Bowl 32


The Cotton Bowl, on Fox – LSU vs. the Aggies at 7. Gig ’em!


148 Responses to “Bowl 32”

  1. Trav's Dad Says:

    Well, here it is, sports fans – the game of games, the contest we’ve ALL been waiting for (this week, anyway), the underdog Aggies vs the big dog (big tiger?) LSU Coonasses.
    After an expected early season, our beloved Aggies surprised everyone (except me, of course) by knocking off #8 Olkahoma, and then, only two weeks later, upsetting #8 Nebraska! That Fightin’ Texas Aggie 12th Man was there!
    Can the Ag’s do it again? Can the team with no real franchise players, just that 12th man spirit, upset the mighty Tigers who were at one time ranked 5th in these United States. We’ll see tonight!
    BTW: Snakeye’s sister (that would make her, uh…. my daughter) and her husband – a HUGE LSU fan – are her for the next few days. This will make for some spiritied viewing.

    Jus’ remember: the Fightin’ Texas Aggies may, just may, get outscored, but they NEVER lose! Gig em, Aggies.

  2. dfm Says:

    Taping the NFL pool picks tonight, will try to get up the Youtube tomorrow. If I can’t I will give you guys the picks and get the video up later.

    • johnnyj Says:

      Be sure to treat the girls to ice cream or something dfm! Charge it to the Kfil account…

      • dfm Says:

        You bet I will, that is certainly a write off for the huge income stream we have here.

        • johnnyj Says:

          …Throw a ‘Vitamin R’ and ‘honeywell’ banner on the side then…

          -kidding—Unless they want to sponsor a real bass fishing pro that frequents this site; cheap bastards…

          We might make 5-7 dolla a year by advertising, enough for ice cream!

  3. SK8 Says:

    Woot! Should be a good game tonight. Im gonna stay up late for this one. First good game in a few nights. Cant remember who I picked, but I’ll go for TD in this one, at least in spirit.

  4. Sk8 Says:

    This is what I was looking for at the Go Daddy bowl sideline, gah:

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Screw the Cotton Bowl, we ‘gots’ the FCS (division 2) championship game tonight featuring EWU (eastern washington where CR’s favorite coach cut his teeth)!

    GO EAGLES! The Dawgs play them in the opener this year so I’m not sure it’s safe to call that a ‘cupcake’ game…

  6. Trav's Dad Says:

    Cotton Bowl Time!

  7. Sk8 Says:

    Game time!

  8. dfm Says:

    THIS JUST IN!!! teams selected for the playoff pool:
    dfm: Colts, Falcons, Eagles
    td: Ravens, Pats, Chiefs
    sk8: Pack, Jests, Steelers
    jj: Chickens, Bears, Saints

    Video will be posted tomorrow.

    GO AGGIES, I am heading to the basement to work out but will have the game on.

  9. Trav's Dad Says:

    I feel a tingle going up my leg!

  10. Trav's Dad Says:

    When I was at A&M, it was every Aggie’s dream to date a Kilgore Rangerette. When I was in the Air Force, it was every Lt’s dream to date an airline stu. now that I’m retired on the ranch… uh… I forgot.

  11. Sk8 Says:

    Holy god Summerall is a corpse, yikes.

  12. Sk8 Says:

    Grumpy old men (it’s short);

  13. Sk8 Says:

    F LSU, never liked those guys…

  14. Trav's Dad Says:

    the excitement builds.

  15. Sk8 Says:

    Jim Brown forgot his dentures at home it seems.

  16. Sk8 Says:

    Good start aggies

  17. johnnyj Says:

    GIG EM!


  18. Trav's Dad Says:

    … can’t believe he missed the PAT

  19. Sk8 Says:

    Aggs are lookin pretty jacked up! In a good way.

  20. Trav's Dad Says:

    Good D, Aggies…

  21. Sk8 Says:

    3 & out

  22. Trav's Dad Says:

    Roughin’ the pansy kicker.

  23. Sk8 Says:


  24. johnnyj Says:

    …Just checked the pool picks…

    GIG ‘EM!

  25. Trav's Dad Says:

    Talk about a one handed grab!!!!

  26. Sk8 Says:

    TD and DFM need one of these for their farms;

    I pik mine up tomorrow, but its just for fun.

  27. Trav's Dad Says:

    speaking of clicking….
    (what’s the next sound above a click?)

  28. Sk8 Says:

    Driving, makin this look easy…

  29. Trav's Dad Says:

    there’s a lot of smoochin’ goin’ on in those Texas Aggie stands!

  30. Sk8 Says:

    Damn, 2 Aggs injured in 1 play.

  31. Trav's Dad Says:

    Lucky pass….

  32. Sk8 Says:

    Holy crap, nice catch. TD LSU.

  33. johnnyj Says:


    I mean SUCK! Coonasses are gonna win this…

  34. Sk8 Says:


  35. Trav's Dad Says:

    Man, that was close!

  36. Trav's Dad Says:


  37. Sk8 Says:

    Alright gettin sleepy, night all and Gig em!

  38. Trav's Dad Says:

    Uh Oh, the tigers are waking up.

  39. Trav's Dad Says:


  40. johnnyj Says:

    COONASSES! Might as well play a coonass country song:

  41. Trav's Dad Says:

    Two GREAT passes in a row!

  42. Trav's Dad Says:

    Gig em, AGGIES!

  43. Trav's Dad Says:

    Double Rats!

  44. johnnyj Says:

    …We (UW Huskies) hosted LSU last year in our home opener…The weather was great and LSU fans came out of nowhere…They were fun though, a little cocky but still humble enough to thank US for a good time. Most of them congratulated the UW football team after we gave them a scare and said we were going to a bowl game…We went 5-7…

    We play AT LSU in 2012 (home and home series). I’ve been invited to go…I probably will, I hear it’s a good tailgate!

    • Trav's Dad Says:

      … the best… all dem crayfish.. in cajun seasoning… and dat beer… ooooo weeeee dat goot.

    • johnnyj Says:

      –edit per my wife: LSU was NOT our home opener, I forget because I had a good time…She’s correct, it was one of those early season non-conference games, 2nd or 3rd …

      • johnnyj Says:

        HA! once again I’m proved not to be completely retarded: LSU WAS the opener, thank you. I love you dear, I’ll do the dishes!!

  45. Trav's Dad Says:

    Talk about a missed route… Holy cow!

  46. Trav's Dad Says:

    Triple Rats! … I.. I … I think I’m gonna cuss! SHIT

  47. dfm Says:

    uh, this is not looking too good, td

  48. Trav's Dad Says:

    Ok, OK. Those Fightin’ Texas Aggies are getting a tad outscored at the end of the half, but they’re still beating the everlivin’ HELL out of LSU!

  49. Trav's Dad Says:

    Dammit! I’m gonna cuss again…. T…T..tigers!

    • Trav's Dad Says:

      This is a classic Aggie football strategy – let the offense wear them selves out running up and down the field doin’ all that stupid scoring.
      … and THEN… boohaha

  50. johnnyj Says:

    Time for the secret weapon?

  51. johnnyj Says:

    Damn it TD, Your’e not cheering loud enough.

  52. Trav's Dad Says:


  53. Trav's Dad Says:

    The intimidation of our defense made them miss the kick.
    Gig ’em!

  54. Trav's Dad Says:

    The Ag’s are biting off big chunks of yardage; just gotta stop throwing those PICs

  55. Trav's Dad Says:

    talk about the 12th man.
    (now that Aggie can get out of the LSU uniform)

  56. Trav's Dad Says:

    YEA! the Squeeze worked!

  57. johnnyj Says:

    Is your ‘son-in-law’ watching with you? If so, tell him the boys at the KFil say SUCK IT.

  58. Trav's Dad Says:

    …knocking at the door!

  59. Trav's Dad Says:

    Wow…. a 51 yarder! A Cotton Bowl record! Gig em!

  60. johnnyj Says:

    That FG from 51 is….GOOD…


  61. johnnyj Says:

    Aggies outscored but still winning, TD!

  62. Trav's Dad Says:

    (go tigers)

  63. johnnyj Says:

    Ahhhhggggg—down the drain…

  64. Trav's Dad Says:

    5 minutes to even up the score.

  65. Trav's Dad Says:

    Time to pull our the stops, Aggies, there’s 2 minutes left to get a couple TD’s.

  66. Trav's Dad Says:

    LSU is going to be glad to end this game. The Aggies are whuppin’ up on then, (although it wouldn’t appear so to the uneducated viewer.)

  67. Trav's Dad Says:

    … still have 3 minutes to get 3 scores, Aggies. No problem, right?

  68. Trav's Dad Says:

    So? we got outscored. Another quarter or two and we would have had it.
    Good Night.
    Rodger, dodger, over and out.

  69. johnnyj Says:

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