Obama Thursday Night Football


Pretty crushed on time here so no kooky photo.

Colorado at Oklahoma State at 6.30 on ESPN.  Should be a wipeout by the Cowboys.  He’s a man!  He’s 40!

I gotta admit this is an all time rant, one of my all time favorites.


7 Responses to “Obama Thursday Night Football”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    This one and the famous “we let ém off the hook” versus da Bears, of course.

  2. dfm Says:

    Lee Elia has the best all time rant, hands down.

    • Sk8 Says:

      Wow, that will not win you friends in the fanbase. Never heard that one before. I don’t remember that coach at all, how long before he got fired after this one?

  3. dfm Says:

    fired that year iirc, of course.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Yep, one of the classics…

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Sweet, Boise State and Utah State tonight…

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