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Quiet Time

February 7, 2011

Well, that sucks, the Pack are the champs, but heck, hats off. They got hot at the right time and that’s that. All of my customers will be in a good mood today, IF they make it to work. I assume I will also have a few call in sicks on my staff.

And with that, foosball is ovah. Another fun year is done. These pages will not be updated too much until the draft, or if some football related story amuses me, or if our threads get too long and we need another for our coveted youtube sharing.

It’s been fun y’all, see you around draft time. May the rest of your winter be warm, and may your Spring be early.


Super Bowl

February 5, 2011

Hot Carl said it best for me. I asked him who the hell are we going to cheer for in this game? He said

“I hope a meteor hits the field.”

That pretty much sums up my feelings as I pretty much despise bof of these teams. I will have to cheer for the Steelers though as the hate for them is just a hair less than my Packer hatred, and I want to see Rashard do well.