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Bowls 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20

December 31, 2009

Well, over the next few days we separate the men from the boys in our pool, and it appears that I am, once again, a boy.  I have said many times that I will have my young daughters do my picks next year and assign random values to the games (how can it get worse?) so if I forget that, someone please remind me.

On with the show.

11am on espn, Houston vs. AFA in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl.  I gotta admit, I love the name of that bowl.

1pm on cbs, Oklahoma vs. Stanford in the Sun Bowl.  Pac Ten looking like shat so far in the bowl season.

2.30 on espn, Navy vs. Mizzou in the Texas Bowl.

5pm on nfl network (fuck that!), Minnesota vs. Iowa State in the Insight Bowl.

6.30 on espn, Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee in the Chick-fil-a bowl.  I think this used to be the Peach Bowl iirc.


Bowls 14 and 15

December 30, 2009

Both on the uno.

Humanitarian Bowl – Bowling Green vs. da hoes at 3.30 and the Holiday Bowl, Arizona vs. Nebraska at 7.

Bowls 12 and 13

December 29, 2009

Both on the uno. 

Eagle Bank Bowl at 3.30, featuring Temple vs. fUCLA. 

At 7 in the Champs Sports Bowl, Miami vs. Wisconsin.  I have been looking forward to this one.  It will be interesting to see if the huge offensive line of Wisco can keep the running game moving against the super fast Hurricanes.

In pool news, CR has opened up a 30 point lead, but TB sitting in the cellar and Astro still have the most available ponts left.

Bowl 11 and Monday Night Football

December 28, 2009

I mistakenly put our bowl game at no. 11 yesterday, when today is actually the 11th one.  Sorry, too much Christmas cheer.  On with the real Bowl 11.  The race for the pool is getting very interesting, as TB pulls up the rear, but due to his not knowing how to slide the confidence values, he has the most potential points left, along with Astro.  I am in the middle of the pack now, which pleases me greatly as my goal is not to end up in the cellar like last year.

At the very odd time of 4pm, td’s Aggies vs. Georgia in the Independence Bowl on the deuce.  I really can’t understand why they put the game on at 4, some of us gotta work for gods sake, and this is a game that I would actually like to watch.  Oh well, what do I know.

Also, Queens at Bears tonight on MNF, thank GOD I won’t be there (and probably won’t watch much of it either).  It is going to be bone chillin’ and the Bears, I expect, will do just about as good as the chickens did yesterday.

Bowl 11 and NFL Week 16

December 27, 2009

Music City Bowl, KY jelly vs. Clemson on the uno at 7.30.  Also the Chickens are in Green Bay at noon.

Bowls 7, 8 and 9

December 26, 2009

Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas, now on to the bowls for today.  All on the uno.

At noon, the Little Caesars Bowl, Marshall vs. Ohio.

3.30, the Meinecke Car Care Bowl, Pitt vs. North Carolina.  This game has a “Bear Loser” flair, with the ex-Bear loser head coach Wannstedt going up against the ex-Bear legendary loser offensive coordinator John Shoop.

7pm – Emerald Bowl, BC vs. USC.  Will the Pac Ten bounce back?  We will soon find out.

Bowl 6

December 24, 2009

Wow, Snake with the EXCELLENT picks, taking the Mountain West to dominate the Pac 10 with high confidence.  Those two picks could spell a win in the pool, but there is a LOT of football left to be played.  Happily, I hold an insurmountable 5 point lead over jj in the race for the cellar.  I swear to god, I am having my wife and daughters do my picks for me next year and they hardly even know what a football is.  Can’t get much worse.  Anyway.

Hawaii Bowl tonight, SMU vs. Nevada on the uno at 7.  I gotta admit, I love the retro SMU uniforms, hope they have some good ones on tonight.

Bowl 5

December 23, 2009

Poinsettia Bowl tonight, featuring Cal vs. Utah on the uno at 7, in a rematch of a Pac 10 school vs. mormons.  Last night the mormons made a mockery of the Pac 10, we will see if the 4th best conference in the land can bounce back tonight.

Bowl 4

December 22, 2009

Oregon State vs. Mormons in the Las Vegas Bowl tonight on the uno at 7.  Jaysus I hope that some of us start rolling up some points here.  What a disastrous start for pretty much everybody, although I hold a commanding two point lead on all of the cellar dwellers.

Bowl 3 and NFL Week 15

December 20, 2009

Bears at Ravens at noon, Tampa at the Chickens at 3.15.  Chicago and Sea Town – two teams circling the toilet.

In our bowl game today, it is the New Orleans Bowl, Southern Miss vs. Middle Tennessee at 7.30 on the uno.