Obama Thursday Night Football


Arizona at imma man at 7 on the uno.
Also, pro starts tonight with the Aints visiting the Slack up in Green Bay.

I will need someone to put up the SFU for me this weekend, and next weekend, as I will be out of town. I am at my parents this weekend, and on a business trip to Big D next week.

In the middle of that I am going to the BEARS home opener on Sunday with Hot Carl and sixty five thousand of my closest friends.


39 Responses to “Obama Thursday Night Football”

  1. dfm Says:

    Jenn Brown – she just isn’t doing it for me on the sidelines. She has the major receeding hairline. I don’t understand why she doesn’t do something about it.

  2. dfm Says:

    Stillwater, Oklahoma. That has got to be close to the end of the world.

  3. johnnyj Says:

    …I’ll throw something together for the Saturday update unless Astro or TD wants to take a stab it?

    Sweet, rematch of the Alamo bowl tonight! Maybe the KittyCats will show up tonight…

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Just chatted with SK8, He’s looking forward to getting home from AFG! and watching KFB!

  5. dfm Says:

    Welp, the kitty kats look outclassed in that opening drive..

  6. johnnyj Says:

    Dayumn, the ‘pokes’ look purty good…

  7. dfm Says:

    Geez Louise what a blowout early. Time to flip to the Packer game for a bit.

  8. johnnyj Says:

    Wow, 14-0 already…Time to call my Brother-in-law ( an Arizona student) and give him a little shit—It’s the brotherly thing to do…

  9. dfm Says:

    cool flyover in Green Bay

  10. dfm Says:

    god the Packers torch it down the field, picking up where they left off last year. Sheesh.

  11. dfm Says:

    21-0 Cowboys? Holy crap.

  12. johnnyj Says:

    Well, make that 21-0 OK. State…The Zona defense looks horrible, maybe Foles and Co can get them on the board here–Hell, that offense was fairly decent last season…

  13. johnnyj Says:

    Ok, double post—It was spam-trapped a minute ago…Hate it when that happens…

  14. dfm Says:

    jaysus the Pack looks practically unstoppable

  15. dfm Says:

    whoa friggin’ awesome punt return for TD by Sproles, 21-17 Slack now.

  16. astro Says:

    Pierre Thomas is a pretty beastly guy with the ball in his hands. Saints should get it to him more.

    Ingram looking solid, but not spectacular in his first NFL game.

    Kreutz looking like a pile of hot garbage for the Saints, even surrounded by two all-pro guards. Man, he’s tiny nowadays.

    Packers putting the beatdown on the Saints after that KO return.

  17. astro Says:

    Haha, Max McGee shoutout by Al Michaels!

  18. Sk8 Says:

    Arizona st vs Mizzu. Upset brewing here but Mizzu coming back.

    Dennis Erickson? Last time I remember him was 3 x DUI at the helm for Oregon st.

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