Bowl 31


For all the Tostitos tonight, TCU vs. Boise State, on Fox at 7.


10 Responses to “Bowl 31”

  1. SK8 Says:

    Freezin your balls off up there sounds like from Drudge DFM?

  2. johnnyj Says:


    Smurfies! Smurfies! Smurfies!

  3. Trav's Dad Says:

    Wow what a horseback rider! Go Frogs!

  4. CougRook Says:

    Lets go Smurfs….I picked TCU but need BSU to win if I have any shot of keeping TB from winning…TCU’s defense is very legit though!!

  5. CougRook Says:

    Pick 6 baby!!!!!!

  6. CougRook Says:

    Wow…i thought TCU would put up more of a fight so far….I thought they were the superior team..still early but not looking good, especially with their QB hurt

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