Season Pool


OK folks, here is the deal. Since nobody can figure out an Algore math system that is fair to most of our crap teams vs. real teams, we need to take a vote. The rules for the pool will be identical to last year. One case good beer to the winner. I think we need at least four people to play.

So, in the comments declare if you are in and with what team. I will start by being in with the beloved, as usual and I will put jj in with the Huskieys.


34 Responses to “Season Pool”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    Of course Im in, old rules or new.

  2. Sk8 Says:


  3. johnnyj Says:

    I’ll give the CougRook a call today and see if he wants to play…I don’t know if he’ll join this year, he has quite a few things going on!

    TD? Astro? Bring it.

  4. dfm Says:

    sk8 – man Chris Horner was really fucked up after that crash – if you haven’t seen the footage of him talking to the doctors after that stage you should check it out, he doesn’t hardly know which end is up and now a blood clot, he is out indefinitely:

  5. astro Says:

    Boooo on crappy rules. Get creative, DFM, and come up with some new ones! Or go all the way back to the oldskool rules when it was just me and Sk8 battling for pride in our team racing to the bottom.

    I’m in with the Wave, on the condition that you let me make a post about Tulane football explaining why they’ll get their first bowl bid since 2002, and why Orleans Darkwa will dominate the Heisman voting this year (he’s on the Doak Walker watch list this year, so somebody is paying attention).

  6. astro Says:

    BTW, does anybody have Snakeye’s email addy? I can’t find it, and I suspect it might have been tied to his defunct website anyway.

    • dfm Says:

      the only email I have for Snake was as you said tied to the site which is dead. I bet TD has one though. I will give you admin, you go ahead with the Wave. I don’t have the time and energy for new rules, what were the old rules when it was just you and Sergio?

  7. dfm Says:

    sk8 – big weekend for me, my first ITT tonight, they even have a start ramp like the bigtime! 25 mile race tomorrow, 100 mile race Sunday.

  8. TD Says:

    (1) Aggies! (with non-attribution commentary for Auburn and JoPa)
    (2) Rules: I think national ranking and upset factor should be in play somehow…
    (3) as far as I know, the snakeye addy should still be active, despite the downed site.
    (4) DFM (Oh Great Cyclist of World Renown), you ought to try the “Hotter than Hell 100” in Wichita Falls, sometime… usually the last weekend in August.
    This year they’re expecting some 14,000 entries. (and it is indeed hotter than hell – it’s been triple digits almost every day since the middle of May, and worse yet, No Rain!)

    • TD Says:

      … oh yeah, Zoomies, too.

      • johnnyj Says:

        …I like the upset factor idear considering that most of our teams aren’t or won’t be in the top 25…Maybe plus 5 or 10 points if your team upsets a top 25 team…

        …However, it gets a little trickier for the Aggies and Ducks. How about minus 25 points if your team is upset by an unranked team!? Yep, that’s a great idear…

        …Put yer thinkin cap on, TD… I’m sure you can conjure something brilliant…

        • johnnyj Says:

          …SK8 actually had a pretty good idear too but DFM shot it down…

          In all actuality we could almost use various tax-bracket formats for the blueprint…You can scratch Obama and the socialism to start…

          • johnnyj Says:

            Example: Let’s take the probable records:

            Aggies: 9 to 12 wins = LOSER, docked 2000 points
            Oregon: 9-12 wins = LOSER. docked 2000 points
            UW: 7 to 9 wins = LOSER. docked 600 points
            Illinois: 6-8 wins = LOSER. docked 600 points
            Tulane: 6-8 wins = LOSER. docked 600 points
            Idaho: 5 to 7 wins = LOSER. docked 100 points
            WSU: 3-5 wins = WINNER!!! PLUS ALL POINTS!
            …I guess it pays to be a POS loser in America these days…

            ….What a crock of shit, voters….

            …That’s my rant for the day….

  9. dfm Says:

    I am liking that hh100 but are there any hills in that area of Texas? Honestly at this point if the ride doesn’t have some significant rise I typically don’t to them because they aren’t challenging.

  10. astro Says:

    Oh holy crap. Bears have family night tonight – practice in Soldier Field. They show up, fans show up, and the team cancels to go back to ONU because of the condition of the turf.


    There is going to be a riot. I imagine traffic was hell getting there anyway, isn’t Lollapalooza going on right now?

    Chris Harris was tweeting the whole thing, including pictures of the field. What an embarrassment for Chicago. It’s only August, and the field isn’t even fit to PRACTICE ON! Jesus.

    In better news, I got my Bears/Titans tickets in the mail yesterday. Even though it’s preseason, it should still be cool – 3rd game, so starters should play into the second half. Seats are on the Bears sideline about the 40yd line, 5 rows back. Prime heckling range, should I decide to give Cutler the business. Can’t wait. Plus, the Titans have a decent field, lol…

    • johnnyj Says:

      Does this mean you’re in Chicago? Thanks for the Heads-up, Astro…Now we know where to send a Christmas card…

      • astro Says:

        Nope, I’m still in AL. Game is in Nashville, so only about a two hour drive.

        You’d better send a Christmas card this year, bitch. I sent you that photo expose last year – ‘The Erotic side of Astro’ – and didn’t even get a thank you note. I thought our one night stand meant more to you than that…

        • johnnyj Says:

          …You said you loved me and I don’t switch-hit, dude…

          …HA! Good to have you back, Astro…

          • astro Says:

            Once my love has been given, it cannot be taken back. Unless Sk8’s sister is still on the market – then all bets are off.

            Are you gonna give us a good write-up for the Huskies? Imma put some effort into my Tulane post, and I know DFM willl do the same for the Illini. It’d be cool to know the teams we’re betting on and against. I bet TD would be willing to pitch in on the Aggies, as well.

            • johnnyj Says:

              …OH—I party with sk8’s bandgeek sister every DAWG game now! She yells louder than sk8, no shit…She’s awesome though, love her…Oh, she’s single, Astro…

      • johnnyj Says:

        …Yah…Maybe you’ll inspire me to write again…You’re a great writer, Astro…You have a beautiful face for it…

        I’ll throw my 2 cents in every SATURDAY FOOTBALL UPDATE with pictures and updates—DFM and I always do…

        ….I would love it if everyone did a personal post on their team…THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT!!! Therefore, all are welcome…

    • dfm Says:

      I was talking about this to Hot Carl – Friday night in Chicago is living hell, LSD is pretty much a total parking lot. People probably took half the day off just to make it there by “game time” – this is Dan Snyder ish. But maybe we can give them some slack, I believe the chicago park district actually runs soldier field. I might be wrong, but couldn’t they have looked at the fucking field the day before and made the call to save everyone all that bullshit or are they just that money hungry? Any way you slice it people will be demanding their money back I would imagine. JESUS DO THE RIGHT THING.

  11. JMac Says:

    Boys! I’m in – – might as well stick with Boise State for my team. I suspect I’ll be watching some football this year since I am mostly home hanging with the babies…

  12. johnnyj Says:

    COUNTRY MUSIC TIME! …I want to call this little shit a kenny chesney knockofff butt NO! He has a bigger voice~~~me thinks…

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