boddingtons leads to red bull vodkas and shitty techno at 2am (Mobe your too old nobody listens to techno) no MGMT, B-boys and Radiohead so TB not pleased with CO Springs music scene. Fucking lame crackheads need to shoot some stars…..not that I ever new.

    I was able to catch a bit early on at our local USAFA bar.

    No surprise dfm….but the licensed to IL gave it a good JV effort……..yet I didn’t bet so no ground to walk, noted.

    Sk8er I bid you farewell…thanks for the support on the KC-135.

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