…Final Pool Standings 2010…


Well gang, that’s a wrap on another fun season, congrats to all of you and your teams that are going bowling!

CougRook and Trav’s Dad tied for the ‘top spot’ but TD wins the tiebreaker with 1990 rushing yards to CR’s 1092…

Jmac wins the ‘bottom prize’ but won’t be drinking  booze anytime soon! Maybe she wants some formula or diapers or something instead of booze…I think I’ll treat her to dinner; I’ll let you supersize anything you want off of that dollar-menu, JMAC…

-Sending a case of beer (or booze equivalent) to Trav’s Dad: Sk8, Astro and TommyBoy…

-Sending to Jmac: Cougrook, JJ and Cmoe (remember he’s in Afghanistan for a while, Jmac)…

 DFM sends a half-rack or booze equivalent to both TD and Jmac (or I will DFM, let me know)…

JMAC and TD need to drop me or Dan an email with your address…

1. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M)…90 (1990 rushing yards)…Next vs LSU in the Cotton Bowl!

1. CougRook (Washington State)…90 (1092 rushing yards)…

2. Sk8 (Oregon)…75…Next vs Auburn in the BCS title game!

3. Astro (Tulane)…70…

4. DFM (Illinois)…65…Next vs Baylor in the Texas Bowl!

4. JJ (Washington)…65…Next vs Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl!

4. Cmoe (Idaho)…65…

5. TommyBoy (Ohio State)…50…Next vs Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl!

6. JMAC (Boise State)…45…Next vs Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl!

…Not bad, 6/9 made it to Bowl games this year! I think that’s a new high for the Kfil…

…See ya’ll in the BOWL POOL!


30 Responses to “…Final Pool Standings 2010…”

  1. Jmac Says:

    Yeah me!! Although diapers is truly tempting…booze works just fine.

    JJ, let’s just use your address for now. We can figure out how to get it all drunk later…

    Thanks, gentlemen!! No big rush on this obviously…

  2. Sk8 Says:

    TD is going down on the Auburn thing.

    Looking forward to sending him his winnings though, congrats TD!

  3. Sk8 Says:

    Just got you 6/9ths joke.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    How Touching:


    …Me thinks Nebraska is gonna flatten us, again…Then again, I doubt the Cornhuskers even want to be there to play a .500 team, they were supposed to be in a BCS game!

    • SK8 Says:

      I am sure they are pissed to end up in this piss bowl. But then again, this may be an opportunity for the Dawgs, with Neb letting their guard down. It would be quite a win for UW to go in there and beat Neb, fo sho.

      • johnnyj Says:

        …my buddy brian mentioned to me before the fUCLA blackout game when we were 3-6:

        “Dude, we just have to win 4 in a row! 3 will get us to a bowl but why stop there!?”

        …96% of ‘bowl voters’ have picked Nebraska so far…

  5. SK8 Says:

    The night in football when John Lennon was killed. I actually could care less, since as Tarantina says, your either a Beatles or Elvis fan. But, non the less:

    • SK8 Says:

      Tonight is the anniversary of his murder was the point, plus football.

      • dfm Says:

        In between Howards blathering, Frank Gifford doesn’t call a bad game. I never remembered him doing the play by play, always analysis. I think I will have him in my death pool next year, he isn’t looking so hot.

  6. SK8 Says:

    Where is Baldy (CR)?

  7. SK8 Says:

  8. SK8 Says:

    Oh snap, Urban Meyer out:


  9. SK8 Says:

  10. SK8 Says:

  11. SK8 Says:

    Come on, is anyone going for the Hokies vs Stanford in this pool?


    • johnnyj Says:

      …Not a chance I’m picking those ACC weenies…Nice turnaround by them though after starting the season 0-2 with losses to Boise State and JAMES MADISON…

      • johnnyj Says:

        Actually, I should say there’s not a chance I personally would pick them in the bowl pool but my wife might—I’m letting her pick my teams this year…

        …I think I’ll use the ‘Tommyboy confidence rating’ too—which is simply don’t touch it at all…It seemed to work for him last year…

        • dfm Says:

          haha that is awesome. I am going random with the picks AND the rankings – my kids are doing it for me. Will probably end up with the Huskieys at 34.

  12. dfm Says:

    Urban Meyer retiring again – the ncaa must be sniffing around his program and he is dashing a la Carroll.

  13. dfm Says:

  14. johnnyj Says:

    Go Cougs!


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