…Obama Thursday Night Football…


…#7 Nebraska @ Kansas State on the ‘Uno’ at 4:30…

Yeah, I’ve watched this Nebraska team play recently (DESTROYED UW 56-21)…Um, They’re good…Very Good…That sneaky bastard QB of theirs has been flying under the radar…I’d like to see an Alabama/Nebraska matchup…


16 Responses to “…Obama Thursday Night Football…”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    Nice addition to the post!

  2. CougRook Says:

    Man UW basketball with another solid recruit..Tony Wroten!!…Romar and Sark sure can recruit!

    • johnnyj Says:

      Yep, that’s a good signing…

      …What teh fuh happened with all the umps stinkin’ it up in the baseball playoffs yesterday!? Good lord…

      …Anybody catch that Nebraska game last night? I told ya that Nebraska QB was a sneaky bastard, he only had like 5 touchdowns and 500 yards in a blowout…

  3. CougRook Says:

    Is “young” d-line code for “Dawgshit” d-line JJ?

    • johnnyj Says:

      Uhm, no…Pretty sure that’s code for COUGIN IT!

      I need to get a hold of your old man because he’ll owe me a steak dinner after the game tomorrow…

  4. CougRook Says:

    You guys should be able to take down ASU…their defense is legit, and as long as you chodes can learn to stop the run…i think the game is all the huskies…hopefully, we need at least one Washington team to represent because we know it aint gonna be the Cougs!

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Stopping the run is what it’s all about…I think the DAWGS are in the bottom 10 in the nation as far as that goes (over 220 yds allowed pg)…Dennis Erickson is a smart mofo and will pick it apart–however–that ASU freshman RB is nothing compared to the USC one…Regardless, our front 7 are young and we have NO DEPTH…Look for a high scoring game –in the 30-40’s…

      • johnnyj Says:

        And yes, It’s gonna be close, again…Me thinks…

        • CougRook Says:

          yeah probably…although, you guys have faced some pretty stout running teams in BYU, USC, and Nebraska…I am excited for the Uof A game versus UW..should be good…what time is the Husky game tomorrow..will be televised since its v ASU down here, so hopefully its at night so i can watch

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