Obama Thursday Football and…Turkey!


I am putting this one up a day early as I will be at the in-laws on Thursday to stuff my face with the traditional turkey dinner. Thursday is TD’s big day, with the traditional big game of the Aggies vs. the sips at 7pm on the uno. The Aggies are having a great year, and Tejas – well, not so much, which pleases me greatly.

I am thankful for my buds at the sfu! Have a good one!


30 Responses to “Obama Thursday Football and…Turkey!”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    Happy Turkey Day er-one. Hope u and your fams are doing well, enjoy the feast and the Fooz-ball.

  2. Trav's Dad Says:

    Well, here it is – one of the most famous rivalries in college football: The Fighting Texas Aggies against the Teasips of TU. This is the most important game of any season – good season, bad season – for either team. If you’ve ever listened to the Aggie Fight Song, it is specifically targeted at the Longhorns. All the cliché’s apply: “you can throw the record book out the window”, “this is the win or loss for the entire season”, etc, etc.
    This rivalry has been going on since 1894. Sadly, the ‘sips lead the series by something like 75-36-5 (up until the late 60’s TU had about 5 times more students. When I went there, there were only 8000 students, and we had a pathetic season… never lost a game, mind you, just got outscored a LOT.) The ‘sips would LOVE to mess up the Aggies’ season with an upset, but I think this is the Year of the Aggie!
    I started thinking about some of the other famous end-of-season rivalries:
    Alabama-Auburn (since 1893); Ohio State-Michigan (since 1897); Army-Navy (since 1890); Harvard-Yale (1875); Washington-Washington State (1900); Oregon-Oregon State (1894). These are the ones that popped into my brain cell, I’m sure there are many others, Huh?
    BTW: more Texas-lore: Most folks in Texas refer to the university in Austin as the University of Texas – UT. Aggies, on the other hand, have always referred to our arch-rivals as “TU” which, incidentally, rhymes with PeeYew.

    • SK8 Says:

      Good History lesson TD, thx!

      • dfm Says:

        Hey that is good stuff td. That is why we love kfb and it is good to remind us of that in the middle of all the bad stuff that goes on.

        Yep, rivalry weekend coming up. We had ours last week wtih the victory over NW. I think the BIG one is Army Navy though. I have little rooting interest in that game, besides the fact that my dad was in the Army in Korea so I root for the cadets. But I think that one typifies the definition of rivalry with all of the stuff that goes on even in the week or two leading up to the game. I love seeing all of the serivce people in their unis at the stadium too.

        Doesn’t A and M do the big assed bonfire of hate before the Texas game and didn’t a few people get hurt at it a few years ago?

  3. dfm Says:

    Can you guys believe what tOSU’s president has come out and said?

    “Well, I don’t know enough about the Xs and Os of college football,” said Gee. “I do know, having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.”

    haha Boise State’s president doesn’t take it lightly:
    “He claims that in the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 it’s murderer’s row every week and there’s absolutely little substance to that claim. … The BCS has finally found someone to stand up and defend the indefensible and Gordon Gee proved it — he not just proved that it’s indefensible but he did so with facts that are simply wrong. … Everyone in intercollegiate football knows that athletic directors of those large power conferences are scheduling more and more teams who are I-AA, who are teams at the weaker end of the non-AQ conferences, and for Gee to stand up and talk about murderer’s row every week is just the height of folly. It’s ridiculous. I think he’s going to set off a firestorm he probably has no interest in creating. To say that he overstated his case is an understatement.”

    I simply cannot belive that the president of tOSU would have the nerve to come out and make a bullshit statement like that when his strength of schedule is SIXTY THIRD in the country and they are just as guilty of scheduling out of conference cupcakes as anyone else. What universe is he living on?

    And kudos to the BSU president for calling him out.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Gobble-gobble Y’all, Cheers!

    Gig em Aggies!

  5. Jmac Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, gentlemen!! Have a wonderful day with your families!!

    Good luck today, TD!!! Go Aggies!

  6. SK8 Says:

    Something to be thankful for, fo sho:


  7. dfm Says:

    Gig em indeed!

  8. Trav's Dad Says:

    OK, guys, I’m here.
    We had a couple of young airmen (really cute young ladies) from Tech School at Sheppard AFB. I had to run them back to the base; I was listening to the game on XM Radio on the way back…
    I’ll probably have to replace my steering wheel since I twisted it when TU scored.
    I hope the Aggie coach gives one of those legendary halftime talks to fire up the team for the second half.
    Gig ’em!

  9. Trav's Dad Says:

    Ag’s PIC on the first series! WhoWa!

  10. Trav's Dad Says:

    Arrrgggh! Sacked! … out of FG range (I thought)
    I just saw a 51 yard field goal.


  11. Trav's Dad Says:

    FUMBLE! Aggies recover on the TU 20!

  12. Trav's Dad Says:

    Bad news: Aggies have to punt.
    Good news: They downed the ball on the 1 foot line!

  13. Trav's Dad Says:

    horns are knocking on the door…
    now on the one…
    …and over for the score.

  14. Trav's Dad Says:

    Two plays and the Aggies Score!
    Holy Moly! what a turn around!

    (Smooch)… and, oh yeah, Gig ’em, Aggies!

  15. Trav's Dad Says:

    Ag’s are 3 & out
    Horns block the punt on the 10

  16. Trav's Dad Says:

    Awwwwwww shit!
    Sacked on 3rd down.

  17. Trav's Dad Says:

    That was supposed to be pass interference???? Bullshit!!!!

  18. Trav's Dad Says:


  19. Trav's Dad Says:

    90 seconds left! One more first down with clench the game…
    Gig ’em Aggies… SQUEEZE!

  20. Trav's Dad Says:

    Ag’s punting with 16 seconds left.

  21. Trav's Dad Says:

    History has been made!
    AGGIES WIN over the archrival Longhorns!!!!
    Kinda makes me want to stand up and sing the Aggie War Hymn!

    More of the same tomorrow with the Wargles and the Tide.

    Good night, Y’all. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. dfm Says:

    Nice job on the one hand clapping td.

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