Obama Thursday Night Football – Madison Edition


Yesterday The One visited Madison to come over to talk to me about Obama Thursday.  We had a short beer summit and then he had to be on his way.  Below is a photo taken just outside my house, where you can also see the Governor of Wisconsin, the Dane County commissioner, and a bunch of other important people that didn’t have to work yesterday.


Man the roads around here were all kinds of fucked up yesterday.

Three games tonight, all starting at 6.30 – on the uno, Virgina Tech at East Carolina (go pirates!), also Miami of Ohio at Temple (no tv) and Eastern Michigan at Norther Illinois on the U.  If I was going to get declined at Illinois, I would have ended up at Northern, so I always have a special place in my heart for the Huskieys.


12 Responses to “Obama Thursday Night Football – Madison Edition”

  1. CougRook222 Says:

    I have to get this off my chest…I have been courageously avoiding any sports website because I would rather get kicked in the balls by Chuck “Iceman” Lidell in his prime than see the Butt Pirate parade from NY celebrate their World Series victory. While yes I do think they had the best team in baseball this year, how can the president of the douchebag brigade( A-rod), who has golden centaur statues of himself in his bedroom, hold up the most sacred of trophies over the likes ofTHE chrome domed goatee himself(Youkilis) and the creator of the ever so finely trimmed chin strap(Big Papi).This might go down as one of the worst sports season ever for me. Every day I check the Seattle Times only to find my beloved 1-6 Cougs getting arrested on rape/assault/DUI/being really fat and slow on defense charges!! On top of that, I have to watch the Hawks and THE Hasselbeck be on his backside more than Jenna fucking Jamison. Which reminds me, I need to go the liquor store, pick up a case or two of the REAL Jameson, and self medicate my way through this depressing sports season.

    Only 97 days until pitcher and catchers report!! Lock it up Epstein, don’t make me pull the trigger(joking) and GO SOX, COUGS, and HAWKS!!

  2. johnnyj Says:

    Nice work Rook!

    …More ACC East Coast thursday night football—Booooooo!

    …MLS playoffs are more entertaining…and…OH SNAP Real Salt Lake takes the lead over Columbus! That puts them up by two with the aggregate system…That’s a huge upset…

    –the FIRE choked in their first match, dfm…

    • dfm Says:

      The fire are undefeated, as always jj. Keep all of us posted on the lawn fairy scores.

    • CougRook222 Says:

      Soccer is cool and all but i cant follow a sport where there a playoffs and random “cup” tournaments during the season where teams from other leagues and countries play one another….way too confusing…aggregate?? what does that even mean? Isnt that a farming term? Ill wait for the World Cup…way easier to follow

      • dfm Says:

        I agree with that random tournament during the season shit, I don’t get it either. Aggregate series are too Euro for me.

      • johnnyj Says:

        “Aggregate” is simply the combined goal total for 2 matches…Obviously the team with the most wins…

        Real SaltLake advanced to the eastern championship by beating the best team in MLS this year (Columbus)…Awesome! RSL wasn’t very good this year and barely made the playoffs…
        Sounders at Houston on Sunday for the second ‘half’ of the aggregate match…SOUNDERS!

        • CougRook222 Says:

          maybe its my tiny Cougar brain failing me here but any sport where the game can end and their not be a winner doesnt make sense to me

          • dfm Says:


            • dfm Says:

              Hey CR, never got that email with your photo. No worries I have plenty of skin to win tomorrow for the sfu.

            • CougRook222 Says:

              yeah, my bad. I had a photo from Haloween of 5 guys dressed as COUG basektball and football players getting arrested…it was a pretty priceless pic seeing as how thats all the news coming out of Pullman these days is another felon athlete..but my computer crashed this week and I lost a bunch of my files, including the pic…so do your worst for SFU, i have faith in you!!

      • johnnyj Says:

        Rook, IT IS your ‘tiny Coug brain;’ it’s how you ‘look’ at it…
        …I agree, I hate the MLS draws (ties) however, it makes sense (I’ve explained it before)…
        …The ‘aggregate’ makes sense too (180 min match), if you’re a soccer fan…Sucka.

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