Tuesday Night Football


La Tech at Boise at 7 on the deuce. This will be ugly.


15 Responses to “Tuesday Night Football”

  1. jmac Says:

    Well, this game is not ridiculously ugly…28-7 Boise State with 9:30 left in the 3rd quarter…

  2. jmac Says:

    And LT scores…but misses the extra point, so 28-13 Boise State…still in the 3rd quarter.

  3. jmac Says:

    Yikes. Now it’s 42-13 at the end of the 3rd. That’s a lot of scoring in 9 minutes. Oh, and BSU has the ball again on the LT 20 yard line.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Dang it Jmac, I thought I told you that the cellar was all MINE!

    Well, now it’s yours again with a minus-10 points for that 29 point BSU victory…

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Oh–Thanks for the beer DFM!!! It will taste so sweet while tailgating on Saturday…

    • dfm Says:

      no problem, the chickens earned it – don’t share it, the Staghorn is the bomb.

      • SK8 Says:

        Oooo, Staghorn sounds good.

        DFM, how is the TDF training going? Looking if we are going to go this year, and if so, which stage. ITT was the best for viewing by far, but a mountain stage sounds good as well. Problem is logistics, getting there early, a 3 year old, yadda…

  6. Jmac Says:

    Ha! My cellar is your cellar, JJ…you know I’ll share if I win!

  7. dfm Says:

    My training is going fabulously for my ride in the Pyranees next year. If you are interested here is the intinerary.

    That is a lot of riding, I can’t wait.

    Obviously I won’t be there for the Tour.

    You need to get there for a mountain stage and run alongside the riders like the devil guy. You could dress up like Stewie.

  8. dfm Says:

    The BCS is rigged? You don’t say…

  9. Sk8 Says:

    I know we usually have @bama Thursday threads, but recommend this week we push it forward to Tuesday (nov 2nd) to comment on the impending implosion. And to, ya know, gloat & discuss that implosion. Just a thought.

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