Saturday Football Update


Well, sorry folks that I don’t have time for phunny photos here, but I do have time to give you the rundown. Pool teams first, then other games of interest.

2.30 – Arkansas State at The Beloved on the BTN – Illinois THANK GOD starts out the season with a cupcake instead of Mizzou who I think beat our butts the last five years.

2.30 – Southeastern Louisiana at Tulane, no TV. Tulane begins their march to the title and the Heisman.

6.00 – Eastern Washington at Washington, no TV.

7.00 – Quack attack at LSU sort of – actually at JerryWorld. This one is on ABC.

7.00 – BOISE at Georgia on the uno. Probably the game of the week, GO BRONCOS.

The Aggies play tomorrow.

Other games of interest – Souf Florida at the hated Irish at 2.30 on NBC, the Golden Chokers at USuC at 2.30 on ABC. At 6 Pat Hill goes to Bezerkely to take on the commies there. At 6 Army is at Northern Illinois on the tres. I love the Huskieys, that is where I would have gone to school if Illinois didn’t take me on the football scholorship. Of course there is a bunch of shit cupcake games today as it is early in the season. Lets cheer on those underdogs!


88 Responses to “Saturday Football Update”

  1. johnnyj Says:

    …It’s Gameday Gents, time to get this party started! It’s supposed to be 80 degrees in Seatown today (very rare)—PERFECT for tailgating…I can’t remember the last time I wore shorts to a Husky game…
    …DAWGS taking on a(n) FCS division team for the FIRST TIME EVER today: Eastern Washington…It’s about time the Huskies scheduled a ‘cupcake’ (just like everybody else) but this game isn’t exactly a ‘cakewalk.’ The Eagles won the FCS national title last year so I don’t expect this to be a complete blowout…Look for the Eagles to throw the hell out of the ball all day—that’s what they do…Should be fun…

  2. dfm Says:

    How many batteries does it take to shock a Washington fan? One double a! Go fEagles!!!!11!!!!teen

    Well not really. You guys better kick their asses.

  3. johnnyj Says:

    WOW. What an amazing Baylor/Horny Frog game last night! I dozed off when Baylor had a 23-24 point lead! Good thing they didn’t blow it…

  4. astro Says:

    Green Wave game has been moved up to 12:30 due to the Tropical Storm hitting New Orleans tonight.

    Hope the stream still works, that was a good deal last year.

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Looking forward to the LSU/Quack game…


  6. johnnyj Says:

    BOOM! Take that Auburn! Utah State strikes first, 7-0…

  7. johnnyj Says:

    I’m outta here, don’t get too wild here at the good ol KFIL, boys…

    …I’ll be sure to pass along those naughty love letters to Sk8’s sister for you, Astro…


  8. astro Says:

    Damn, no stream for me. At least the radio broadcast works.

  9. astro Says:

    Finally! The stream is up with no commentators – just the stadium announcer. It’s like being there in the dome!

  10. astro Says:

    SELA scores, and Tulane answers right back with a 50yd TD bomb. Griffin and Van Hoosier looking good. Wave up 10-7.

  11. astro Says:

    Haha! Tulane puts LB Trent Mackey in as FB on the 5, fakes it to Darkwa and Griffin tosses a TD pass to the linebacker. Sweet!

    Wave up 17-7.

  12. TD Says:

    turned on the tube just in time to see the Wargles take the lead!
    Waaaaaaarrrrrrrr Eagle…. Hey!

  13. astro Says:

    And finally A Ryan Grant sighting with a 27 yd TD grab. Tulane’s O looks good (especially the line in pass pro), but the defense not looking so hot against the no-huddle SELA offense.

    Wave up, 24-14.

  14. TD Says:

    …what we have heah is a failya to psych up for a cupcake team. (“track ’em tigers, just like beagles. Give ’em HELL you War damn Eagles”}

  15. astro Says:

    Man, no defense here at all. Tulane up 31-21, still 2 minutes left in the first half.

  16. astro Says:

    In news that must concern the Heisman voters, Orleans has only got a couple of touches so far. Apparently he tore a hammy in the spring and also has a turf toe. He didn’t even take a snap during training, apparently. I’m always the last to get Tulane news, I guess.

    Still, he caught a nice 24 yd screen, and has averaged 4.4 on his five carries. From the Tulane radio guys, it sounds like he won’t get much work in the second half.

  17. astro Says:

    TD, is the Auburn game being carried nationally? I’m only getting Bama here.

  18. TD Says:

    It looks like a 14-0 season is off the table for the Tigers. Still, no reason not to party after the game!

  19. astro Says:

    Auburn moving the ball in a hurry!

  20. astro Says:

    TD War Eagles!

  21. TD Says:

    Oops, wrong team.

  22. astro Says:

    Yes! ONSIDES!

  23. TD Says:


  24. TD Says:

    one has to wonder why the Tigers didn’t play this way for the entire game.

  25. TD Says:

    on the 1 foot line with 1 to go.

  26. astro Says:

    TD War Tigers! Wow, what a comeback!

  27. astro Says:

    Tulane game back on with nice kickoff coverage, 3 and out by the D, and a blocked punt!

  28. astro Says:

    Ryan Grant out with a groin. Damn, he’s our best deep threat.

  29. TD Says:

    …same party as before, but now with gusto!

  30. astro Says:


  31. astro Says:

    And game. Nice jorb, Auburn.

  32. TD Says:

    Whew! Final(ly) Wargles over the Utah Ags 42-38

  33. astro Says:

    Another blocked punt for Tulane! This one for a safety.

    The D has come out of the half fired up. I guess Toledo swore at them, too.

  34. astro Says:

    Zoomies beating up on USD 30-7.

  35. astro Says:


    Tulane pulling away 40-21.

  36. astro Says:

    Into the 4th quarter, Tulane up 47-24. Not gonna be a nailbiter today.

  37. astro Says:

    FINAL, Tulane 47, SELA 33.

    A bit ugly at the end, but still a solid win. A few thoughts:

    Tulane looked like an actual DIV-I team today, for the first time in a long time. No gimmicks, no lucky plays, just solid play. Bob Toledo’s “beef it up” plan is finally showing on the field. The O line was dominant, and the D line started taking over after the 2nd quarter (8 sacks! Usually rushing only 4.)

    We were hampered without a full up Orleans Darkwa and Ryan Grant, our two best playmakers. Darkwa gutted it out and was effective in limited plays, and Grant grabbed a superb 37 yd TD before we lost him with a groin. But the other guys stepped up fine. We’ve got depth at RB and WR. Ten receivers caught balls tonight.

    Ryan Griffin was extremely sharp. About 67% for 268 yds, 3 TDs, and an amazing 13 yd per attempt average. He got pulled in the 4th (too early, I think) but he’s in fine form. His footwork was superb – from the postgame show they mentioned he got a lot of 1-on-1 with Drew Brees this summer when the Saints held their lockout workouts at Tulane. I guess that was the tit-for-tat arrangement for giving the Saints our facilities. Nice deal there.

    Damn, we’ve got some return guys this year. Three guys had returns of 20 yds or more. Freshman Robert Kelley was the workhorse with seven returns for 213 yards, for an amazing 30.4 yard average (he also had an 11 yd TD run on offense). Way to earn a job!

    Kicking was rock solid. I held my breath every kick last year with two freshman on the job, but this year I’m finally starting to relax. Sophomores now, Santo was perfect on FGs and XPs and showed a nice leg on kickoffs, and Ginsburgh was booming punts with about a 45 yd average on 6 kicks. Kicking lost us about five or six games over the last couple of years. With this solidified we might be dangerous.

    Our secondary is surprisingly good, even though we were missing our starting SS. Those guys continually won the 1-on-1 matchups against some really good SELA receivers. Our LBs were solid as expected. The D line impressed me as the game went on – both of their QBs were throwing under extreme pressure in the second half. Eight sacks! These are unheard of numbers for Tulane.

    Kickoff coverage was as bad as ever in the first half, as we gave up about 50 yds a return it seemed. Something was fixed at halftime, though, and we were solid the rest of the game. I hope this keeps up.

    I’m a little disappointed in Bob Toledo. We were imposing our will in the 3rd, and could have slammed the door shut. Instead, we started playing backups too early and gave them an opportunity (never dropped below a 14 point lead, but it could have been much more). Dammit Bob, just put your boot on their neck and deliver the killing blow. We haven’t been able to do that since ’99, and we need to do it when we have the opportunity.

    SELA was rolling on offense early. They ran an extremely quick no-huddle. The official stream I was watching kept trying to show replays, and missing the snap. Unfortunately, it seemed to backfire on them – they wore themselves out, while our defense got stronger as the game went along. Our guys were bigger, and seemingly better conditioned, which is a good sign.

    That’s a long enough comment, I guess. Tulsa comes to the Dome next week.


    • astro Says:

      One more thought –

      The crowd at the dome was pitiful. I’d guess about 500 fans showed up for Tulane. I know that a Tropical Storm is about to hit tonight, but it was still really sad. Like the bad old days when I was at Tulane. At least the band sounded good in the empty stadium.

      On the radio stream, they mentioned that Tulane is building up a fund to build an on-campus stadium again. YES! Tell me where to send some money as an alum – the days of Tulane Stadium need to rise again. The Dome is just too impersonal and too far away.

  38. dfm Says:

    Welp, the Illini won so I am happy. I could NOT belive the Utah State meltdown at Auburn. Incredible.

  39. astro Says:

    The “neutral field” for Oregon and LSU at Jerry’s world is laughable.

  40. astro Says:

    Holy Christ Georgia’s uniforms are turrible.

  41. astro Says:

    Notre Dame gets bounced from the top 25 in week one. Yep.

  42. astro Says:

    Kellen Moore looks like a p. good quarterback

  43. astro Says:

    LSU starting to put the Ducks in the grave…

  44. astro Says:

    LSU is just bending Oregon over and making them squeal like a pig. I thought this game would be close after half the LSU team got thrown into jail, but nope, PAC-10 still sucks.

  45. TD Says:

    I’m back…
    y’all remember the West Texas BBQ I meantioned last year? Well, they had it again this year – brisket, sausage, chicken, chili, red beans, etc. etc. Sittin’ on the tailgate of your pickup listening to the Texas Swing Band, pretty girls (although I didn’t notice) – temperature in the 90’s (that’s comfy for here!)… Good times!

    Meanwhile, back at the football games:
    Congrats to Astro for the Green Wave’s brilliant win; The Illini for their stomp; the Husky’s (close un, Dude); the Ducks… uuuuhhhmmmm…….. dem coon asses are tough!; Go Bronco’s! Beat dem Dawgs (in the awful uni’s)

    Other wins of significance: Zoomies, Nitnoy Lyin’s, Wargles, Sun Dev’s;

    Don’t forget, y’all, the OFFICIAL opening of the season when those Fightin’ Texas Aggies beat the ever livin’ HELL out of SMU!

  46. astro Says:

    Boise just pounding Georgia, 35-14. Richt’s role as the longest tenured SEC coach is on shaky ground.

  47. astro Says:

    LSU drives the nail in the coffin for the Ducks.

  48. astro Says:

    Boise tells Georgia to shove the BCS right down their SEC throats.

  49. johnnyj Says:

    Wayul, the DAWGS almost became the laughing ‘stock’ of college football…
    …Please don’t check the stats for the game, my wife hates IT when I’m right!

    …Regardless, a WIN is a WIN…

    YAY DAWGS!!!

  50. johnnyj Says:

    …”I’ve never heard this song before?”

  51. dfm Says:

    Damn LSU ass pounded Oregon. Fuck the ducks. Isn’t most of LSU in jail too? That is scary.

  52. dfm Says:

    Notre Dame awesome!!!!11!!

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