One Month


Thats right lady and gentlemen, just about a month until we kick this sh1t off!  I propose we use the rules from last year, reprinted here – same score for positive or negative point spread:

1-5    +5 points
6-10   +10 points
11-15  +5 points
16-20   +10 points
21-25   +5 points
26-30  -10 points
31+   +5 points

FIRST 12 games count.  For first place, tie breaker goes to the team with the MOST rushing yards.   For the cellar, tie breaker goes to the team with the LEAST rushing yards.  Top and bottom places split the loot, one case of beer each participant or equivalent value of hard liquor.

I assume our automatic participants are the usual suspects, let me know if you want to change teams:

dfm – the beloved
jj – washington
sergio – oregon
snakeye – AFA (did Snake ever pay from last year?)
CougRook – Washington State

You guys will want to get a hold of the others – I haven’t heard from tb, or e fresh, or astro, or jmac for a while.  Are there others? 

If you have any thoughts or want to play, put your comments below.  No Obama Thursday to make room for this post.


56 Responses to “One Month”

  1. SK8 Says:

    I’m in, a course. Will try to get a hold of TB to ask him.

  2. Sk8 Says:

    I know, I am in discussions with my lawyers about this subject. Will get back with an answer before the season starts, but Oregon is my placeholder for now.

  3. johnnyj Says:

    JJ in, of course…I think my little bro might join with the Idaho Vandals this year too…

    …I think Jmac is out unless she can have the DAWGS and that’s just not gonna happen…

    …Don’t forget Trav’s Dad and the fAGGIES (or Auburn)!..He might want some of this action, again…

    …Aiming for a crew of 7 or 8, 9 playaz, that sounds nice…

  4. johnnyj Says:

    The sooner we have the participants the better…I need to start gathering ‘hate photos’ for the Saturday football posts!

    So, shit or get off the pot, you sumbitches…

  5. CougRook Says:

    Im in!!

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Atta boy, the worst team whipping post is back to defend the cellar…

      • CougRook Says:

        Yes instead of being the 10th worst team in the Pac 10, now I get to look forward to being the 12th worst in the Pac 12!!

        • johnnyj Says:

          Won’t be 12 for a couple of more years…You guys might be competetive again by then…Prolly not, though…

  6. cmoe3 Says:

    I’m in for Idaho Vandals

    • johnnyj Says:

      Shit hot…Nice blog you created…

      “Cmoe” is the best you can do for a handle? “Honker” is way cooler…

  7. johnnyj Says:

    Oh, boys–“Cmoe” is my little brother…He’s a proud Vandal…He’s also in the army (Lt), heading back to the sand pit sometime in September so he’ll miss almost the entire season…
    But, I ‘splained the rules and he’ll chime in when he can—he’s good for it…

  8. johnnyj Says:

    Oh, you can ‘create’ your own avatard too (since you created a blog and didn’t need to!))…I’m sure Sk8 will bug you about it…

  9. cmoe3 Says:

    well if someone would have given me the correct address in the first place then i wouldn’t have thought that i had to create a blog to join. I feel that I was denied need to know… critical information.

  10. johnnyj Says:

    Lots of interesting tidbits RE the Pac-10 and ‘media day’ in SoCal today…I heard a few interviews with the coaches, each one taking the PC route about the upcoming season, thug players and expansion…OSU coach Mike Riley was the only one that had enough balls to say that the expansion idea was stupid if their isn’t a zipper alignment…

    ANd, the Dawgs signed fUCLA/new weasel dropout Josh Shirley…He’s a thug but Sark doesn’t seem to think so…We’ll see, I guess…I thought those guys ended up at WSU? WTF!?

  11. johnnyj Says:

    ‘Boba’ Thursday ALWAYS needs a country song:

  12. johnnyj Says:

    …Breaking news…Jmac says (text) she’s in with Boise State…I told her she has to confirm it here though…

    …I’m done recruiting. For the day.

  13. johnnyj Says:

  14. dfm Says:

    alright we have the Rook with Wazzu, cmoe3 (sooo lame) with the VANDALS and our girl jmac with BOISE. Nice.

    • SK8 Says:

      SOOOOOOOOOO lame. Can we call him Cloe or something for now?

      • johnnyj Says:

        Me and our old man have always called him ‘honker’ (after the goose) but whatevs…
        …Oh sk8, damn near peed myself reading the comment you left on his fb page about his horse…

        “uh dude, I got a random call from the glue factory. You know anything about that?”

        Ha! Good shit…

  15. johnnyj Says:

    …Ooooh Daaan:

    That asshole had to go somewhere…Maybe he’ll figure out that even high-paid eurodouche forwards aren’t above playing defense too…It should make the upcoming Barista/Fire matches more interesting anyway…

    • CougRook Says:

      wait…I’m sorry…did i come to the wrong place. I thought this was a REAL football blog, not some lawn fairy blog were we discuss some non- competitive soccer…er, Futbol league!!…i tried to watch the MLS All star game against Man U..only to see not one American on the MLS side get ass raped by a legit soccer team, without three of their best players….MLS is a joke!!! but i guess it gives you and excuse to wear a gay scarf though..right JJ???

      • johnnyj Says:

        …Tis True, I wear scarves in autumn and winter, sometimes just to be fashionable while on a hot date with my wife…

        SOUNDERS and MLS are not that far away though…Sure, the English Premier league and Manchester United (the ‘”richest estimated” sports team in the world-1.3b) had fun with us…

        …It’s a different style of footy- fast. slow. spread it out…

        Nah, it’s the give and go and they f*cking BURNED us!

        We’ll get there eventually in our lifetime, I guarantee it…

      • Sk8 Says:

        Nice one CR, I knew you were here for a reason.

  16. johnnyj Says:

    …Going to this show this weekend…Saw him at the TRACTOR tavern in Seatown with KAMP 10 years ago…I think he has done well with all that Grammy nomination stuff…And, the music got a little more ‘poppier’

    …Still a good guy, puts on a good show and still plays the old venues that made him…

    …Love that:

  17. dfm Says:

    Agree with cr, it is real football season now, training camp is on like donkey kong.

  18. dfm Says:

  19. johnnyj Says:

    Sk8 will like this, pretty funny:

  20. dfm Says:

    18-1 last night jj, dayum!

    • johnnyj Says:

      …That’s emburrisin…Only 26 hits for the Brew, eh?…That’s more than the M’s/Cubs usually get in a week combined…
      …Have your winnings from the last series sittting here, will try to mail this week…Then again, if the Cubs lose this series then a big bottle of hooch will be on the way…Does Wild Turkey sound good you son of a bitch?

  21. JMAC Says:

    Dudes…sorry to be so slow to get in here and confirm, but I’m in…and just to make it entertaining, I’ll go with Boise State.


  22. johnnyj Says:

  23. dfm Says:

    blah ha jj, make it a half rack after that loss last night. Shithot.

  24. dfm Says:

  25. SK8 Says:

    Pat Hill extends contract with Fresno State:

    • dfm Says:

      Wow he took a pay cut! He deserves a better job than Fresno, but he could actually like it there – so good for him.

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