…Obama Thursday…


…The parody songs are coming, ooooooooh they’re coming…

TONIGHT: #3 LSU @ #25 Mississippi State! Heh, I’m sick and tired of the SEC—They’re so good!

…Don’t “impregnate your girlfriend’s butthole” before the game even STARTS—Yes, I’m talking to you SEC, shine on TV, like always…


7 Responses to “…Obama Thursday…”

  1. TD Says:

    jus wait till the Aggies hit the conference!
    BTW: wasn’t it the Wargles who beat Miss St last week? huh?

  2. Sk8 Says:

    DAWGS on AFN tv tonight vs Nebraska! Please don’t suck, please don’t suck….

    Auburn vs Clemson as well, I usually hate Clemson, but in this case, I’m getting on the hate Auburn bandwagon early! Go Tigers!!!!11!!@@!1

    Er, go not-Auburn…

  3. Sk8 Says:

    And this is teh Awesome!:


  4. TD Says:

    Sadly, I’m committed to hosting a booth at the Texas-Okla fair all day… we’re raffling off a ride in a WWI Jenny.
    1. I’m looking forward to that fine Pacific Northwest beer, JJ. Gig ’em Aggies!
    2. I hope Clemson doesn’t get hurt as the Wargles beat up on ’em.
    3. JoPa against Temple? should be another win for the legend!
    4. the Ilini at ASU… Sorry DFM, the devils are tough this year.
    5 Zoomies healing in a dark corner after getting stomped by the Frogs last week…

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Are you doing the SFU post DFM?

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