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July 29, 2011

So Hasslebeck is now Jake’s backup. Interesting. Lots of kollej and pro football news and other general retardation to talk about so here is a new thread.


Did You Know…

July 25, 2011

…that there are only 37 days until kollej football and we can start up here again in full retard mode with Obama Thursday Night Football, the Saturday Football Update and all the rest? Hooray!!!

I Had To Laugh

July 20, 2011

Here is professional cyclist Jens Voigt with two crashes in a short period of time. He got too hot on the descent of the Port de Lers a few days ago.

I laughed because when I was watching it I knew EXACTLY what was going to happen right before the first crash happened – because I just rode that descent. The second crash wasn’t as much his fault (bad/hot pavement) but still a mistake pro cyclists don’t usually make. Jens is a lifelong cyclist (and a damned good one) but still made the classic mistake of trying to get too much out of the descent too quickly. It was sort of like watching a pro golfer miss a two foot putt. My big goal on the wicked descents was “Not to Die” and I accomplished that pretty well.

DeathFrance 3000

July 11, 2011

If it wasn’t a video game I would think it is real – check out the guy flipping into the barbed wire fence. Sheesh. What an absolutely insane TDF this year with all of the horrible crashes.

Ugly Mug

July 9, 2011

Got tired of seeing my ugly mug on the top here, so I have replaced it with this great afternoon snack in France, some Chevre and a glass of Bordeaux. Can’t beat it.

France Trip

July 6, 2011

Me at the top of the Tourmalet. This photo doesn’t do that view justice.

France Trip

July 3, 2011

Here is me after the last big ride. I bought beers for everybody. This day we left Arreau, went up the Aspin, down the Aspin, up the Tourmalet, down the Tourmalet, then back up the other side of the Aspin and descend back to Arreau – 9100 feet of rise. I am giving a beer to the chief mechanic – he is also a tour guide and cyclist. Much more to come. I will be blogging a lot of it at LITGM in the next few weeks once I get my jet lagged shit together.