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Friday Night Football…

September 30, 2010

…Clash of the Mormons tonight (yes, anything involving Utah is considered Mormon) and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to spread the good word:

BYU at Utah State on the ‘Uno’ at 5pm…BYU has fallen apart since having a #19 pre-season ranking and BARELY beating my DAWGS in the opener—not that I’m complaining…


…Obama Thursday Night Football…

September 29, 2010

..A Big-12-south showdown tonight with Trav’s Dad and his 3-0 Aggies against 3-0 Oklahoma State…Aggie QB J. Johnson is worth watching, he’s a stud…Gig ’em!

Out for a Week

September 27, 2010

Well, I am slammed this week and I take the redeye out to Vegas on Thursday night to do it Tiger Woods style. Well, not really. But I will FEEL THE STEEL and I am also going to see one of my idols, Dennis Miller. As well as yell and scream at the teams I have money riding on this Saturday including the beloved.

So I will have to leave you all in jj’s capable hands for any updates from here until Monday next week. Hasta!

…Updated pool standings…

September 26, 2010

…After week 4…

1. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M): 30…Next @ Oklahoma State on Thursday

2. Astro (Tulane): 25…Next @ Rutgers

2. DFM (Illinois): 25…Next vs. tOSU

3.  JJ (Washington): 20…Next @ USC

3.  Tommy Boy (Ohio State): 20…Next @ Illinois

3. Sk8 (Oregon): 20…Next vs. Stanford

3. Coug Rook (Washington State): 20…Next @ fUCLA

3. Cmoe (Idaho): 20…Next @ W. Michigan

4. JMAC (Boise State): 15…Next @ New Mexico State

NFL Week 3 and Monday Night Football

September 26, 2010

A combined post here for the next two days.

Today, Chargers at Chickens at 3.15
Monday night – Pack at Chicago, 7.30

Saturday Football Update

September 25, 2010

Ok lady and gents, here we go with another weekend! I will be heading to Indiana for Gunstock 3 so probably won’t be around for the fun. But enough about me, on with the show.

The Beloved, Aggies and the Huskiyes are off this week.

2 – UsUC at Wazzu.
2.30 – Eastern Michigan at tOSU.
2.30 – Tulane at Houston.
3 – da hoes at Colorado State
7 – beaver meat at Boise
9.30 – Oregon at Arizona State

And a lot of other good games today!

Friday Night Football

September 24, 2010

TCU at SMU 7pm on the uno. I like the horny frogs as a spoiler in the BCS along with Boise. Hopefully SMU will be wearing some nice throwback unis too.

Thursday Night Football

September 23, 2010

Miami at Pitt at 6.30 on the uno. That isn’t a bad game – suck it Wannstedt!

…Updated pool standings…

September 20, 2010

After week 3:

DFM (Illinois): 25…next @ tOSU, Oct. 2nd

JJ (Washington): 20…next @ USC, Oct. 2nd

Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M): 20…next @ Oklahoma State

Astro (Tulane): 15…next @ Houston

Tommy Boy (Ohio State): 15…next vs. Eastern Michigan

Sk8 (Oregon): 15…next @ Arizona State

Coug Rook (Washington State): 15…next vs. USC

Cmoe (Idaho): 15…next @ Colorado State

JMAC (Boise State): 10…next vs. Oregon State

Monday Night Football

September 20, 2010

NO at SF at 7.30.