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Friday Night Football

September 30, 2011

Utah State at BYU in the Mormon bowl, brought to you by Miller Li…er…

If you are interested, it is on the Uno at 7.


Obama Thursday Night Football

September 29, 2011

7pm – Souf Florida at Pitt on the uno, Houston at UTEP on CBS Sports Network. Uh, no on either.

Unrelated – I have a customer that is a large hotel here in Madison. The Husker fans started to arrive Tuesday and are having huge cocktail parties every night at the hotel bar. Yikes, Saturday will be a GOLD day for footage and photos for Drunk Bear Fans.

Speaking of drunken foolishness…

Have you guys ever seen the running of the porta potties at the Preakness? Train hard, my friends…train hard.

…Updated Pool Standings…

September 27, 2011

After Week 4…I don’t recall if we’re doing winner-take-all or if it’s a split pot again this year? It doesn’t matter to me, I’m WINNING. Charlie Sheen style…

1. JJ (Washington): 30…Next @ Utah.

2. DFM (Illinois): 20…Next vs Northwestern.

2. Sk8 (Oregon): 20…Next vs Cal.

2. Jmac (Boise State): 20…Next vs Nevada.

3. Astro (Tulane): 5…Next @ ARMY.

4. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M): 0…Next vs Arkansas.

A and M to the SEC

September 26, 2011

It finally happened and it is official. In June of 2012 the Aggies will become the 13th member of the SEC.

I remember how I used to think a long time ago. That the Big Ten was king. Product of my environs, I guess. Well, the Big Ten might be king in some things, but they certainly aren’t in football. They are probably number two in revenue however, which makes up for a lot of things to a lot of people. .

Realignment is really about one thing – football. No matter what anyone else says. Sure, there is a little money in hoops, but the huge buck$ are in football. Period.

The SEC is the undisputed monster conference in football, bar none.

So will the SEC get one more team to go to 14? Most likely. But what is left? A bunch of shat, if you ask me although there are a few exceptions. I would love to see Clemson in the SEC, with their natural rivalry with Souf Carolina already embedded. Or why not the U or Florida State? I think the SEC can pretty much pick up whoever they want. Why not kick out Vandy or Kentucky? Are the doormats really needed that badly? At this point I would believe anything could happen.

The days of the superconferences are coming, and to me it is a sad thing. If Texas and A and M can’t keep that game on Thanksgiving weekend going, I will miss it very much.

I think I shared this story a while ago, but it may be time to do it once again. When I was a little boy I used to watch the Big 8 game of the week. For some reason it was shown on ABC in Illinois and I loved watching those teams line up and smash each other for hours on end. I always looked forward to seeing Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and teams like that play the wishbone against each other. Maybe three or four passes a game. The team left standing would win, plain and simple and those games were almost always decided in the fourth quarter.

But that is then, and this is now. The traditional rivalry has gone the way of the wishbone and so many other things in college football. All you need now is four patsies and win two conference games and you are on your way to a bowl game. It is almost as easy getting into the college football post season as hockey.

So what to say about the Texas/A and M rivalry? One of the most intense ever? Hopefully it will remain. But things change, times change. College football really has changed. I will still miss a lot of the old school things and it will still bring a smile to my face to remember these things.

Like those fall days when I was a boy watching plays that started with four guys in the backfield.

NFL Week 3

September 25, 2011

Chickens vs. Cards, and the hated Packers are at the Bears, both at 3.15.

Saturday Football Update

September 24, 2011

OK here we go folks!

Pool teams first.

2.30 – Imaman at TD’s Aggies on ABC. Big game there.
2.30 – Western Michigan at the Beloved on the BTN. I am always cautious with MAC teams, and a few have knocked off Big TelevenTwelve teams as of late. Not that this is a big deal anymore.
2.30 – Tulane at Duke on the tres. Duke can suck it, they aren’t getting in the way of this national championship run.
2.30 – Golden Showers at the Huskieys, FSN regional. Washington should start off on the right foot I predict in Pac Tenelve play.
7.00 – Tulsa at BOISE on CBS Sports Network.
9.15 – Quack Attack at the kitty kats on the Deuce.

Elsewhere: San Dog at Michigan, Arkansas at ‘Bama (big game), LSU at Strippers and Coal University, and ND at Pitt.

Friday Night Football

September 23, 2011

UCF at Mormon U at 7 on the uno. Never has less beer been consumed for a night game on ESPN.

Obama Thursday Night Football

September 22, 2011

Ugh a real snoozer, NC State at Cincy at 7 on the uno.

…Updated Pool Standings…

September 20, 2011

After week 3…

1. JJ (Washington): 20…Next vs Cal Golden Shower Bears.

2. DFM (Illinois): 15…Next vs W. Michigan.

2. Sk8 (Oregon): 15…Next @ Arizona.

3. Jmac (Boise State): 10…Next vs Tulsa.

4. Astro (Tulane): 0…Next @ Duke.

5. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M): -5…Next vs Oklahoma State.

Love the Honey Badger!

NFL Week 2

September 18, 2011

Bears at Aints at noon, Chickens at Stillers also at noon. Won’t be able to watch any of this today as I am in charge of “chicken shit bingo” at a family farm day charity benefit. Basically we have a grid and a chicken and everyone buys squares and the square that the chicken poops on first wins half the money, the rest goes to the charity. Not the worst way to spend a Sunday.