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One Month

July 27, 2010

Thats right lady and gentlemen, just about a month until we kick this sh1t off!  I propose we use the rules from last year, reprinted here – same score for positive or negative point spread:

1-5    +5 points
6-10   +10 points
11-15  +5 points
16-20   +10 points
21-25   +5 points
26-30  -10 points
31+   +5 points

FIRST 12 games count.  For first place, tie breaker goes to the team with the MOST rushing yards.   For the cellar, tie breaker goes to the team with the LEAST rushing yards.  Top and bottom places split the loot, one case of beer each participant or equivalent value of hard liquor.

I assume our automatic participants are the usual suspects, let me know if you want to change teams:

dfm – the beloved
jj – washington
sergio – oregon
snakeye – AFA (did Snake ever pay from last year?)
CougRook – Washington State

You guys will want to get a hold of the others – I haven’t heard from tb, or e fresh, or astro, or jmac for a while.  Are there others? 

If you have any thoughts or want to play, put your comments below.  No Obama Thursday to make room for this post.


Obama Thursday

July 22, 2010

Obama Thursday

July 15, 2010

Obama Thursday, tdf Edition

July 7, 2010


July 3, 2010

Obama Thursday, Copa Mundial Edition

July 1, 2010

Well, now that the sardines are out, looks like Deutschland Uber Alles!