Updated KFB pool standings…


After week12…

1. TommyBoy (Ohio State): Season over, 65 points

2. JJ (Washington): 2 games remaining, 60 points

2. Jmac (Penn State): Season over, 60 points

3. Snakeye (USAFA): Season over, 55 points

4. Sk8 (Oregon): 1 game remaining, 50 points

5. CougRook (Washington State) 1 game remaining, 30 points

6. DFM (Illinois): 2 games remaining, 20 points


8 Responses to “Updated KFB pool standings…”

  1. CougRook222 Says:

    uh oh…DFM is widening the gap between me and him for the coveted cellar dwellar position!!

  2. dfm Says:

    But two games left for me, one for you. MAN I need for the Cougs to NOT fall in the red zone against the Dawgs.

  3. CougRook222 Says:

    It is probably there best chance for them TO fall in the red zone because no matter how bad the COUGS are the Apple cup is always a battle, even though the Huskies are much improved this year

    • dfm Says:

      Agreed, they could fall in the red zone on this game but they sucked last year too and beat the huskieys. Never know with the rivalry games.

  4. Sk8 Says:

    Sorry Snake, this guy is an AFA grad:


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