Saturday Football Update


I would like to start off this SFU by thanking JMAC for the awesome sixer she sent me to pay off her bet from the All Star Game.  Oh that’s right, I never got it.  ragging on jj for not sending me jmac’s sixer.  On with the action for this week.

First up, tb with THE hosting Minnesota at 11am on the uno.


Also at 11, the beloved travel to Purdue, this one is on the deuce.  Our season is quickly circling the toilet, and today should be no exception.  The only bonus is that I am in line for half of the pool, and that may help drown our sorrows if I win it.  But you never know, today’s game is for the cannon and anything can happen.


One of the big games of the day has Sergio’s Quack Attack at JJ’s Huskieys on ABC at 2.30.  Gawd I hope I get to watch some of that.


Also at 2.30, JoPa makes a visit to the Big House to play Michigan on ABC.


At 3, Snake’s Zoomies are at Utah, no TV.


For CougRook, at 3.30 the Cougs visit Commie Territory (bezerkely) and play the Golden Showers.


Other games of note:

BC at Bucket O Wings, Iowa at Michigan State, Tulane at Southern Miss, Texas A and M at Texas Tech, Auburn at LSU, Texas at Mizzou, and we can always cheer against God’s other son, who plays at Mississippi State.  GOD DAMMIT I am so sick of Tebow.  I can’t wait until he fails in the pros.


161 Responses to “Saturday Football Update”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    Great pics again this week gents, bravo.

  2. johnnyj Says:

    Happy gameday gang! Clear blue skies in Seatown today, I might actually need sunglasses–Awesome!
    The game is supposedly national on ABC…Sk8, it’s on the 360…
    …Warming up my duck call…

    Dfm: Jmac is off the hook for your sixer as it’s been sitting at my house for two weeks—that’s my bad… You’re lucky there still is a sixer…
    …I’ll get that in the mail to you so quit your bitchin…

    Have fun Y’all!

  3. dfm Says:

    14-7 Purdue already. My god we suck.

  4. dfm Says:

    And 21-7 the Illini have no answer for Purdue. This season is FUCKED. I can’t believe how bad we are.

  5. dfm Says:

    Who is the QB we have in there – Charest? I need to look this guy up. Freshman third stringer. Why the fuck not, nobody else has done anything this year.

  6. dfm Says:

    Hey, two first downs in a row, we are rocking.

  7. dfm Says:

    Going for it on 4th and 3 – GREAT PLAY, first and goal. Nice pass Charest!

  8. dfm Says:

    And the TD but fucking holding. Dammit.

  9. dfm Says:

    Juice is back in now. What a cluster this offense is.

  10. dfm Says:

    And we only get a FG attempt out of first and goal at the one, and miss the 23 yard FG. Story of the season. BOY does Zook look pissed. Shit.

    21-7 Purdue at half.

  11. dfm Says:

    Minnesota hanging with Ohio State. 7-0 tOSU with five left in the second.

  12. dfm Says:

    Ole Miss beating up on Arkansas 14-0 with a first and goal.

  13. dfm Says:

    One hand clapping so far. Oh well, I have been here before. come on Illini, make it a game!!

  14. dfm Says:

    I hate this bitch announcer, Pam Ward. she is homely to boot.

  15. dfm Says:

    Sweet, three and out Purdue to start the second half. Come on Illini, put something together now.

  16. dfm Says:

    Good field position and Jooce back in there. Come on Juice, do it like old times.

  17. dfm Says:

    Just like that, 10 yard run Juice. Nice.

  18. dfm Says:

    Great drive, come Illini we need a TD here.

  19. dfm Says:

    Illegal substitution. Always a matter of time before our O implodes. 1st and 15.

  20. dfm Says:

    4th and 1…GREAT second effort gets the first down.

  21. dfm Says:

    Third and goal after two FAILED running plays.

  22. dfm Says:

    TD JOOOOOCE. Finally I witness a decent drive by the Illinois offense.

  23. dfm Says:

    And another three and out Purdue. We have a little mo!

  24. dfm Says:

    And a quick three and out Illinois. Sigh.

  25. dfm Says:

    Wow Zook looks super frustrated out there. I can see him age from here.

  26. dfm Says:

    Man Purdue blowing down the field on our d.

  27. dfm Says:

    But we hold, 24-14 Purdue.

  28. dfm Says:

    Juice with a nice run, we are in Purdue territory.

  29. dfm Says:

    And we meltdown again. Punt.

  30. astro Says:

    DFM, where’d all the Tebow hate come from? Seems like a good kid to me.

  31. dfm Says:

    Every game, pre game and post game is a Tebow love fest like nothing I have ever seen. If I see his stupid press conference after that Ole Miss lost last year one more time I am going to puke.

  32. dfm Says:

    Yet another three and out, this time with Charest in there. Jaysus we suck.

  33. astro Says:

    Hate ESPN, then. He isn’t forcing that.

  34. dfm Says:

    The media love fest is for him, so I will hate him. You know I am a hater.

  35. dfm Says:

    How you been ‘stro? Long time.

  36. dfm Says:

    Man we need a turnover like nobody’s business.

  37. dfm Says:

    tOSU killing the gophers now.

  38. astro Says:

    Just busy. I figured you’d be here when I saw the Illini game on.

  39. dfm Says:

    We suck out loud this year.

  40. dfm Says:

    yet another three and out. This is killing me, we must be setting some sort of record for three and outs this year.

  41. dfm Says:

    D’oh we go for it at our 27 and fail. Fuck this season.

  42. dfm Says:

    Well, Go Huskieys and go BC.

  43. TB Says:

    Busy with the kiddos….just tuned in. No Buckeye game for me out in CO….lame.

  44. TB Says:

    Thanks dfm. That’s what I’ve been gathering on the updates.

  45. TB Says:

    BTW killer pics!

  46. dfm Says:

    I am actually making a cake with my youngest, watching football and boozing all at the same time now.

  47. TB Says:

    HA! FoSHO

  48. dfm Says:

    Wife got the weekend off so I am on kid duty.

  49. dfm Says:

    This sucks I get the Michigan/Penn State game, I am dying to watch Washington/Oregon. Think I will watch some of the BC/ND game.

  50. TB Says:

    Yeah it’s coming up. Prob pass and do something outside. We actually have fall this weekend.

  51. TB Says:

    Have a good afternoon……out.

  52. dfm Says:

    Going to play some baseball with the rugrats, back in a few.

  53. dfm Says:

    3-2 bucket o wings early in the 2nd.

  54. dfm Says:

    Penn State beating M, that would be my preferred outcome. Dick Rod can suck it.

  55. dfm Says:

    Crazy TD for ND called back because of holding. sweet.

  56. dfm Says:

    Wow the BC QB is a 25 year old freshman.

  57. dfm Says:

    TD BC! Nice!

  58. dfm Says:

    Dammit TD ND. D’oh review.

  59. dfm Says:

    And a TD. 13-9 ND coming up on half. Wings for all my friends.

  60. dfm Says:

    Wow ‘Bama only up on Tennessee 9-3 at the half.

  61. dfm Says:

    Watching some of the Bama TN game, boy the Tide D is savage.

  62. dfm Says:

    Awesome, Penn State thumping M 25-10 now.

  63. dfm Says:

    Eww, Oregon 22 Washington 6 in the third.. come on Huskieys.

    • Sk8 Says:

      Crap, my ESPN 360 log in won’t work off a Euro server. And thats not good news. Saw a pic from OR from Jake in the red zone. Blowing it.

  64. dfm Says:

    Shithot, BC TD!

  65. dfm Says:

    OH nice pass play BC. Sweet!

  66. dfm Says:

    BC second and goal from the five, come on eagles!

  67. dfm Says:

    Are you serious they fumble! Shit!

  68. dfm Says:

    Fuck pick ND.

  69. dfm Says:

    Getting hammered, these Belgian beers are sweet.

  70. dfm Says:

    What a BULLSHIT call on that personal foul on BC.

  71. Sk8 Says:

    Ugly now in the Oregon game.

    Got to watch THE Penn State get killed with a Michigan fan, always interesting.

  72. dfm Says:

    4th and goal from the one….and ND calls TO.

  73. dfm Says:

    And a BC timeout. Sheesh.

  74. Sk8 Says:

    Watched Penn State kill Mish-again? Left in the 3rd but it looked convincing. The house I was @ is a huge big blue fan.

  75. dfm Says:

    Weis calls that Stooooopid wildcat formation and they get STUFFED on fourth and goal from the one! AWESOME! Suck it charlie!

  76. dfm Says:

    Wow JoPa bitch whipping M 35-10 with 3 minutes left in the game. Suck it DickRod!

  77. dfm Says:

    Tennessee hanging with ‘Bama, 12-3 Tide with 3.30 left in the fourth.

  78. dfm Says:

    Clemson going for the upset on #10 Miami, 31-27 in the fourth with 9.40 left.

  79. dfm Says:

    FUCK TD bucket. 20-16 irish with 8.12 left in the fourth.

  80. dfm Says:

    Gah, BC imploding a bit. Punt.

  81. dfm Says:

    KICKASS Michigan takes a bitch whipping at the big house 35-10. Sweet!

  82. dfm Says:

    Holy balls JJ’s Cincy Bearcats tear Louisville a new ass 41-10 with the Cincy backup QB. Nice. BCS buster indeed along with the defending chmaps from ’06, Boise.

  83. dfm Says:

    Wow, 12-10, #1 Bama up on Tn but Tn driving with 1 minute left!

  84. dfm Says:

    OH YES TN in FG range! Suck it Saban!

  85. dfm Says:

    Alright, a 44 yarder for all the marbles….

  86. dfm Says:

    BLOCKED! Dammit!

  87. dfm Says:

    iirc that is the second block of this game.

  88. dfm Says:

    Oh shit Pick ND. this day isn’t going so well all of a sudden.

  89. dfm Says:

    Kickass BC driving, 2 minutes left down 16-20.

  90. dfm Says:

    Come on BC, one time.

  91. dfm Says:

    FUCK pick what a horrible pass by BC, their fifth turnover. Bucket o wings gets away with one.

  92. dfm Says:

    you know I don’t have too many results I am happy with today.

  93. dfm Says:

    And Clemson and Miami go into OT.

  94. dfm Says:

    After thinking about it, ND winning against these shitty teams and maybe getting a BCS berth might be great as they would have to play some awesome SEC or Big 12 team and get their clocks cleaned.

  95. hot carl Says:

    doh the Illini got smacked. this is bad.

    What is up with Iowa? How did they get so good all the sudden? I guess I saw it coming when they ran over the illini last year when we were on our rose bowl high

  96. dfm Says:

    Fuck, Florida gets a turnover on the second play of the game. wtf!

  97. dfm Says:

    WOW Florida is so fast it is like wathcing a pro team.

  98. Sk8 Says:

    This thread needs more !!!Eleven!!1!!!

  99. dfm Says:

    Miss St. with a nice drive to start the game.

  100. dfm Says:

    Nice kick. 3-0 MSU.

  101. dfm Says:

    Nice, TCU against the Mormons on Versus.

  102. dfm Says:

    And just like that, 7-0, Christians.

  103. dfm Says:

    D’oh Trav’s Dad’s Whargles go down 7-0 early.

    • Sk8 Says:

      Got an Astro and a Hot Carl drive by. All we need is a TD drive by….

      And of course the JJ talk-about of the horrid loss to Oregon, fucking ugly, shit.

  104. dfm Says:

    Fuck, the huskieys got blown out 44-19. Booooo.

  105. dfm Says:

    Hey, Florida gets stuffed on first and goal. 3-3 now.

  106. dfm Says:

    Ah, Iowa vs. Michigan State on the BTN. Iowa is the real deal this year…for the Big Televen.

  107. dfm Says:

    Miss St. hanging in there so far, 3-3 approaching the end of 1q.

  108. Sk8 Says:

    Nice job DFM on the ”one hand clapping” today. Good job babysitting 2.

    Out for the night soon, !!Eleven-dy-thirteen!! here @ night.

    Take it away JJ and DFM!

  109. Sk8 Says:

    Well played sir, well played…

  110. dfm Says:

    Gah, 10-3 Florida.

  111. dfm Says:

    Texas up on Mizzou now 7-0 early, there are a lot of games on now.

  112. dfm Says:

    WOW is the Florida RB fast.

  113. dfm Says:

    Texas with the sweet fake punt for the first down. Nice play.

  114. dfm Says:

    Sweet, Christians beating the crap out of the mormons 21-0. BCS buster!

  115. dfm Says:

    Texas 14, Mizzou zero in the 2nd.

  116. hot carl Says:

    Bama really got 4 FG’s to win? That must have been a pretty boring game

    Florida will probably be back to #1 if they beat em up like is likely

  117. hot carl Says:

    any tips on where to find a good avatard? need one for frt too

  118. dfm Says:

    Check anywhere for an avatard. yes, Bama will probably fall pending the outcome of this Florida game.

  119. dfm Says:

    Dammit Punt Miss St.

  120. dfm Says:

    FUCK blocked punt, florida first and goal. This sucks, the rout will be on shortly.

  121. hot carl Says:

    hey it is supposed to be 50 and partly sunny if the week forecast is remotely correct (prolly a 1% chance of that). really hope you can make it out next Sunday for the Bears vs. Cleveland. Also we will probably smash them to bits

    Bizarrely enough rolling stone now has a guy covering football and he did a pretty funny post about that coach in Cleveland. talk about a writer who doesn’t care about inside access…

    here is a summary

  122. dfm Says:

    I think I am on for the Cleveland game. i will confirm in a day or two.

  123. dfm Says:

    “A Hurricane Andrew of football mismanagement” that is an all timer…

  124. dfm Says:

    haha Bob Griese said last week that Juan Pablo Montoya was “out having a taco” oops. He apologized.

  125. dfm Says:

    Texas up on Mizzou 21-7.

  126. dfm Says:

    Sweet, Christians driving…

  127. dfm Says:

    And the fg. 24-7 christians over mormons.

  128. dfm Says:

    Shithot, florida only up by a FG on Miss st.

  129. dfm Says:

    oh, tebow threw a pick six that is why it is so close. Love it!

  130. dfm Says:

    NICE Miss. St. makes the FG and it is tied.

  131. dfm Says:

    Well, enough of this one hand clapping, I am going to watch the end of the florida game in bed. I will leave you with a great video though. Watch the whole thing sucka!!!1!!!

  132. johnnyj Says:

  133. johnnyj Says:

    Gameday recall:

    Hmmmmm….Oregon Duck fans once again declared why they are the biggest assholes in College football…I’m not saying that because they won the game; it’s just true.

    …If I didn’t have the patience and restraint, I would be in jail for assault…That should sum-it-up…(Quack fans like to piss-spat-shat talk and bodily fluids around)…I have ZERO tolerance for it.

    As far as the game….Well, the quacks were all over the coverage…They are the best D in the pac-10, amazing. They’re a good squad—too bad their fans ruin it for them!
    -That incident with Boise State was no fluke; that is Oregon and their fans represented…

    -OH SOUNDERS WON! Awesome match…

  134. johnnyj Says:

    Oh–and because I know JMAC is laughing:

    I made a 7-year old Duck fan cry! Take that DUCKS!

  135. johnnyj Says:

    I, JJ, hereby declare, from this day forward:

    I HATE THE DUCKS>!!111!!!!

  136. johnnyj Says:

    Meh. no details. The DAWGS lost; check those details.

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