Bowl 6


Poinsetta Bowl tonight on the UNO at 7 with Navy vs. San Dog. Hey, how did San Dog get home field for a bowl? Or does Navy have the home field with their huge presence in San Diego?


26 Responses to “Bowl 6”

  1. SK8 Says:

    Good point. They both should wear dark unis cause they are bof at home in SD.

  2. Trav's Dad Says:

    Yesterday, the field was about a foot deep in water. It’ll be interesting to see if the grounds keepers can have it ready for tonight’s game.
    “Quagmire Bowl”
    “Bog Bowl”
    “Swamp Bowl”
    any others?

  3. Cougrook Says:

    I will be rootin for Navy in this one, but since they are such a run heavy team, and by run heavy I mean all they do is run the football..they might be at a serious disadvantage with the crappy field tonight.

  4. Sk8 Says:

    Jets vs Bears this week, and the Tribune is into Ryan for a pound of flesh:

  5. dfm Says:

    Dammit Holly “the walrus” Rowe on the sidelines for this one. What a cow she is.

  6. dfm Says:

    Bought a case of Washington pears from a kid for a fundraiser – gotdayum these fudders are good. Well done state of Washington!

    • Trav's Dad Says:

      we used to live in Yakima where a lot of this stuff was grown and processed. It’s interesting watching them get the super-premium fruit ready for Christmas packaging.

  7. dfm Says:

    San Dog up early, 14-7 in the second.

  8. dfm Says:

    man Navy’s D sux

  9. dfm Says:

    ugh 21-7 san dog now, jj is the only one with the Aztecs, looks like a good pick so far

  10. dfm Says:

    YES huge pass for Navy, love it.

  11. dfm Says:

    oh man first and goal at the 1 with ten secs…come on middies

  12. dfm Says:

    YES TD! 21-14 at half. Sweet.

  13. Trav's Dad Says:

    Checkin’ in.
    Had guests for supper.
    Navy’s appears to be still in the game, and with a few breaks, they might pull it out.

  14. Trav's Dad Says:

    The field looks a little squishy, but overall it looks like they did an outstanding job on getting it ready.

  15. Trav's Dad Says:

    That was a dumb penalty

  16. Trav's Dad Says:

    Whoever said Navy’s D sucks… it really does!
    that SD guy was standing all alone in the end zone picking his teeth, and ZAP – the ball’s in his hands.

  17. Trav's Dad Says:

    Fair Catch? fair catch? I don’t need no stinkin’ fair cat…UGH!

  18. Trav's Dad Says:

    Navy’s falling apart. SD fixin’ to score again.

  19. Trav's Dad Says:

    6 minutes to go… Navy down by 3 TD’s…
    They’re gonna need a Philadelphia Eagles style miracle to win this game…
    I’m going to bed.
    Over, and out.

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