Bowls 7, 8 and 9


Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas, now on to the bowls for today.  All on the uno.

At noon, the Little Caesars Bowl, Marshall vs. Ohio.

3.30, the Meinecke Car Care Bowl, Pitt vs. North Carolina.  This game has a “Bear Loser” flair, with the ex-Bear loser head coach Wannstedt going up against the ex-Bear legendary loser offensive coordinator John Shoop.

7pm – Emerald Bowl, BC vs. USC.  Will the Pac Ten bounce back?  We will soon find out.


23 Responses to “Bowls 7, 8 and 9”

  1. Snakeye Says:

    Game on! Hopefully this doesn’t turn into everyone picking the same teams! I don’t think it will though. Down with USC!

  2. SK8 Says:

    I hope we mix it up 2 Snake.

  3. CougRook Says:

    Man..this sux…everyone is picking the same teams in the bowl pool

  4. SK8 Says:

    Well, I switched my pick cause so far we are sucking real bad and I knew nobody else would take NC in the next game.

    Fuck Pitt. Even DFM took em, though he hates their coach. Sheesh.

  5. Snakeye Says:

    I’m starting to see a theme here: always pick the underdog…

    • SK8 Says:

      Or on these kind of games, at least be the nay-sayer to what everyone else picks. I always choose my favorites though and let the chips fall.

  6. SK8 Says:

    Awesome headline from Seattle PI from the other days game with OSU vs BYU:

    I would have said after the game: “Cougars pound Beavers in Sin City”.

  7. SK8 Says:

    Capital One bowl is pretty good, 17-16 NC on top in the 3rd quarter.

  8. SK8 Says:

    Urban Meyer quits at Florida???

    Tiger Woods syndrome maybe?

  9. dfm Says:

    TD USC on the big run. Suck it Snake!

  10. CougRook Says:

    That Urban Meyer news is HUUUUGEE….who is Florida gonna hire now.?..anyone they hire is a definite step down…that is nuts…I wonder if it has anything to do with Tebow leaving????

    • dfm Says:

      pretty wild. The official thing they are saying is the crummy heart valve on Meyer. Too bad for him in that regard if it is true. If not, these online celebrity mags are damned good at digging up the dirt.

  11. CougRook Says:

    Yeah…I have always like Urb and hope it is about health reasons….I like FLorida too and losing GOS and Meyer is an enormous hit

    • dfm Says:

      I don’t know about Meyer. Leaving aside the real health problems he may have, I have heard a lot of sports guys who areen’t total idiots say that Urban is completely full of himself and is a pretty big dick. It will be interesting who they get to be the head coach. I am sure they will steal someone’s head coach instantly. Pretty late in this game too, as recruiting has been going full blast for the last month – Florida will be behind the other SEC teams in that regard, and will certainly lose some of the guys that they got because Meyer was the head coach.

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