Friday Football


Some good games today, many of which I will not be able to watch from my office desk, so I will probably gametrack them.

The big game of the day has the beloved at #5 Cincy at 11am on ABC.  If we could pull this upset it would make our season, but I am not counting on it.

1.30 – Iron bowl on CBS.  I would love love love to see ‘Bama go down, being a Saban hater and all and to hopefully open up a spot up top for TCU to slide in there – but we will need help from Nebraska.

2.30 – Nebraska at Colorado on ABC.  I was a huge “Big 8” fan when I was little and always enjoyed these rivalry games.  Wish I could watch this one.  I really want Nebraska to win to get momentum for the Big 12 title game where we need Texas to lose to try and get TCU a shot at Florida in the Championship Game.

Other games of note – Nevada at Boise – two VERY good teams in this one.  Pitt at West Virginia – the Backyard Brawl is always good.  There are some other games today as well.  Enjoy!


112 Responses to “Friday Football”

  1. dfm Says:

    Illinois 7, Cincy 0 – woo hoo!

  2. dfm Says:

    And they run the kickoff back all the way. Fuck!

  3. Trav's Dad Says:

    A really impressive drive for the Illini, but they need to work on their kick return defense.

    BTW- I’ll bet it REALLY grates on Ohio State that Cincy is ranked higher than they are.

  4. dfm Says:

    Hey TD, story of the Illinois season, just way too many mistakes all over the place.

  5. Trav's Dad Says:

    None the less, I’ll bet your guys make a game of it.

  6. dfm Says:

    Hard to say, I hope so.

  7. dfm Says:

    This sucks, I am at work and have to game track this. Wish I had the feet up at home watching it. Oh well.

  8. Trav's Dad Says:

    nobody’s live streaming the game?

  9. dfm Says:

    I think it is on 360 but we don’t get that here. Uh oh, 14-7 Cincy now. Ugh.

  10. dfm Says:

    21-7, guess I can turn off the gametracker and get back to work.

  11. Trav's Dad Says:

    For all of you Illini fans out there:
    IL just scored!
    Score is now 14-28 with 10min to go in the 2Q.

  12. Trav's Dad Says:

    IL kicks a FG with 6min left in 2Q: 17-28

  13. SK8 Says:

    Yeah, Bama vs Auburn starts in a few seconds, in HD over here too!

    Goin for Auburn (who I usually hate) just to F things up for the BCS.

  14. Trav's Dad Says:

    Having gone to Auburn for a couple of years, I’m naturally pulling for the “Wargles”…
    I hope they devistate the Tide, and ruin them for the next several seasons.
    Nice first drive, and a great on-side kick!

  15. SK8 Says:

    Lookin good so far for TD (and me & DFM too). Auburn pulling out all the trickerations and up by 2 TDs!

  16. SK8 Says:

    14-7 now.

  17. Sk8 Says:

    Come on War Eagles, starting to suck now tied 14-14 and just turned the ball over…

  18. Sk8 Says:

    JJ, where are youuuuuuuu????

  19. Sk8 Says:

    Auburn still hangin in der. Come On War Eagles!

  20. Sk8 Says:

    Fuck an A!!!

    I just say go war eagles and they go 72 yards on a TD catch.

  21. Trav's Dad Says:

    Waaaaarrrrrrr Eagle, Hey!

    War damn Eagle!

    Open up that can of Whup Ass on the Tide

  22. dfm Says:

    shit yea, go AUBURN! And ‘Bama STUFFED on fourth down!

  23. Sk8 Says:

    Stoped em, suck it Saben!

  24. dfm Says:

    I am going to call it right now. If Auburn is ahead in the fourth quarter, look for the calls to start going ‘Bama’s way.

  25. dfm Says:

    Man Arenas with ANOTHER long return. QUIT kicking to that guy!

  26. Sk8 Says:

    That was terrible tackling from Auburn, 5 arm tackles, sheesh.

  27. dfm Says:

    BLOCK IN THE BACK – Damn that was blatant and not called. It’s already starting.

  28. Sk8 Says:

    Trickeration, almost had em.

  29. Sk8 Says:

    If they hold em for 3 that would be big.

  30. Trav's Dad Says:

    The Tigers hold ’em to a FG.

  31. Sk8 Says:

    If they hold em for 3 that would be big.ep

    Yep, nice.

  32. Sk8 Says:

    FUck, int.

  33. Trav's Dad Says:

    Yeah, I like those hits where the runner is parallel to the ground about 6′ in the air.

  34. Sk8 Says:

    Big down here, need to hold em for 3.

  35. Trav's Dad Says:

    this is getting too exciting…
    Come ‘on, Tigers!

  36. Sk8 Says:

    Here goes the DFM flag bizness.

  37. Trav's Dad Says:

    Nice recovery

  38. Trav's Dad Says:

    Track ’em Tigers,
    Just like Beagles.
    Give ’em HELL
    you War Damn Eagles!

  39. Sk8 Says:

    COME ON WAR EAGLES! Beat #2 Bama.

  40. Sk8 Says:

    Nice sack!

  41. SK8 Says:

    Damn, hell of a drive here. 3 minutes left, 1st and 10, crap.

  42. Trav's Dad Says:

    I can’t stand it!
    Another exciting, well played game by the underdog, giving the nationally ranked team a REAL scare.

  43. Sk8 Says:

    Mother F, I can see the ending to this game.

    Shit, TD Bama.

  44. Trav's Dad Says:

    What a strange call!
    Let’s go Tigers! A TD will win it, and humiliate the Tide!

  45. Sk8 Says:

    Still a chance here TD.

    This would be an epic Auburn win if they could make a drive happen here.

    Come On War Eagles!!!!

  46. Trav's Dad Says:

    Coach – tell the guys that in coder to win , you gotta catch the ball, and run with it.

  47. Sk8 Says:

    39 seconds, desperation…

  48. Sk8 Says:

    God, this is awfull clock managment!!!

  49. Sk8 Says:

    One play left, come on BC.

  50. Trav's Dad Says:

    the only play: a Hail Mary

  51. Trav's Dad Says:

    Ah, pooh.
    I’m exhausted.
    Manana, guys.

  52. Sk8 Says:

    Well, not a bad showing for the War Eagles.

  53. Sk8 Says:

    I have Ark vs. LSU in a half hour, anyone else?

  54. dfm Says:

    booooooooooooo Bama.

  55. dfm Says:

    We NEED Nebraska to beat Texas next week to ruin the BCS.

  56. Sk8 Says:

    Looks like I got Pitt vs WVU.

    Goin for WVU cause Pitt is ranked #9. Seems over-rated a little to me.

    • dfm Says:

      That Ark/LSU game is tomorrow. I am going for WV because the hated Dave Wannstedt coaches Pitt. Fuck him, he was a cluster fuck when coach of da Bears..

  57. Sk8 Says:

    Yeah, got carried away with the AFN schedule. Looks like the BSU game is @ 4 in da mow-nin. Not gonna doit.

    Don’t like the Wannstedt huh? Seems like a blue collar kind of guy that the peeps would like.

  58. dfm Says:

    Damn what is is, 0130 in Portugal?

  59. dfm Says:

    Wow boobirds in West Virginia, first time I have ever heard that.

  60. Sk8 Says:

    jj is a ghost these days, little one is due soon. Tick-tock Clarice, tick-tock…

  61. dfm Says:

    I thought the stork didn’t arrive until new years?

    This Pitt W. Va game is a snoozer.

  62. dfm Says:

    booooooooooooooooo 3-3 Pitt at half.

  63. dfm Says:

    I should say 3-3 tie.

  64. dfm Says:

    Dr. Lou!

  65. dfm Says:

    13-6 Mountaineers now, sweet!

  66. dfm Says:

    16-7 WVU now, bring on the Pistol/Boise game!

  67. dfm Says:

    Shit, tied!

  68. dfm Says:

    Come on WV make this!

  69. dfm Says:

    43 yarder and…..good!!!!! FUCK YOU Wannstedt!

  70. dfm Says:

    Hell yea boise up 13-0, suck it smurfette!

  71. dfm Says:

    Fuck yea, BOISE 27-9. The pistol can SUCK IT.

  72. dfm Says:

    Gah, 27-16 now.

  73. dfm Says:

    this is sweet, my Tebow theme:

  74. dfm Says:

    Holy shit I am tanked, someone come by and tell me to go to bed. Scotch will do that to a guy.

  75. dfm Says:

    FUCK YEA BOISE TD! 34-19 now.

  76. johnnyj Says:

    “yada, yada, yada:”—-_huskies.html#continue

  77. TB Says:

    Was that a wrap for the dfm????

    Catchin’ up and looking like y’all had fuun yesterday. Sorry for the Bama / Auburn game. Concur with the above.

  78. johnnyj Says:

    WTF dfm, where’s the SFU post!?

    Gotta run, it’s Cougar season…

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