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NFL Week 10

November 15, 2009

Bears lost Thursday.  Seattle at Arizona at 3.15.  I might peek in on the Cowboys at Packers at 3.15.  The Boys very well could end Aaron Rogers’s season – man that guy has been taking the SHOTS this year.


Saturday Football Update

November 14, 2009

Alright, lady and gentlemen, the season rolls on, this week with the “easy on the eyes” edition.  Vote for your favorite!

At 11am, we have Indiana at JoPa on the BTN and here is Miss Indiana.


Also at 11, Northwestern at Illinois in our annual hatred game, on ESPN Classic and 360.  Miss Illinois:


At 2.30, Iowa at Ohio State for essentially the Big Televen crown and a trip to a BCS game to get the snot kicked out them.  Miss Ohio here, and baby’s got a little back.


Also at 2.30, Washington at Oregon State on Fox Regional.  Miss Washington:


At 4, fUCLA at Washington State on Fox Regional.  Miss California – the Jesus lovin’, Porno makin’ Carrie Prejean:


At 5, UNLV at AFA on the Mountain.  Miss Nevada – oh, she is a bad girl alright:


At 9.20 on the uno, Arizona State at Oregon.  Miss Oregon:



Friday Night Football

November 13, 2009

Not usually a post worthy event, but jj’s new bandwagon team Cincy plays tonight, hosting West Virginia at 7 on the deuce.  Also Temple at Akron at 7.30 on the U.  Always remember what Hot Carl said long ago – “the only two good things that come from West Virginia are coal and strippers”.



Obama Thursday Night Football

November 12, 2009

Barack-Obama-Bling-Bling-At 5 we have a couple of MAC matchups.  I have mentioned this before, but the MAC is putting a very good product on the field as of late.

So we have Bowling Green at Miami (no tv) and Ball State at Northern Illinois on the U.

At 6.30 it is Souf Florida at Rutgers on the Uno and 360.  ZZZZzzzzzzzz.

More importantly, we have the Bears at San Fran on the NFL Network at 7.20.  Too bad I don’t get the NFL Network so won’t be able to watch it…but I might try it on a P2P network.  I have no issue stealing that from the NFL after shelling out the dough on a season ticket.

Updated Kfb pool standings…

November 9, 2009

After week 10…

1. JJ (Washington): 70

2. Jmac (Penn State): 65

3. Snakeye (USAFA): 55

3. TommyBoy (Ohio State): 55

4. Sk8 (Oregon): 40

5. CougRook (Washington State): 20

6. Dfm (Illinois): 15

NFL Week 9

November 8, 2009

Chicago hosts Arizona at noon and I will be there with Hot Carl and some buds.  Shrimp and ribs on the grill and the mini keg of Warsteiner.  Nice.  Detroit at Seattle at 3.05.

Saturday Football Update

November 7, 2009

Alright boys and girl, time for another fun filled Saturday (or Sunday if you are in Portugal).

At 11 on the BTN, the Beloved are at Minnesota in their brand spanking new stadium.  I have to admit I sort of wish I was there, I have never been disappointed with a road trip to Minnenoplace.


At 2.30, Oregon at the CardinalS on regional Fox coverage.


At 2.30, the big game of the day (such as it is) has The visiting JoPa, on ABC.


Also at 2.30, Washington State visits Arizona.


The Huskieys are at fUCLA also at 2.30.


Also at 2.30, Army at Air Force.



Obama Thursday Night Football – Madison Edition

November 5, 2009

Yesterday The One visited Madison to come over to talk to me about Obama Thursday.  We had a short beer summit and then he had to be on his way.  Below is a photo taken just outside my house, where you can also see the Governor of Wisconsin, the Dane County commissioner, and a bunch of other important people that didn’t have to work yesterday.


Man the roads around here were all kinds of fucked up yesterday.

Three games tonight, all starting at 6.30 – on the uno, Virgina Tech at East Carolina (go pirates!), also Miami of Ohio at Temple (no tv) and Eastern Michigan at Norther Illinois on the U.  If I was going to get declined at Illinois, I would have ended up at Northern, so I always have a special place in my heart for the Huskieys.

Updated Kfb pool standings…

November 2, 2009

After week 9…

1. *JJ (Washington): 65

1. Snakeye (USAFA): 65

2. Jmac (Penn State): 55

3. TommyBoy (Ohio State): 45

4. SK8 (Oregon): 30

5. CougRook (Washington State): 15

6. Dfm (Illinois): 10

*indicates bye week…

NFL Week 8

November 1, 2009

Browns at Bears at noon, Chickens at Cowboys noon.  The big game of the day has favra visiting his old digs in GB at 3.15.  People up here have their panties in a huge wad over this.  I hope the queens win, people will burn themselves in effigy if that happens.