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Bowls 19, 20, 21 and 22

December 31, 2010

How ’bout that day for the Big Ten refs yesterday? Whoa.

Anyways, that was yesterday, and this is today with another full day of action.

11am – Car Care Bowl – Souf Florida vs. Clemson on the uno

1pm – Sun Bowl – Notre Dame vs. Miami on CBS

2.30 pm – Liberty Bowl – Georgia vs. Central Florida on the uno

6.30 – Chick Fil-A Bowl – Souf Carolina vs. Florida State

Congrats to the DAWGS on a great upset yesterday and lets all hope to GOD that the officiating is a tick better today than yesterday.


Bowls 15, 16, 17 and 18

December 30, 2010

A full day of action today, all on the uno!

11am – Army vs. SMU in the Armed Forces Bowl.

2.20 – Kansas State vs. Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl (at Yankee Stadium!).

5.40 – Norf Carolina vs. Tennessee in the Music City Bowl.

9.00 – The DAWGS vs. Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl.

Bowls 12, 13 and 14

December 29, 2010

1.30 – Military Bowl with East Carolina vs. Maryland

5pm – the grand daddy of them all! The Texas Bowl! Featuring the Beloved vs. the hated Baylor Bears. The Chief is dead. Long live the Chief.

8.15 – Alamo Bowl with Oklahomo State vs. Arizona. I’m a man! I’m 40!

All on the uno.

Bowls 10 and 11

December 28, 2010

5.30 – Champs Sports Bowl with “strippers and coal” against NC State.

9 – Mizzou vs. Idiots Out Walking Around in the insight bowl.

Both matchups on the uno.

Bowl 9

December 27, 2010

Independence Bowl tonight, with the Zoomies playing Georgia Tech at 4 on the deuce. Whatever happened to that Snakeye guy? Maybe TD can let us know how he is doing.

NFL Week 16 and Bowl 8

December 26, 2010

First the bowl – at 7.30 on the uno we have another tradition laden bowl, the Little Caesars bowl with Florida International taking on Toledo.

The First Place Chicago Bears host the Jests and Dirty Sanchez today at noon, and the First Place chickens are at Tampa at 3.15.

**I don’t know why but this post keeps going up and down like was happening last week – if anyone knows why this is going on let me know.

Bowl 7

December 24, 2010

The Hawaii Bowl, with the Rainbows vs. Tulsa at 7 on the UNO. JJ with the nice call on San Dog last night.

Bowl 6

December 23, 2010

Poinsetta Bowl tonight on the UNO at 7 with Navy vs. San Dog. Hey, how did San Dog get home field for a bowl? Or does Navy have the home field with their huge presence in San Diego?

Wonky – Bowl 5

December 22, 2010

KFIL has had one too many over the holiday season already and the “bowl 5” post keeps going up and down. Don’t ask me why. Use this as an alternate for comments on tonights game if it is gone.

Bowl 5

December 22, 2010

At 7 tonight on the UNO we have the Las Vegas bowl, with Utah vs. Boise State.