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Updated KFB pool standings…

November 30, 2009

After week 13…

Well, one winner has been declared after I fell into the red zone again for the Apple Cup—although I won a sixer from Rook, it really sucked…I was screaming for the Cougs to at least score…Damn they truly are a horrible team.

…That  also means Rook fell into the red zone and the coveted cellar position. Dfm still has a chance if he can fall in the red zone vs Fresno State…Ultimately, our ‘not-so-perfect-system’ will award the best and worst teams this year—-who knew? 

Congrats TommyBoy, better make room in your beer fridge!

1. TommyBoy (Ohio State): 65 points

2. Jmac (Penn State): 60 points

3. Snakeye (USAFA): 55 points

4. JJ (Washington): 1 game remaining, 50 points

4. Sk8 (Oregon): 1 game remaining, 50 points

5. Dfm (Illinois): 1 game remaining, 25 points

6. CougRook (Washington State): 20 points


NFL Week 12

November 29, 2009

Seattle at St. Louis at noon, and the Bears at Minnesota at 3.15.

Saturday Football Update

November 28, 2009

Well, looks like jj and I both forgot to put one up.  This will have to suffice for now.

Friday Football

November 27, 2009

Some good games today, many of which I will not be able to watch from my office desk, so I will probably gametrack them.

The big game of the day has the beloved at #5 Cincy at 11am on ABC.  If we could pull this upset it would make our season, but I am not counting on it.

1.30 – Iron bowl on CBS.  I would love love love to see ‘Bama go down, being a Saban hater and all and to hopefully open up a spot up top for TCU to slide in there – but we will need help from Nebraska.

2.30 – Nebraska at Colorado on ABC.  I was a huge “Big 8” fan when I was little and always enjoyed these rivalry games.  Wish I could watch this one.  I really want Nebraska to win to get momentum for the Big 12 title game where we need Texas to lose to try and get TCU a shot at Florida in the Championship Game.

Other games of note – Nevada at Boise – two VERY good teams in this one.  Pitt at West Virginia – the Backyard Brawl is always good.  There are some other games today as well.  Enjoy!

Giving Thanks

November 25, 2009

It is the time of year when we sit down, reflect and look back on our year and give thanks for the gifts that we have received. I am thankful for my family, loving kids and wife, my friends here and elsewhere and the fact that I have my health. While business is certainly presenting it’s challenges, we have still had a decent year and are looking forward to a great 2010. Some other things I am thankful for blahblahblahblah……..

Ah screw it. Lets just cut to the chase here.   Thanksgiving is about FOOD, BOOZE,  and FOOTBALL, in no particular order.  So for Thanksgiving Day we have:

for TD:  The annual hatred game of  Texas at Texas A and M, at 7 on the uno.  Also we have pro action, Green Bay at Detroit at noon, and Oakland at Big D at 3.15.  Have a great turkey day lady and gents!

Updated KFB pool standings…

November 24, 2009

After week12…

1. TommyBoy (Ohio State): Season over, 65 points

2. JJ (Washington): 2 games remaining, 60 points

2. Jmac (Penn State): Season over, 60 points

3. Snakeye (USAFA): Season over, 55 points

4. Sk8 (Oregon): 1 game remaining, 50 points

5. CougRook (Washington State) 1 game remaining, 30 points

6. DFM (Illinois): 2 games remaining, 20 points

NFL Week 11

November 22, 2009

Chickens at Queens at noon (good luck with that) and the Bears host the Eagles tonight at 7.20. Not going to that one, tooooo late for me.

Saturday Football Update…

November 20, 2009

…Holy Shat, it’s GAMEDAY Boys and Girl!

…Some good action in store today as the season winds down and we all ‘fight’ for a winning position in the pool! Congrats to all you pool ‘playaz’ and your respective teams that are going to bowl games…DMF, Rook and I need somebody to cheer for!

All times Western.

TommyBoy: 9am on ABC… #10 Ohio State at Michigan…Final regular season game for the Buckeyes…”The Game” has some meaning for DickRod and the Wolverines today as they’ll try to become bowl eligible…tOSU is already in the Rose Bowl, again, and will likely get their asses kicked, again…(against the 2nd place pac-10 team?)…

JMAC: 12:30 pm on ABC…#14 Penn State at Michigan State…Final regular season game for the Nifties who will need a big win today to earn a BCS bid…Aside from their defense, I have not been impressed with Penn State and their cupcake schedule this season; they got smoked in the two games that meant something (vs Iowa and vs Ohio State)…Sparty should give them a good run today and I hope Jmac falls in the red zone!!!

Snakeye: 12:30 pm, TV?…USAFA at #22 BYU…Last regular season game for the Zoomies who had a decent season and are once again going bowling…BYU hatred runs deep around here, I would love to see the Falcons stick-it to the fundamentalists in Provo today…

CougRook: 2pm on FSN (regional I suspect)…#19 Oregon State at Washington State…Good lord the Beavers came out of nowhere (like they usually do) and are now in the running for the pac-10 title. A victory today would set-up an epic ‘Civil War’ battle vs the Ducks…Uhm, yeah, that’s pretty much it for discussing this game…Poor Cougs.

Sergio Sk8: 5pm on ABC…#11 Oregon at Arizona…I’m expecting a helluva ballgame here…The Pac-10 title is up for grabs and it won’t come easy…Naturally, I’m cheering for the Cats and their home-field advantage…Anyone else think that these two teams will score 90 total points in this one?

DFM: Bye week…Next at…oh snap, #5 Cincy on Friday!

JJ: Another bye week…Next vs. Washington State in the Crapple Cup!

Other games of interest: Tulane at UCF (can the Wave reach 5 wins?), #4 TCU at Wyoming and #25 Cal vs #17 Stanford (this should be rich)…

Have fun gang…

Obama Thursday Night Football

November 19, 2009

Pretty crushed on time here so no kooky photo.

Colorado at Oklahoma State at 6.30 on ESPN.  Should be a wipeout by the Cowboys.  He’s a man!  He’s 40!

I gotta admit this is an all time rant, one of my all time favorites.

Updated Kfb pool standings…

November 16, 2009

After week 11…

1. Jmac (Penn State): 70

2. JJ (Washington): 60

2. TommyBoy (Ohio State): 60

3. Snakeye (USAFA): 45

3. Sk8 (Oregon): 45

4. CougRook (Washington State): 25

5. Dfm (Illinois): 20

…Dammit, I finally landed in the red zone giving the top spot to Jmac!

Jmac, Snake and TommyBoy only have 1 game left…Believe it or not everybody is still in the running to win something, should be fun…