Obama Thursday, Jus’ Chillin’ Out Edition



273 Responses to “Obama Thursday, Jus’ Chillin’ Out Edition”

  1. johnnyj Says:

  2. dfm Says:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph what a long week. Beer tonight fo sho.

  3. SK8 Says:

    Europe gets trashed today, the eye-tallions are out! Denmark is loosing as well.

    Portugal game vs Brazil tomorrow, should be great! I am going down to the local watering hole for this one fo-sho. Brazilians are like the Mexicans of Portugal (former colony) and there is some serious hot blood competition between them. Go Portugal!!!

  4. dfm Says:

    Hey, the Brewers swept the Twins, maybe this gets us started on some sort of run. Or not.

  5. Sk8 Says:

    Sweet day here, a Sardine festival, followed by the Portugues vs Brazil game. Plus, the Spanish are going down today as well.

  6. dfm Says:

    It is amazing to me how much money pro athletes can spend in such little time:

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Sounds like he got hosed, it’s not like he was out buying yellow sports cars/SUVs with spinners and pissing 20k away in ‘da club’ every night…

      Yeah, I’m backing him, he’s a DAWG…A great one at that…

  7. dfm Says:

    We’re number 84! We’re number 84!
    Fuck this will be another lost year for Illinois football. Been a long time since the Rose Bowl. Sigh.

  8. Sk8 Says:

    USA, USA@!!111!!!!

    Should be a good day for the US team (me hopes) against Ghana. Going to a British pub to watch it, should be lively.

    You guys pran on watching anywhere?

    • dfm Says:

      Will probably watch a bit at home until I fall alseep. That Spain Portugal game will be bitter, what a matchup!

      • SK8 Says:

        And the German vs England game on sunday will be good as well, plan to watch that in an English pub as well. See if I find any hooligans.

        • dfm Says:

          I have both German and English in me (insert joke here) so have no clue who to go for in this one.

          • johnnyj Says:

            …What’s the difference between England and a tea bag?

            …The tea bag stays in the Cup longer…


            …Why don’t jewish cannibals like eating Germans?

            …They give them gas…

            …A-thank you

  9. SK8 Says:

    This will psyche you up, and make you feel good as well. Its viral right now:

    • johnnyj Says:

      That’s awesome…Watched that match at a German bar next to work called “Prost” (big soccer bar)…
      …Nothing better than a pitcher of celebration beer before work!

  10. dfm Says:

    wtf doesn’t anyone work anymore? Wasn’t that game on at noon? fml.

    • Sk8 Says:

      No humbugging DFM. On Friday here, the Portugal game started at 2pm, and the organization I work for had a sardine lunch (2 hours) followed by everyone departing for the national game. Brilliant!!!

    • johnnyj Says:

      That game was on at 700am Pacific…The streets were empty and the bars were packed around Seatown—very cool…God bless living on the West coast, usually…

  11. dfm Says:

    well, we can suck it in soccer as usual. I am at the Brewer game though so all is good, 4-2 good guys in the top of the fourth

  12. dfm Says:

    Uh, 5-4 bad guys. Wolf shining once again on the mound for the Crew.

    • johnnyj Says:

      Wow, BrewCrew gave that one away…Well, it’ll make the rubber match even more fun to watch tomorrow…

  13. SK8 Says:

    Crying right now, returned from a 2-1 defeat from Ghana. Fuck, afri-can’s this time it appears….

  14. johnnyj Says:

    HOT DAMN GREAT sports lineup for Sunday…ah damn, gonna have to miss church again:

    -Looking forward to the England/Germany match—

    -Looking forward to the Argentina and that sumbitch Blanco Mehico match—

    -Looking forward to the M’s/Brewers—

    -Looking forward to the Sounders/Philly on ESPN2—

    …Good day for beer and BBQ me thinks…

  15. johnnyj Says:

    …Love it:

  16. johnnyj Says:

    Love it:

  17. dfm Says:

    I am going for the underdog Mexico, the Brewers of course (looks like a closed roof day there, glad I went yesterday) and, ah, why not, England.

  18. dfm Says:

    Hopefully the Sox can complete the sweep today! I believe that Hot Carl and GFV will be there. Zambrano can suck it, way to melt down, steroid boy.

    • johnnyj Says:

      GFV and Hot friggin Carl can Suck it (Carl might be cheering for the CUBS tho)…
      Jaysus–you really DO hate the CUBS…When did you become a Whitesox fan?

      …Yes Zambrana is a douche steroid boy, can’t wait until he ends up in Milwaukee…For the sake of the Cooler!

      • dfm Says:

        I’m not a Sox fan, I am a Cub hater! Remember, I started out a Sox fan and defected to the Brewers after the white flag trade.

        At this point I would take Z in Milwaukee, our staff is soooo sad. But I don’t think our owner nor manager want to deal with all of his baggage.

        • johnnyj Says:

          Exactly, what team would want a vocal piece that’s roided up and says “hey assholes quit being pussies and lets play ball!”

          -That would be Carlos Zambrana-

          …Ya know, some bad things were said about Milton Bradley too…


          They were only partially true…

  19. johnnyj Says:


    …Since I have to pick a horse in this one… I have the Krauts…

    • johnnyj Says:

      MikeyG has Argentina and England today…

      I agree, cheering for both…

      Those damn Krauts are delish tho…

  20. dfm Says:

    England definitely has more fans there, that is fo sho.

  21. dfm Says:

    irish coffee, shit, this is a beer bar, complete with free wifi! this place is pretty much all England fans, which is surprising since Wisco in general is full of krauts

  22. dfm Says:

    fuck! Damned Klose.

  23. dfm Says:

    Man that is embursing for England.

  24. dfm Says:

    Nice shot rooney!

  25. dfm Says:

    WOW everything but the finish for the Krauts!

  26. dfm Says:

    Fuck England what a joke.

  27. johnnyj Says:

    Again, TOLD YA…


  28. johnnyj Says:


  29. dfm Says:

    coming back!!! Three lions and all that shit!!!

  30. johnnyj Says:

    …That was awesome…

  31. dfm Says:

    holy shit! that was a fucking goal! God save the fucking queen!

  32. johnnyj Says:

    UH, that was a goal.

  33. dfm Says:

    FUCK soccer, replay!!!

  34. johnnyj Says:

    The Krauts roll over that easily huh? Who knew…

  35. dfm Says:

    those dumb fucks, there is no reason to have replay for shit like that after the next stoppage.

  36. johnnyj Says:

    Ooops, I meant the NFL.

  37. johnnyj Says:

    Aight, half…Back in a few, need to go throw the kid around…

  38. SK8 Says:

    Wow, agree with you guys on the replay for world cup, that was crap for England.

    Dont care who wins, like them bof.

  39. dfm Says:

    Christ another bar!

  40. johnnyj Says:


  41. johnnyj Says:


  42. dfm Says:

    Bah, computer meltdown. boy that was fugly, vamos mexico!

  43. johnnyj Says:

    Can we let the beaner jokes fly today? I’m fully loaded…

  44. SK8 Says:

    Dammit, I hate Argentina as well. Mostly just because of Maradona.

    That douche is an obese, coke snorting lefty best known in World Cup matches for a cheat play. Fuck that guy too. I don’t have anything against the team, just the coach. He’s the T.O. of footy.

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Interesting…On the other ‘foot’ Mehico has the slimiest cheating faker that ever played in MLS: Cuahtemoc (sp?) Blanco…Hate him. Oh, he played for the Chicago Fire too…Obviously no longer there, which is why they suck.

  45. johnnyj Says:

    Should we just cheer for the brown guys today?

  46. johnnyj Says:

    Nah, I’ll take the Souf American boys…

  47. johnnyj Says:

    Hate them both…Hope it comes down to PK and Blanco misses…

  48. Sk8 Says:

    OMG, I am watching a show on ESPN about OJ (drink milk) and there is a really old snapshot of Keith Olber-douche from the network. I fucking hate that guy.

  49. dfm Says:

    I am going for Mexico solely because maradonna is a huge db. good sports today, also brewers mariners for the sixer and cubs sox for the sweep!

  50. dfm Says:

    Hey a little f1 on right now, that will get me through to footy and baseball.

  51. johnnyj Says:

    Stinkin Mexis/coka-yi-nas on soon…M’s/brews coming on too…

    BEER RUN!!!

  52. dfm Says:

    Spanish grand prix in Valencia. You should have gone, Sergio. Aren’t you in Spain now?

  53. johnnyj Says:

    Got damn it Rickie Weeks….Brew up 1-0 just.like that…

  54. johnnyj Says:


    Suck it you filthy wetbacks!

  55. dfm Says:

    Narveson making it look easy through 2.

  56. johnnyj Says:

    Argentina is about to put on a footy clinic for the retarded here…

  57. dfm Says:

    good deal, rough up Messi

  58. johnnyj Says:

    Don’t see cuahtemoc in there unless they moved him to backline…

    Or he caught montezuma….

  59. johnnyj Says:

    Oh. he’s not in yet, heard it…

  60. dfm Says:

    whoa! What a shot!

  61. johnnyj Says:

    Holy shit. That was awful…

  62. dfm Says:

    OH beaners so close!

  63. johnnyj Says:

    ok ok, that was corny…

  64. dfm Says:

    refs letting them play today

  65. johnnyj Says:

    Dayumn, Messi and the left foot no joke…

  66. johnnyj Says:

    Yeah, quick touch would be nice…

  67. dfm Says:

    fuck! they are getting close..vamos!!!

  68. dfm Says:

    good, keep hitting messi

  69. johnnyj Says:

    HA! JV just texted me “Mariners dude”

    (he’s our token beaner amigo, coincidentally)…

  70. dfm Says:

    beaners look respectable so far though

  71. dfm Says:

    Weeks with a double, have a day, Rickie!

  72. johnnyj Says:

    C’mon! Is Messi in the ‘coka-yi-na’ deal or what!? He’s playing like crap.

  73. dfm Says:

    bah! crap goal.

  74. dfm Says:

    off fucking sides, as always. Lets go to the booth…

  75. dfm Says:

    uh oh, this is out of control….

  76. johnnyj Says:

    Hmmmmm…Yeah, I cannot lie—offsides…

    -Fair is fair…

  77. dfm Says:

    jesus christ I saw the guys was 5 fucking yards offsides LIVE much less on replay…

    • Sk8 Says:

      It really has been a disgrace this whole referee thing in the world cup, worst i have seen in sport.

      • Sk8 Says:

        The goal in the england game, what a fucking disgrace that was too. The 2 US goals, this is a black eye for this sport.

  78. johnnyj Says:

    Ok, that is horrible. Glad the USA isn’t the only one getting fucked.

    Coka-yi-na deal I’m sure…

  79. dfm Says:

    man, absolutely no justice today…

  80. johnnyj Says:

    …Can you do like baseball and finish the match “in protest?

  81. Sk8 Says:

    I want a shootout in this one.

    That is what i wanted yesterday with the US actually, would have been fun.

  82. johnnyj Says:

    …that takes the spirit out of the game for me boys, that is Bullshit.

  83. dfm Says:

    Oh my, that guy will get shot when he gets home.

  84. johnnyj Says:

    Well, that one was fair considering the Mexico is on their heels…

  85. Sk8 Says:

    2- nil

  86. johnnyj Says:

    Yes, mexico is on their heels, need to calm it down….Put in BLANCO!!! Now I’m cheering for the bastard.

  87. dfm Says:

    marking people is so out of style, right Mexico?

  88. johnnyj Says:


    Well, I’m not happy about another bad call…I hope boths squads gather themselves and shine in the next 45…

  89. dfm Says:

    These calls aren’t just bad, they are ridiculous.

  90. johnnyj Says:

    C’mon Rickie, a triple is the hardest one in the cycle…

  91. johnnyj Says:

    Jaysus christmas on pogo stick…

    2-0 Brew…

  92. dfm Says:

    put BLANCO in wtf?

  93. dfm Says:

    WOW what a goal.

  94. SK8 Says:

    ballgame, 3=0

  95. johnnyj Says:

    Ah, you don’t like Blanco either…Awesome.

  96. dfm Says:

    Alright fuck this, baseball time.

  97. dfm Says:

    Cubs up on the Sox 5-2, bottom 5.

  98. dfm Says:

    3-0 through six, Brewers up. Sweeeet.

  99. SK8 Says:


    Netherlands vs Slovokia

    Brasil vs Chile

    Games for me are at 3 and 7 pm, just when I get home from work!

    Prolly pretty early for you guys.

  100. SK8 Says:

    29th is the good game. Spain vs Portugal, cant wait for that one….

  101. dfm Says:

    Well, I guess we cheer for the dogs tomorrow. won’t be watching though, gotta work

  102. dfm Says:

    Spain Portugal do we go for Portugal since you are there sergio?

  103. SK8 Says:

    Mexico gets one back 3-1 now.

  104. dfm Says:

    I assume Spain and Portugal are fierce rivals?

  105. dfm Says:

    Off topic, I bet that Ronaldo guy gets the mad poontang.

  106. dfm Says:

    aright, Crew with something going here in the 7th

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Big pile of Suck. I don’t even know who this Rook is…Aardsma (our closer, not necessary today) is out…

  107. dfm Says:

    Fielder with the K of course. that fat fuck.

  108. dfm Says:

    come on Lucroy!

  109. dfm Says:

    FUCK. I hate those wastesd opportunities.

  110. dfm Says:

    Nice error.

  111. johnnyj Says:

    Haaaahaaaa! Swing Rook!

  112. dfm Says:

    fuch here comes the nip

  113. johnnyj Says:

    Oh snap, here comes the sneaky Jap! If doesn’t get a hit he’ll dig a tunnel to first base…


  114. dfm Says:

    YEA YEA YEA ate his ass up for the dp!

  115. johnnyj Says:

    Suck, no love…

  116. johnnyj Says:

    God Bless Jaime Moyer…

  117. dfm Says:


  118. johnnyj Says:

    Speak of the devil….And SneakyRo fucks it up

  119. dfm Says:

    Alright, time for the AX to finish this shit off.

  120. johnnyj Says:

    ….oh Axford…Your stats are about to look good after this…

  121. johnnyj Says:

    HA! Told ya…

  122. dfm Says:

    Hey you guys got Russel “the muscle” Branyan, he was a good Brewer for a while.

  123. johnnyj Says:

    HORRIBLE. MY Grandma would hit that shit!

  124. dfm Says:

    fuck yea, another backwards k

  125. SK8 Says:

    Allright kiddos, I’m out. Have fun with your baseball.

  126. dfm Says:

    Wow, 97 on that heater. Nice.

  127. johnnyj Says:

    Another sixer for DFM…Good to chat with you while it happened…


  128. dfm Says:

    FUCK YEA Sixer sucka! Two in a week, finally coming back a bit.

    • johnnyj Says:

      Congrats Dfm…

      Tally sheet today:

      2-0 in the WC

      0-2 fucking Mariners and Cubs (I assume they lost)

      CMON SOUNDERS!!!! Did I mention that it’s on ESPN2!?

  129. johnnyj Says:


    Suck it Philly! The only brotherly love you have is the meat in your cheesesteak samich…

  130. johnnyj Says:

    …Opening night for the Union new pitch…What a shithole with shithole fans, that’s nothing compared to Seatown…Why did they even bother?!…

    (I know, now were really gonna win)…

  131. johnnyj Says:

    Season ticket holders:

    Philly: 12,000

    Seattle: 28,001

    …Tis true…Too bad we FUCKING SUCK!

  132. johnnyj Says:

    …Gooooooooooooal Sounders!

  133. Sk8 Says:

    Brazil vs Chile now. Should be good, I know JJ is going for chile.

  134. SK8 Says:

    Dan really stepped in it on his FB account, all the hens are in an uproar! Funny shit, I agree with you on this DFM. Jenny Mcarthy is an idiot that has all their collective heads spinning.

    If I knew your friends I would add that I love DDT. And if you don’t, your a racist cause it would save thousands of Africans a year.

    • dfm Says:

      I knew this one would stir up them beyotches. I love DDT too, and millions of others wouldn’t be six feet under if they would have used it MORE, or at all. Jenny McCarthy has done more to fuck up kids immunizations than anyone on the planet, with zero proof.

      • Sk8 Says:

        your in a female hell right now, Oprah told em what to think and now they are all spun up!

        • dfm Says:

          Meh, I actually like a good discussion as long as it doesn’t go unhinged. They might learn a thing or two.

          • dfm Says:

            Shouldn’t you be at the bar for the big game sergio?

            • SK8 Says:

              Couldnt find a bbstr, gonna watch it at home, starts soon.

              There aint no arguing with crazy, darn corporations are all ‘corperationy’ and evil trying to make money, I’m scurred.

  135. dfm Says:

    Suck it Ronaldo!

  136. dfm Says:

    Nips out too in the shootout. Terrible way to decide that stuff.

    • SK8 Says:

      At least its a final.

      • johnnyj Says:

        Hate that…Although it is exciting, shootout takes the ‘playing as a team’ element out of it and steals a hard fought battle (me thinks)…We’ve had this discussion somewhere before and if there wasn’t a shootout those bastards would STILL be playing…

        …Which, would be awesome…

        • johnnyj Says:

          Oh…After 72 HOURS, repeat, hours— they’ll be playing at MLS level…Those boys are rigid-wired players…

          …I’m just sayin…

  137. dfm Says:

    Agree with Sergio, Deutschland Uber Alles!

    • SK8 Says:

      Cool, need more on that bandwagon anyway. You JJ?

      • johnnyj Says:

        Meh, wouldn’t mind seeing one of the underdog Souf American teams win (Uruguay, Paraguay)…Otherwise Nederland looks good…
        Don’t want Deutschland, Argentina or Brasil…Those bastards always win…

        …Should be some good footy ahead fo sho tho…

  138. johnnyj Says:

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