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…Updated Pool Standings…

November 29, 2010

…After week 13…

Well, the top prize pretty much belongs to TD unless CougRook can tie him…The bottom prize could go a number of ways between DFM, JJ, Tommyboy and Jmac…We have tiebreaker rules (team with most rushing yards, iirc)…

Astro, SK8 and Cmoe have been eliminated…

1. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M)…90…Regular season over…Next: Bowl Game!

2. CougRook (Washington State)…80…Next vs Washington in the Apple Cup!

3. Astro (Tulane)…70…Season over.

4. Sk8 (Oregon)…65…Next @ Oregon State in the Civil War!

4. Cmoe (Idaho)…65 (after 12 games)…Next vs SJSU, will not count in pool…

5. DFM (Illinois)…60…Next @ Fresno State on Friday.

6. JJ (Washington)…55…Next @ Washington State in the Apple Cup!

7. TommyBoy (Ohio State)…50…Regular season over…Next: Bowl Game!

8. JMAC (Boise State)…40…Next vs Utah State.


NFL Week 12 and random kollej football notes

November 28, 2010

The First Place chickens are at the chefs at 3.05 and the First Place Bears host the fEagles at 3.15. That is a big, big game in the NFC at Soldier Field today.

So, as usual, the end of the season in kollej football is a fuster cluck due to the BCS. Lets first give a few nods to our home teams.

Looks like the beloved will be heading to Texas to play in the Texas bowl and play Baylor. That may change but we will see. I think that pasting of NW last week at Wrigley may have saved Zook’s job. I would like to see us finish strong against Fresno next week and avenge that last second loss from last year to put us at 7-5. I think I am seeing good signs for the future. Outside of a few games we played good defense, hit harder and blocked better on offense. If we can keep it up we should be crap bowl eligible for years to come. We just don’t have the talent to compete with the Wiscos of the world, but that is OK, we are Illinois after all and spend the least in the Big Ten on our football program. Crap bowls are fine with me, sprinkled in with the occasional upset like our asswhipping of JoPa earlier this year. Going to a crap bowl gets us those extremely valuable extra practices. Hopefully we will get on the bandwagon of scheduling more and more cupcakes out of conference since with Nebraske joining that is basically an extra loss per year.

JJ reports that the Huskieys, if they can beat the Cougs in the Apple Cup at the end of the world, also known as Pullman, will play in the Holiday Bowl, a nice crap bowl if I don’t say so myself. If Stanford moves up to no. 4 in the BCS that is great for the Huskieys as the BCS must choose all of the teams ranked in the top 4 so that moves Washington up in the crap bowl selection process for the Pac televen. Kudos to Sark for going for it on fourth down yesterday down by three at the Cal 2 yard line. But if you are 4-6 that is what you gotta do.

TD’s Aggies have had a major league kickass season and won’t play Nebraska in the Big 12 championship game next week depending on the BCS standings. But they probably won’t. There are three teams tied in that division and the highest ranked team in the BCS plays Nebraska. Last week Oklahomo was ranked ahead of A and M and I would assume that will hold. So stupid.

Lets give a shout out to Sparty. They finish with the identical record as Wisco and tOSU, beat Wisco in the regular season, but get no love from the pollsters and ‘puters since they didn’t or couldn’t run up the score and they look to be on the outside looking in on the big buck BCS games. They are set up to get a supreme screwing when the BCS announcements are made. Oh well, someone does every year.

Atop the BCS it looks like the Ducks and Auburn unless something happens in the SEC championship game or the Civil War. I am not counting on it knowing the competition in these games, but you never know.

tOSU will probably get a BCS game as their fans always travel well, and LSU losing helps them move up into the top eight or so. They and Wisco will go from the Big Ten to BCS games is my prediction. Another nice season for tb’s suckeyes, with just the one stumble here in Madison to complain about.

So much for the Boise State Broncos. They hadn’t lost in two years and finally fell to Nevada. That game probably cost them around ten million dollars as they are probably relegated to playing in their own Huminatarian Bowl or some other crap bowl. Ten and One and relegated to a shit bowl. College football is so wrong. God I hope they don’t land in a bowl against my team.

I wonder if DickRod will get fired, even though Michigan is 7-5 and crap bowl eligible. 7-5 usually doesn’t cut it in Michigan. For them, they are in disarray and people get major league pissed when they get throttled by tOSU like they did yesterday.

I am looking forward to hearing people talk about Wisco’s out of conference schedule.

ND ends up 7-5, I wonder where they will end up for a bowl. I am sure a much better bowl than they deserve due to the fan base.

Florida ends up 7-5 and unranked after getting beaten down by FSU yesterday, and the ‘Noles are back with a nice 9-3 record. That is dismal for an Urban Meyer team. It will be interesting to see where the Gators end up for a bowl.

For cr, baby steps. Yes, they are still a shitty 2-9, but they have been competitive in a lot of games, as compared to last season. And really bad teams have beaten Washington before. So their bowl game is the Apple Cup, and I am not counting them out.

Maybe Astro can give us a Tulane writeup as I didn’t get to see them on TV much here. Orleans Darkwa was awesome, I know that but I am sure he can give us a little better picture of the future for them.

Likewise someone else will have to drop a comment about the Vandals as I saw them only once and they got crushed by Boise.

Drop your notes in the comments about what you saw or are thinking.

Saturday Football Update – Rivalry Edition

November 27, 2010

Yeesh, I am absolutely full with turkey from Thursday and leftovers last night. I think the leftovers are almost as good if not better than the original. Anyways.

The big rivalries continue today along with a few pool games.

11am – The Game. Michigan will get creamed at tOSU.

11am – Sparty at JoPa – Sparty plays for a piece of the Big Ten title, the Land Grant Trophy, and a major league hosing by the BCS. Looks like the voters and ‘puters like Wisco better EVEN THOUGH SPARTY BEAT WISCO EARLIER THIS YEAR. Stooopid BCS.

11am – Tulane at Marshall. The Wave closes out their season at Marshall. A crap bowl looked like it may have been in the cards for Tulane, but too many injuries dashed those hopes. A huge consolation will be the Heisman Trophy that Orleans Darkwa will pick up later this year.

11am – Indiana at Purdue for the Old Oaken Bucket.

11.30 – Kansas at Mizzou – this one for the cherished double wide trophy. Well, not really but it sounds right. If you have ever driven through rural Mizzou you know what I mean. Actually it is the border war and they play for the Indian War Drum. For a laugh look up Indian War Drum on the urban dictionary.

2.30 – LSU at Arkansas for the Boot.

2.30 – NW will get killed here in Madison by the Badgers.

2.30 – BYU at Utah for the Mormon holy underwear.

2.30 – Iowa at Minnesota for Floyd of Rosedale, one of my favorite rivalry trophies.

2.30 – the Hyskies are at Cal for the Golden Shower Curtain.

7pm – Its BEDLAM with Oklahomo vs. Oklahomo State.

7pm – Fighting Irish at USC.

And much more!

The Beloved have a well deserved week off. Good luck to all!

Friday Football and Turkey Sammiches

November 26, 2010

There are a bunch of games today, some of them with big, BIG implications on the national title scene.

The big one, of course, is TD’s Whaargles at the Tide at 1.30 in the Iron Bowl on CBS. I have to go for the Tide here, just to screw over the BCS, evil pran and all that. Sorry td, nothing personal, just business.

At 6 we have the kitty cats at the Ducks in what should be a blowout, but the Kats are ranked 21 and might be the real deal.

At 9.15 Boise is at Nevada – Nevada is ranked 19 so this is no pushover game for the Broncs.

Also, we have the backyard brawl today, as well as Colorado at Nebraska and a few other games. Enjoy! I have to work, but will certainly have some of the games on gametracker on my PC in the office and plan on watching some of the duck game later.

Obama Thursday Football and…Turkey!

November 24, 2010

I am putting this one up a day early as I will be at the in-laws on Thursday to stuff my face with the traditional turkey dinner. Thursday is TD’s big day, with the traditional big game of the Aggies vs. the sips at 7pm on the uno. The Aggies are having a great year, and Tejas – well, not so much, which pleases me greatly.

I am thankful for my buds at the sfu! Have a good one!

Just A Thought

November 23, 2010

Back a few years ago we had the first and only sfu “jerkoff”, which was a jerky contest where each participant sent home made jerky to the others and we had a vote for the winner. I believe the prize was pride and I think Astro won with his venison jerky. Any interest in another jerkoff? Probably restricted to people in the states but just gauging interest at this time.

Tuesday Night Football

November 23, 2010

Temple at Miami at 6 on the deuce. Love that MAC daddy action.

…Updated Pool Standings…

November 22, 2010

…After week 12…

1. CougRook (Washington State)…80…Next vs Washington on Dec. 4th!

1. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M)…80…Next @ Texas on Thursday!

2. Astro (Tulane)…65…Next @ Marshall!

3. DFM (Illinois)…60…Next @ Fresno State on Friday, December 3rd!

3. TommyBoy (Ohio State)…60…Next vs Michigan!

3. Cmoe (Idaho)…60…Next @ Fresno State on Friday!

4. Sk8 (Oregon)…55…Next vs Arizona on Friday!

5. JJ (Washington)…50…Next vs Cal!

6.. JMAC (Boise State)…35…Next @ Nevada on Friday!

NFL Week 11 and Wrigley Wrap

November 21, 2010

Chickens at Saints at 3.05. The First Place Chicago Bears already won on Thursday.

So for Wrigley. Before and after the game it was 10000% insane around there. Every bar was absolutely packed to the gills. A lot of fun. Some random broad grabbed me and started shoving her tongue down my throat. Hot Carl remarked that if he hadn’t seen that he wouldn’t have believed it. It wasn’t personal as she was working her way through the bar doing this, I hope I didn’t contract anything.

I didn’t see Erin, the gameday area was completely insanely packed and there was no way anyone could have gotten near that area unless you got there at 8am. As it was we got down there around 10am and the place was on fire.

After the game everyone poured onto the streets – technically the streets weren’t closed but the masses closed them on their own. Part of this was caused by the fact that they did indeed serve beer during the game. A lot of it.

So inside Wrigley. A lot was made about the snafu of the teams having to go one direction because of the field being right up against the right field wall. We had seats on that end (you can see photos at LITGM) and it really wasn’t that bad. We called it the ass bowl. The NW students were ALL in the bleachers at that end so the game really sucked for them. There really isn’t a bad seat in the whole place – WAY better sight lines than Soldier Field, we are in another time zone in that place. Wrigley was totally sold out.

Wrigley Field isn’t made for football bathroom wise. During halftime I decided for kicks to try to take a leak. It was totally crazy. A guy I was standing in line with said it best when he remarked that this ballpark was built long ago for 130 pound guys who piss twice in three hours. Enough said.

The game. AWESOME. The Illini pounded NW and brought home Abe Lincoln’s Hat. Heisman runner up Mikel LeShore gained 330 yards on 33 carries, a new Illinois single game record and he will for sure be the Big Ten offensive POTY. Our O line was creating immense holes for the rb’s and we ended up with over FIVE HUNDRED yards on the ground, and qualified for a crap bowl in the process. It was awesome to see the players take the hat at the end of the game and I will post video of it eventually.

So all in all, much of the press will bash the event because of the stupid field thing, but it was amazing and a lot of fun. I would imagine it won’t happen again in my lifetime.

Saturday Football Update

November 20, 2010

Well, well, well. Another busy week which means the “lite” version of the sfu.

The Dawgs and Boise already played.

2.00 – the Vandals at Utah State. We will see if Idaho can bounce back from that ass whipping last week.

2.30 on ABC – tOSU at Iowa and we all know what Iowa stands for…Idiots Out Walking Around.

2.30 on the U – The Big BIG game for today is the beloved at Northwestern – our hated rivals in the battle for Abe Lincoln’s hat. Today is extra special as the game will be at Wrigley Field – there hasn’t been a football game played there in many decades. I will be there with Hot Carl and a bunch of other alums. I think gameday is there, maybe I will give Erin a wink to see if she is over me dumping her ass last year.

2.30 – UCF at Tulane – Orleans Darkwa continues his “unabated” march to the Heismann. I might fly to New York for the acceptance.

7.00 on ABC – Nebraska at the Aggies – The Aggies are in the top 20 now and this will be a stiff test. Win it and they move into the top 15 I am betting.

The Ducks are off as are the Cougs.