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NFL Week 8

October 31, 2010

Bears are off today, Chickens at the Raiders at 3.15.


Saturday Football Update

October 30, 2010

Alright, here we go – the men are starting to be separated from the boys in this kfb season.

11am – Purdon’t at the Beloved – we will be taking our cannon back this year, thank you very much!

2.30 – TTech at the Aggies – Gig ’em! The Aggies are 4-3 and could be headed to a crap bowl game like the Illini if they can keep it together.

2.30 – SMU at Tulane – Orleans Darkwa continues his march toward the heisman!

6pm – Trees at Washington – if the Huskiyes can steal this one they also have a good inside track for a crap bowl.

6pm – Wazzu at Arizona State, and the Cougs will continue their march toward infinity being defeated in the Pac Televen.

7pm – the ducks are at UsUC and I hope they run it up nice and big like the Trojans have done to everyone else over the last decade or so.

7pm – tOSU at Minnesota – what to say about the gophers? They suck out loud and fired their coach a few weeks ago, they are in total disarray. This one shouldn’t be close.

9.30 – da hoes who are having a nice season are at the rainbow warriors.

Boise played on Tuesday. Enjoy the games and Happy Halloween everybody!

Friday Night Football

October 29, 2010

Yet another snoozer, this one Big east style. Strippers and coal at UConn on the deuce at 7.

Obama Thursday Night Football

October 28, 2010

Typical ACC snoozer, Florida State at Norf Carolina at 6.30 on the uno.

Tuesday Night Football

October 26, 2010

La Tech at Boise at 7 on the deuce. This will be ugly.

…Updated Pool Standings…

October 24, 2010

…After week 8…

1. CougRook (Washington State)…55…Next @ Arizona State!

1. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M)…55…Next vs Texas Tech

2. TommyBoy (Ohio State)…45…Next @ Minnesota

3. DFM (Illinois)…40…Next vs Purdue

3. SK8 (Oregon)…40…Next @ USC

3. Astro (Tulane)…40…Next vs SMU

3. Cmoe (Idaho)…40…Next @ Hawaii

4. JMAC (Boise State)…30…Next vs Louisiana Tech on Tuesday

4. JJ (Washington)…30…Next vs Stanford

NFL Week 7

October 24, 2010

Bears host the Redskins at noon and the Chickens host the Cardinals at 3.05.

Saturday Football Update

October 23, 2010

And heeeeeeeeeeeere we go with another week of glorious kfb action, action, action!

11am on the btn – Purdon’t at tOSU, will the suckeyes come back after that devastating defeat at the hand of the Badgers?

11am on the btn – The Beloved host hated Indiana in a game that will put us back over .500 for the year.

4pm – Wazzu at Stanford on Fox regional – The Cougs will continue their defeated streak through the Pac Televen.

4pm – New Mexico State at da hoes on the tres – Go Vandals!

6pm – Gig em at Kansas on Fox Regional – the Aggies better win this one, Kansas can suck it!

8.05 – Tulane at UTEP, no tv – I do like UTEP’s new helmets, but that team can still suck it. Go Wave!

9.15 – the DAWGS at Arizona on the uno. We all know what Arizona can do.

Boise is off, and Oregon killed fUCLA Thursday night. Enjoy!

Friday Night Football

October 22, 2010

Souf Florida at Cincy on the deuce at 7.

Thursday Night Football

October 21, 2010

Is everybody ready for a good old fashioned ass kicking? I sure am. fUCLA at the Ducks on the uno at 8. The line is Oregon MINUS 25. I don’t think that is enough.