Saturday Football Update…


It’s GAMEDAY my friends!

The conference play is heating up and there are some good battles lined up for today…I wonder how many ranked teams will fall this week?

All times Western…

Snakeye: 12:30 p.m…USAFA at NAVY…I imagine if Snake was around there would be some sidebet action for this, especially since both the Zoomies and Midshipmen are fairly decent football teams…Either way, should be a good battle for the ‘Commander in Chief’ trophy—which is probably a bedazzled ‘crunk’ cup this year…

Navy Football

JJ: 12:30 p.m on NBC…Washington at Notre Dame…The ‘Willingham Bowl’ gets the national spotlight today as the DAWGS travel to South Bend and a 13-point-favorite Irish team…I PRAY that it isn’t any worse than that ‘Lashing’  the Irish put on us in Seattle last year (iirc, 51 total yards)…Two of the best QB’s in the nation (cough, Clausen—and Superman Jake Locker) should keep this entertaining…In my recent prayers to “Touchdown Jesus” I mentioned that I faithfully hate Notre Dame…


DFM and JMAC: 12:30 p.m on ABC…#15 Penn State at Illinois…Some KFIL head-to-head big-televen action! Both teams are coming off tough losses last week and have something to prove. I’m calling this one even…

Illinois Penn St Football

TommyBoy: 4 p.m on the BTN…#9 Ohio State at Indiana…The Buckeyes started conference play by putting the boots to Illinois last week, 30-0…TommyBoy is still wishing he had taken the sixer bet…This week the Buckeyes face a tough Hoosier team that lost a heartbreaker to Michigan last week…I think the Hoosiers are good enough to make this game interesting…


SK8rat and CougRook: 6:15 pm on CSN* (cable package TV otherwise go to the 360)…Washington State at #16 Oregon…It’s the start of the ‘PNW battle’ with the Ducks and Cougs squaring-off tonight in Eugene!


…The Ducks have looked unstoppable lately and DESTROYED a very good Cal team last week…I don’t think anybody is giving the Cougs a chance in this one; it will be fun to watch 18-year-old true freshman Jeff Tuel starting under-center…If anything, the comments and pissing-match between Rook and SK8 (if he’s around) should be colorful…Also, ‘mad-props’ to Rook if he makes a sidebet for this one…


Other Games of interest:

…Tulane at ARMY…#10 Cincinnati at Miami of Ohio…#4 LSU at #18 Georgia (this game should expose the tiggers)…Texas A&M at Arkansas…#7 USC at #24 California (should be interesting)…#8 Oklahoma at #17 Miami of Florida (no Bradford?)…

AND…Colorado State at IDAHO! The Vandals have already won 3 games this year, that about equals their total from the past decade!

…Have fun y’all…



369 Responses to “Saturday Football Update…”

  1. dfm Says:

    jmac where are youuuuuuuuuuu…since you never sent that sixer from the all star game, how about double or nothing on the beloved vs. JoPa game?

  2. dfm Says:

    aha, they got the sumbitch:

    I think if Erin doesn’t look stellar for that Auburn Tennessee game tonight I am throwing her to the curb.

  3. TB Says:

    Yeah….Indiana tOSU game will be a good one. I wish I could get it. Nice photoshop on the T-shirt dfm.

  4. TB Says:

    Remembering July 1st, 2009.
    JJ….gonna watch the ND game? You do remember our bet from this summer….

    Balzy move Mav.

    Damn youtube down for maintenance otherwise Zappa would represent.

  5. TB Says:

    I’ll be leaving for mt bike ride in a bit…I’ll be on and off throught the day.

  6. Cougrook222 Says:

    Good morning douchebags!! i say that with the utmost respect..where is SK8?? i want to make a bet for the cougs v the oregon haymakers

  7. Sk8 Says:

    CR, I’m in. Straight up Oregon vs WSU…

  8. johnnyj Says:

    Anyway, It’s gameday! Sleeping in and coffee (with a teeeny punch) are fantastic…

  9. Cougrook222 Says:

    Just saw your suggestion for a pickup line from last night JJ…super funny!!

  10. Cougrook222 Says:

    man there is shit for games on right now

    • johnnyj Says:

      YEP…Just talked to E fresh and SK8—Those two are retarded, on their way to do shots, San Dog style…At least they’re going to ‘Husky’ bar…

      • Cougrook222 Says:

        nice….i might head up to flagstaff later for a little Yavapai college reunion with some buddies…they are doing shots this ealry?? i dig it

  11. johnnyj Says:

    How about some football?

    • johnnyj Says:

      I’m loving the big-televen games—Wisc and Minn! Midwest matchup akin to the PNW. I’m sure there’s plenty of pride on the line for this one…

      -And the Badgers punch it in!

      • Cougrook222 Says:

        i am gonna have to disagree with you on that one…i think the big ten is probably the boringest conference in college football…i would rather watch Penn v Dartmouth on Versus than watch the big ten..the only team i like to watch is Illinois

  12. Cougrook222 Says:

    i know i casnt wait for the husky game to be on

  13. johnnyj Says:

    There’s always ivy league play on Versus!

    Sooooo fun.

  14. johnnyj Says:

    The golden shower gopher and badger game is pretty good!

    Badgers up 31-28 with 1 min to go, gopher ball and…driving!

  15. johnnyj Says:

    Bring on the GAMES!

    -USAFA and NAVY!
    -Penn State and Illinois!
    -UW and those monopolyJesus touchdown nazis!

  16. TB Says:

    Damn ILLin game on all over the place.

  17. Cougrook222 Says:

    Gametime….go Dawgs!!

  18. johnnyj Says:

    Suck it Notre Dame.

  19. Cougrook222 Says:

    I think Charlie Weis has overtaken Ralph “I have eaten everything in the” friedgen as the fattest coach in college football

  20. johnnyj Says:

    Alex Flanagan is hot! I think DFM would approve…

    Ya think she’s irish? Shocker.

    • Cougrook222 Says:

      I was just thinking the same thing..she might have to replace Erin Andrews…but her voice bugs me…sounds like she has a frog in her throat all the time

  21. Cougrook222 Says:

    man…talk about two totally different hires for the Washington Schools..i thin UW hit it out of the park with Sark..and WSU’s Wulff looks like a deer in the headlights all the time

  22. TB Says:

    SK8er where you at?

  23. Cougrook222 Says:

    I kinda like the all white husky unis

  24. Cougrook222 Says:

    fucking fumble…stupid

  25. johnnyj Says:


  26. Cougrook222 Says:

    knee was down…its all good

  27. johnnyj Says:

    Montlake JAKE!

  28. TB Says:

    VERY lucky 1st

  29. Cougrook222 Says:

    ND’s defense has some fast players…great closing speed

  30. JMAC Says:

    Dudes Dfm, sorry I missed you earlier…I would have taken that bet. Never fear. I almost took a picture of your 6’er+ to post here, just so you would know that you’re soooo close to getting paid. I think you’ll enjoy once it gets there.

  31. johnnyj Says:


  32. TB Says:

    DAWGS on the move.

  33. JMAC Says:

    GO DAWGS!!!!

  34. TB Says:


  35. JMAC Says:

    TD Locker!!!!!!

  36. johnnyj Says:

    JAKE! TD DAWGS!!!!!

  37. johnnyj Says:

    E-fo with the pat!

  38. TB Says:


  39. TB Says:


  40. JMAC Says:

    Scary run…

  41. Cougrook222 Says:

    hey..JJ is desmond Trufant the brother of Marcus…

  42. johnnyj Says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeew that was deceptive and sneaky, how notre-damish!

  43. JMAC Says:

    I know I’m not JJ, but yes…they’re brothers.

  44. Cougrook222 Says:

    looks like a repeat of last week…not being able to stop the run…nice open field tackle though

  45. TB Says:

    A weak def game so far

  46. JMAC Says:


  47. johnnyj Says:

    Damn you golden shower Tate.

  48. Cougrook222 Says:

    limitng them to a FG is nice.

  49. JMAC Says:

    Awesome – 4th down! Stuck with the FG….

  50. johnnyj Says:


  51. JMAC Says:

    I’ll take the first down…but that didn’t look like roughing the passer…

  52. johnnyj Says:

    Locker has a lane open in every f8cking direction!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. JMAC Says:

    Nice defense…way to figure out the stupid trick play…and the penalty is just gravy.

  54. johnnyj Says:


  55. johnnyj Says:

    Held again to 3…

    Looking good, so far…

  56. TB Says:

    JMAC and gents have fun. Im off to do kid stuff. If I didn’t bet you JJ, I would like to see the DAWGS win this one. Being on the side of ND makes me feel dirty.

    Sooo dirty.

  57. johnnyj Says:

    Tommyboy! Mix me a drinky-poo too!

  58. Cougrook222 Says:

    I love saturdays!!!…what other day is it acceptbale to start drinking at 9am or earlier depending on game time…

  59. JMAC Says:

    I love that Michigan St beat Michigan…in OT too!

  60. Cougrook222 Says:

    That linebacker Teo for ND is legit

  61. johnnyj Says:


  62. JMAC Says:

    ND’s defense is killing us now…

  63. JMAC Says:

    I love our punter!!!

  64. johnnyj Says:

    Awesome PUNT! That little sumbitch is no joke!

  65. Cougrook222 Says:

    Gerhardt has 80 yds and 2tds against Fucla already

    • johnnyj Says:

      Good for that guy…He’s the “great white hopeless!” I’ve been preaching it since last year: Stanford is no joke! They’re Bowl-bound…
      SUCK IT fUCLA!

  66. Cougrook222 Says:

    Does that Erin Andrews knockoff’s voice bug anyone else or is it just me?

  67. johnnyj Says:

    Who’s in charge of the secondary!!!?

  68. JMAC Says:

    That TD better be going back with the flag…

  69. Cougrook222 Says:

    Man…whats up with the Husky D…their guys are wide open every play??

    • johnnyj Says:

      Shut up rook!

      • Cougrook222 Says:

        hey man…i am rooting for the Dawgs..but shit, their D sux…you cant disagree with me on that one

        • JMAC Says:

          Even our own defensive coordinator said we don’t have a lot of strong players…but there are definitely moments where we look good. Like that one! Almost an int!!

          • Cougrook222 Says:

            i think this year will be a good year for you guys…but next year will be THE year…Locker a senior, and all those young players will be developed and better..but i think you guys will be bowl eligible this year at least

  70. Cougrook222 Says:

    Clausen looks like a little punk…he is the guy at the bar everyone wants to punch in the face

  71. johnnyj Says:

    Jaysus f8ucking christmas…Clausen was in the pocket eating a ham sandwich…

    KILL HIM!!!

  72. Cougrook222 Says:

    hey there D is bending but not breaking….thats a positive

  73. JMAC Says:

    And they have to settle for another FG…too bad that one puts them ahead…

  74. johnnyj Says:

    Lets put a drive together. How’s that sound?

  75. Cougrook222 Says:

    #11 has to make that catch …that was a perfect pass

  76. johnnyj Says:

    Another Locker FASTBALL!!!

  77. johnnyj Says:

    This is horseshit.

  78. Cougrook222 Says:

    hey..since locker is the Tebow(west coast)…is he as religious as Gods other Son(tebow)? and by religious i mean is he still a virgin like Tebow claims to be?..any of you Husky alums know? Jmac?

  79. Cougrook222 Says:

    TD huskies…..leave it up to the WSU traitor to score it

  80. JMAC Says:

    TD off a backward pass. GO DAWGS!!!!

  81. johnnyj Says:


  82. Cougrook222 Says:

    i like Holts energy..he is awesome

  83. johnnyj Says:


  84. Cougrook222 Says:


  85. JMAC Says:

    Wtf just happened?!!!

  86. JMAC Says:

    Here’s what I’m thinking…(I forgot how to put the video in the thread like the cool kids do…)

  87. johnnyj Says:


  88. Cougrook222 Says:

    #11 makes up for the catch he fuckin missed

  89. johnnyj Says:


  90. Cougrook222 Says:

    Great choice JMAC…thats my fav AC/DC song

  91. Cougrook222 Says:

    randy hart is at ND now??..holy shit

  92. johnnyj Says:

    Aghhh. The frustration builds…

  93. johnnyj Says:

    Ode to Knute, that is pretty cool…

  94. JMAC Says:


  95. johnnyj Says:

    Interception! GO BIG JAKE!

  96. JMAC Says:


  97. JMAC Says:

    I’m not a fan of Golden Tate…little punk-ass.

  98. Cougrook222 Says:

    this is my theme song!!!

  99. JMAC Says:

    Come on Hskies…make some magic, Jake!!!!!

  100. Cougrook222 Says:

    I know Kenny is a not a helicopter guy..but thought he might appreciate this!!

  101. Cougrook222 Says:

    nice catch..#11

  102. JMAC Says:

    Way to hold onto the ball!!!!!!

  103. johnnyj Says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! DRIVE>

  104. JMAC Says:

    Weird…why didn’t he call a timeout there??

  105. JMAC Says:

    And the dawgs go ahead at halftime!!! Frickin’ awesome!!!

  106. johnnyj Says:

    17-16 HUSKIES—–Halftime.

  107. Cougrook222 Says:

    hey at least they have the lead at the half…nice HUSKIES!!

  108. JMAC Says:

    Whew….the Penn State/Illinois game is a nail-biter…7-3 Penn State ahead in the 3rd quarter.

  109. johnnyj Says:

    GAME ON>>>

    And the bible humpers try to go touchdown jesus on the opening drive…

  110. Cougrook222 Says:

    man..husky D has stepped up when it counts!!!

  111. JMAC Says:

    And one more FG for ND….they’re ahead, but we’re still in it…

  112. Cougrook222 Says:

    That should have been a TD…fucking Locker…sorry JAMC

  113. johnnyj Says:


  114. johnnyj Says:


  115. Cougrook222 Says:

    I think this might be the first year in many that there isnt a Tuiasosopo on the Huskies

  116. johnnyj Says:

    THAT. was a fantastic play that works. SCREEN me babeeeee

  117. Cougrook222 Says:

    I sense a TD coming

  118. JMAC Says:

    Way to throw down, Jakey….

  119. johnnyj Says:


  120. JMAC Says:

    TD DAWGS!!!!!!!!!

  121. johnnyj Says:


  122. johnnyj Says:

    Really? SUCK IT CLAUSEN>

  123. johnnyj Says:

    HAH—we don’t need to tackle, they just fall down!


  124. Cougrook222 Says:

    great run C-po!!

  125. JMAC Says:

    Take that, Golden Tate!!!

  126. JMAC Says:

    Gah…we’re self-destructing…

  127. Cougrook222 Says: may not be having his best game…but he is so solid!!

  128. johnnyj Says:

    Hahaaa—-“Jake Locker from FErrrrrndale Wershington….”

    Population 9000, he’s a hick….

  129. Cougrook222 Says:

    they cant bring Polk down!!…if he didnt get injured last year…you guys would have had a couple wins..he is legit

  130. johnnyj Says:


  131. JMAC Says:

    Ok…let’s hope we don’t regret that decision. Now we need the safety!!!

  132. Cougrook222 Says:

    man..that sux

  133. JMAC Says:

    Youchie…mom’s a little cranky after that…

  134. Cougrook222 Says:

    man..not scoring that TD could bite you guys in the ass

  135. JMAC Says:

    Awesome pass defense there…

  136. johnnyj Says:

    Are you kidding me….Clausen, on his second ham sandwich…

  137. johnnyj Says:

    CMON D!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. johnnyj Says:

    …I’ll take that hold.

    It’s MEAN time.

  139. JMAC Says:

    So sweet they had to settle for another FG there!!!

  140. johnnyj Says:

    OKAy, Locker on the option time. PERHAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. johnnyj Says:


  142. JMAC Says:

    How many ND defensive players does it take to tackle Polk??

  143. JMAC Says:

    Decision time….

  144. johnnyj Says:

    *SWEAR WORDS***************

  145. Cougrook222 Says:

    well…you cant say Sarkisian doesnt have balls!!

  146. Cougrook222 Says:

    mmmmm..i wonder if this ham sandwich i am eating is as good as Clausens??

  147. johnnyj Says:

    Kavario! That’s my ‘Dawg!’

  148. johnnyj Says:


  149. JMAC Says:

    The ladies are screaming at this house!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!

  150. Cougrook222 Says:

    thats a SHIT Call

  151. johnnyj Says:

    I quit.

  152. Cougrook222 Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK???????????????

  153. Cougrook222 Says:


  154. JMAC Says:

    And the ladies are screaming again…personal foul, first down Dawgs. Suck it ND!!!!

  155. johnnyj Says:

    This is emberrrrissin…

    Once again, SPREAD IT OUT! CMON

  156. Cougrook222 Says:

    what the hell is going on..i have never seen a team struggle so hard to get it in from the 1

  157. JMAC Says:

    This is killing me!!!!!

  158. Cougrook222 Says:

    that is SUPER embarassing

  159. Cougrook222 Says:

    I have never seen anything like that before

  160. JMAC Says:

    That was excruciating!!! I cannot believe we couldn’t score after 6 tries from the one yard line…sucks!!!!

  161. JMAC Says:

    Sorry…score a TD..settled for the FG.

  162. JMAC Says:

    Our defensive coordinator is soooo intense…he kinda scares me…but in a good way.

  163. johnnyj Says:

    …This has fUGLY written all over it.
    …I’m just sayin’

  164. Cougrook222 Says:

    i think thats 3 ham sandwiches for Clausen on my count

  165. JMAC Says:


  166. johnnyj Says:


  167. JMAC Says:

    That was ridiculous.

  168. Cougrook222 Says:

    now i really want to punch Clausen in the face!!

  169. JMAC Says:

    When it rains…it pours…

  170. JMAC Says:

    Yes, Clausen looks like a douche bag…

  171. JMAC Says:

    Awesome – pass interference by ND.

  172. Cougrook222 Says:

    thats HUGE

  173. Cougrook222 Says:

    that is HELLA lucky

  174. JMAC Says:

    That hit the ground!! No INT!!!!

  175. JMAC Says:

    I can barely watch at this point…4th down, field goal to tie.

  176. johnnyj Says:


    …C’mon touchdown jesus…

  177. Cougrook222 Says:

    wow…what a fucking game!!!

  178. JMAC Says:

    And the kick is good…6 seconds left on the clock. Looks like we’re headed to OT>

  179. Cougrook222 Says:

    i havent watched a game this tense in a LOOOOONG time

  180. Cougrook222 Says:

    how you holding up John????..havent had a heart attack have ya?

  181. johnnyj Says:

    SK8 and Dug E say:


  182. johnnyj Says:

    Touchdown Irish in OT.

    -I’m firing BACK BITCHES!

  183. johnnyj Says:

    Why didn’t Locker just Run?

  184. johnnyj Says:

    ND 37, UW 30 in OT.

  185. johnnyj Says:

  186. JMAC Says:

    Love that song….

  187. JMAC Says:

    My computer is being retarded. I can’t see the whole left half of the comments…weird.

  188. johnnyj Says:

    The JoPaS stuck-it to the Injuns…35-17

  189. JMAC Says:

    And dfm is saved from a tough bet for Penn State vs Illinois because I was being girly and getting my haircut instead of online betting sixers….sigh. Penn State beat the illini 35-17

  190. JMAC Says:

    Oh dfm….where are you??? Your girlfriend is on TV announcing the Tennessee game.

  191. JMAC Says:

    Ok, and I said that wrong. She’s on the sidelines…not announcing.

  192. johnnyj Says:


    I want some Cougs and Ducks for Dinner!

  193. JMAC Says:

    JJ, I don’t see the Cougar v Ducks game on 360…am I missing something?

  194. JMAC Says:

    I’m watching USC play Cal for now…mom doesn’t do soccer.

  195. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Hey when you see Dan on here tell him I will miss him at the Bears game when we beat down on the Lions. He is catching up with work I guess.

  196. johnnyj Says:

    Gooooooooooooooaaaaal SOUNDERS! The Chicago Fire lost to the Galaxy as well, fantastic.

  197. JMAC Says:

    Yikes! USC intercepts Cal in the end zone. Game’s off to an interesting start!!!

  198. JMAC Says:

    And btw, I can’t say I’m a real fan of the Cal uniforms…

  199. johnnyj Says:

    That drunk bastard Erickson (which gets a pass today) and the SUNDEVILS sticking the Beaver 21-3…

  200. TB Says:

    Just tuned in late. Sorry JJ, I actually would have taken pleasure gettin you that sixer.
    But as they say…pleasure is all mine.
    Local brew will do (in spite of my smart ass coment in July).

    I’m more excited on Navy beating USAFA. I was able to catch that on the AM while I was out and about. That was a killer game.

    • johnnyj Says:

      –TommyBoy! How convenient!

      ‘Vitamin R’ is the best local fare worthy of ND lover. And that’s stretching it.

  201. TB Says:

    All the flare to land = squat to pee types will be angry drunk downtown tonight.

  202. JMAC Says:

    Yikes…Cal is getting spanked by USC at this point. It’s about to become 17-0 at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

  203. johnnyj Says:

    Sounders WIN! (against the best MLS team)…Suck it Crew.

  204. johnnyj Says:

    GO Cougs.

    JJ out-

  205. dfm Says:

    Bitches. Just waiting until the hiccups go away so I can crash in the same bed as the wifes. What a great day!!!!!

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