Thursday Night Football


Colts at Titanicus Maximus. If the Colts don’t start getting it together we will maybe hear Manning bag on his offensive line again.

Unrelated, just to let you know TD that my half rack will be a little late to you, we are in the deep freeze up here are it is getting worse next week and I don’t want your winnings to SPLODE on the way to Tejas.


11 Responses to “Thursday Night Football”

  1. SK8 Says:

    Booyah, and a Merry Xmas:

  2. johnnyj Says:

    Hey TD, I don’t see your name signed-up for the bowl pool yet!

    Geez, I’d think a gentleman of your stature would at least give us ‘peons’ a chance to win back a portion of all that booze!


  3. johnnyj Says:

    Ah, I finally fingered-out why ASU wasn’t bowl eligible with a 6-6 record:

    2 non-conference games vs 2 ‘non-BCS-FBS eligible’ teams which they obviously won: Portland State and N. Arizona…

    Apparently only one (1) of those victories can count towards the total…Makes sense, otherwise the OOC games would all be against div-aa teams…

    That’s what they get for scheduling cupcakes…I think the DAWGS have Portland State on the sked next year…About time we cashed-in on a cheap (potential) victory, everybody else is doing it!

  4. Sk8 Says:

    Finished my pics, took me exactly 2 minutes, now just the confidence crap.

  5. SK8 Says:

  6. SK8 Says:


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