Super Bowl Week


This post serves two functions.
1) so we don’t have to plow through 150 or so comments to get the latest youtubes or messages we have
2) to push that photo of JJ’s girlfriend down the page a bit.

Hot Carl said it best. I asked him who he was going to cheer for in the Super Bowl and he said he hoped that a meteor would hit the field. I agree. I pretty much hate both of these teams but my Packer hate is larger so I have to cheer for the Steelers. Sort of like voting. At least Rashard is having a great season and he looks fantastic since going on the “NFL ‘roids for yards program”. All you gotta do is look at his arms. New thread for the game forthcoming on Sunday.


14 Responses to “Super Bowl Week”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    Go Packers!!Eleventeen!11!!!

    Thanks for pushing the cottage cheese down a little, and tell me when your package arrives…

  2. johnnyj Says:

    …GO PACKERS! I love dfm’s comment on the ‘NFL draw’ video: “ah sk8 got the packers, thay aren’t going anywhere.”

    …Good call dude.

    I HATE (I’ve been told that’s a strong word) the ‘Stealers’ so cottage cheese fatty is appropriate…

  3. johnnyj Says:

    …ooops, I meant “hit in the back of the legs with a bag of nickels fatty.”

    My bad…

  4. Sk8 Says:

    You getting clobbered with the blizzard of the millenium up there DFM? The Goracle will come and rescue ya if you need it!

    • dfm Says:

      Not yet, but the snowpocalypse is coming. Canned food! Ammunition! Firewood! Adult beverages!

      People are so fucking dumb, and the media just whips them up into a frenzy even more.

      Prolly a snow day tomorrow though and back to bizness as usual on Thurs.

    • Trav's Dad Says:

      Man! We had a typical Minnesota winter blast… Algore strikes Texas with Global Warming.
      Temps have been down int the single digits, and I haven’t been able to get out of the driveway for the past week due to snow! Even if I did, all of the county roads were closed.
      Internet service was down for a few days before the phone company could get to the transmitter (I’m on a wireless signal from town)
      this is going to play havoc with all those who thought they’d be wearing shorts and t-shirts in Dallas this Sunday.
      Anyway… patience lads, I haven’t had a chance to send out the booty yet, but I will as soon and I can break this cabin fever.

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