…Saturday Football Update…


GAMEDAY! All times Pacific…

…Boise State again looked like a National Championship contender after sticking it to Toledo last night…Kellen Moore should finish his BSU career with more wins than any QB in (FBS) history…

12:30– on ABC/ESPN: UW @ #11 Nebraska…The ‘rubber match’ in Lincoln, I think the Cornhuskers might actually take this one seriously after falling flat in the Holiday Bowl…Hopefully the DAWGS will make it a decent game but with the WORST (yep, dead last) pass defense in the country, this could be ugly…

12:30– regional TV: Missouri State @ #12 Oregon…Yawn…

1:00–Tulane @ UAB…Time for the WAVE to start another winning streak…

4:00–Idaho @ #9 Tejas A&M…Yep, while I was feeling ‘ten-foot-tall and bulletproof’ the other night I placed a sidebet with TD on this one–straight up! I’ll box-up that sixer of Rainier for ya today, TD…GO VANDALS!!!

4:00 on the BTN–#22 Arizona State @ Illinois…Definitely a game I want to watch but I’ll have to DVR it because I’ll be at the SOUNDER game…The Sundevils ARE all that and then some this year; good luck Illini…

Some other Good ones: #21 Auburn @ Clemson…Oklahoma @ Florida State…And the WSU Cougs @ SDSU—The Cougs at 3-0? They’ve surprised everybody so far. If they win today then there’s a good chance they’ll make it to a bowl game…



253 Responses to “…Saturday Football Update…”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    How is it that Auburn is ranked #21 (2-0 record) and last years NC?

    Well anyway, I hope they lose.

  2. Sk8 Says:

    Dooooood, new Sony Bravia I can put up 2 games at one time, one on local PT cable, the other on AFN. Dope!

    And Auburn scores, suck.

  3. dfm Says:

    Jesus JJ nice sixer bet. That may be the worst bet we have ever had here at good ‘ol kfil.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Did you get your package DFM?

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Well hot damn, this Auburn/Clemson game is purty damn exciting…

    Suck it Auburn…

  6. dfm Says:

    don’t look now, Temple making a run at Penn State!

  7. dfm Says:

    they haven’t beat the jopas since 1941!

  8. dfm Says:

    shit fourth and the game

  9. dfm Says:

    dammit, that sucks.

  10. dfm Says:

    JoPa is all sorts of awful. Wisco is going to hammer them here in a month or so. Speaking of, Wisco plays Northern Illinois at Soldier Field today.

  11. dfm Says:

    whoa the Cuse and Pitt apply for the ACC. that is GREAT I didn’t want those deadbeats in the Big Telethirteen. That should clear the way for Miami and Florida State to join the SEC. Let the megaconferences begin!

  12. dfm Says:

    WOW watching UFC for a second and a dude just got his orbital socket broken, that is brutal.

  13. johnnyj Says:

    WOOT! And Auburn GOES DOWN bigger than Kim Kardashian at the million-man march…

  14. johnnyj Says:

    Bring on the DAWGS!

  15. dfm Says:

    Dr. Lou! God I love that crazy old coot. Alright here we go the DAWGS on ABC here in BIG TEN COUNTRY, LINCOLN NEBRASKA that is weird to say it. Fuck them.

  16. dfm Says:

    Locker! Oh wait

  17. dfm Says:

    What the hell happened to Sean McDouough’s head? Looks like someone took a cheese grater to it.

  18. dfm Says:

    hmmm some other games on, Tejas at fUCLA, fuck the Bruins and their stupid amplified crowd noise. Colorado state and Colorado, ND vs. Michigan State, Florida vs. Tennessee. Looks like a good afternoon worth.

  19. dfm Says:

    Heather “I love all” Cox

  20. johnnyj Says:

    …Heather Cox…Not so much.

  21. dfm Says:

    dude your pass D is brutal

  22. johnnyj Says:


    Fuck me.

  23. johnnyj Says:


  24. dfm Says:

    dammit ND up a TD

  25. dfm Says:

    Price! good drive here they needed a few first downs.

  26. dfm Says:

    holy shit awesome!

  27. johnnyj Says:


  28. dfm Says:

    fucking unsportsmanlike. Kollej football is so stupid.

  29. johnnyj Says:

    Hah, Jake Locker’s dad is sitting with Price’s grandma…Cool…

  30. johnnyj Says:

    Ok, lets try this again—beer time…

  31. johnnyj Says:

    Ooooh Sk8 where are Yoooooouuuu? Honey Badger don’t care…

  32. johnnyj Says:

    Gotdamn that sunofabitch Martinez. I hate that greasy bastard…

  33. dfm Says:

    ugh pick.

  34. johnnyj Says:

    Shit, pick price…Horrible…

  35. johnnyj Says:

    Sweet! We’ll take it!!!

  36. astro Says:

    Tulane offense has 179 yards.
    UAB offense has -1 yards.
    Game is tied at 7….

  37. johnnyj Says:

    C’mon DAWGS, punch it in!

  38. johnnyj Says:

    Jaysus christ…Awesome pass defense DAWGS.

  39. dfm Says:

    damn that dawg passing d is brutal

  40. dfm Says:

    haha tejas hammering fUCLA 21-0, the boobirds are out at the Rose Bowl

  41. astro Says:

    UAB finally managed to scrap their way to 16 yards of offense, until Trent Mackey ran back a 39 yard pick-six. Tulane up 21-7.

  42. dfm Says:

    Price! Nice third down toss.

  43. dfm Says:

    oh MAN Price got rocked

  44. johnnyj Says:

    Ooooooh ouch…The Price is WRONG, bitch…

    UGLY…We’ll take the FG…17-17…

  45. dfm Says:

    hey if you guys want some good comedy, I just put up a massive update at the most important site on the internet, Drunkbearfans.com

  46. dfm Says:

    nice hit on martinez

  47. johnnyj Says:


  48. astro Says:

    Tulane up 28-7 now. QB comparison:

    Griffin (Tulane) 13/15 for 197, 1 TD, 0 int
    Ellis (UAB) 4/13 for 37, 0 TD, 2 int

  49. johnnyj Says:



  50. dfm Says:

    fugly play there

  51. astro Says:

    Hey DFM, this is off-topic for CFB but did you hear what Julius Peppers did today? Rented a plane and flew the entire Bears defense to New Mexico for Urlacher’s mom’s funeral. Nice way to spend some of that $100 mil…

  52. johnnyj Says:

    That’s bullshit.

  53. dfm Says:

    Hey! Vandy won a SEC game! 30-0 over Olay Miss. How about that.

  54. johnnyj Says:

    Good first half of ball, kinda…At least we’re still in it!

    20-17 Nebraska…

  55. dfm Says:

    Random factoid of the day, kfil is over sixteen thousand comments!

  56. astro Says:

    Haha I just watched that drunk bears fans video

  57. johnnyj Says:

    Heather Cox…You think the ‘drapes’ match her pubes?

  58. johnnyj Says:

    Hahhaa…What halo!? That was awesome Trufant!

  59. dfm Says:

    damn ND starting to open it up on Sparty

  60. johnnyj Says:

    Is this where the old Tyronne Willingham DAWGS, uh, DON’T show up in the second half?

    Looking that way…

  61. astro Says:

    Tulane up now 35-10. Griffin is having an awesome game: 17/20 for 256 yds and 2 TDs.

  62. johnnyj Says:

    No. Fucking. Way.

    Game over.

  63. johnnyj Says:

    Hahha! A buddy of mine just sent me a text regarding the last few ‘plays’:

    “We got robbed twice and the niggas held onto the ball like it was a light bill.”

  64. johnnyj Says:

    Oooh Yeah, Disaster…What else is on?

  65. dfm Says:

    yikes Florida punishing TN

  66. johnnyj Says:

    Ducks punishing Misery State by 50…Shocker…

  67. astro Says:

    Stick a fork in UAB, as Griffin throws his third TD of the night. Wave up 42-10.


  68. johnnyj Says:

    Price is limping—Bring on Nick Montainya! Why the hell not!?

  69. astro Says:

    Damn, Mackey murdered the UAB QB, and the backup comes in and throws a pick-six on the first play.

    Tulane up 49-10.

  70. johnnyj Says:

    BOOM! Nebraska up by 27 now…FML.

  71. astro Says:


    Absolute domination. Tulane was a 12.5 point underdogs on the road, and crushed UAB 49-10.

    Holy shit. Tulane out-gained UAB 540 yards to 193 yards. We took a knee at their 1 yard line to end the game.


  72. johnnyj Says:

    Shit hot, 64 yard return by Smith! That’s more return yards than we had ALL of last year! (Pretty close)…

  73. johnnyj Says:

    Touchdown C-po! Yeah–take THAT bitches…

  74. dfm Says:

    I gotta quick run and get some grub at bw3 for the big game, back in a bit.

  75. johnnyj Says:

    ANother Touchdown DAWGS! Suck it…

  76. johnnyj Says:

    The Cornhuskers up 51-31 now with 4 mins to go. Bummer man, bummer…

    I’m off to the ‘other’ Futbol match—Aka Lawn Fairies! SOUNDERS!

    Go Illini! GO VANDALS!

    —Oh SNAP,PRICE! DAWGS scored AGAIN! Shit hot…38-51 Huskers…Too bad about that DAWG fuckup earlier, this would have been interesting…

  77. dfm Says:

    alright, back time to grub and booze and watch the Illini send that drunk Erickson back to the desert with a big fat L

  78. dfm Says:

    sweet three and out suck it sun devils. Nice new helmets for ASU.

  79. dfm Says:

    Whoa horrible punt. Illinois ball at the 35. And Sheelhause rips a run for 15, here we go!

  80. astro Says:

    I am now shitfaced. WOOOO!

    Look at this stat line:

    And remember this:


  81. dfm Says:

    TD!!!!11!!! fuck yea.

  82. astro Says:

    Alright, found the Illini game (why do I get the BTN?).

    Should I break out the headdress, or save it in case Illinois falls behind?

  83. dfm Says:

    god we can’t touch robinson

  84. astro Says:

    Found it, and sent you a pic. I’ll keep it on my desk – just way too small to fit on my head.

  85. dfm Says:

    goddam our O looks good in the early going.

  86. dfm Says:

    WOW what a pass

  87. astro Says:

    OH HELLS YEAH! Nice bomb.

  88. astro Says:

    Is this the Bears O-line? Where’s the push?

  89. dfm Says:

    bah, three it is.

  90. dfm Says:

    do you stil live in ‘bama? how do you get the btn? Not exactly their target market.

  91. dfm Says:

    Ah, the Illinettes – lovely as I remember. True story I dated one back in the day.

  92. dfm Says:

    GREAT HIT and pick!

  93. astro Says:


  94. dfm Says:

    what the fuck is under review here? kollej footbal is fucked up.

  95. astro Says:

    That QB is too small to tuck and run like that. He’ll get killed eventually.

  96. astro Says:

    Had either guy and missed both of them…

  97. dfm Says:

    Lets get that man a MILLER LITE first down!

  98. dfm Says:

    fuck me.

  99. astro Says:

    Ah fuck.

    Did he just say ‘Bull Moose’? Get Sk8 in here…

  100. astro Says:

    What do you think about the Bears/Saints tomorrow?

  101. dfm Says:

    good series by our d there.

  102. dfm Says:

    FORD what a load. Nice play.

  103. astro Says:

    Illinois running an academy play there…

  104. astro Says:

    Oh come on

  105. dfm Says:

    awful throw. We will call it a punt.

  106. dfm Says:

    our corners and safeties are too slow and weak. we need to get pressure or this will get out of hand.

  107. astro Says:

    Haha the U beating up Ohio State

  108. dfm Says:

    thank god for these penalties

  109. astro Says:

    Haha ASU fucking themselves repeatedly

  110. astro Says:


  111. dfm Says:

    to finish with Carimi, the Bears almost fucked that whole thing up. Angelo can’t get out of his own way.

  112. dfm Says:

    and another shot of the Illinettes. Love ’em.

  113. dfm Says:

    Wow Tejas killed fUCLA. Screw Newweasel.

  114. dfm Says:

    this game has gotten fugly

  115. astro Says:

    That poor kid is going to get killed.

  116. dfm Says:

    oh going for it….shit.

  117. astro Says:

    Oh god, why did he hesitate so long!!!!

  118. dfm Says:

    haha ASU would be killing us if they weren’t so busy stepping on their own dicks.

  119. astro Says:

    Damn, not the way to end the half

  120. dfm Says:

    our pass d is so sad

  121. dfm Says:

    good deal defense

  122. astro Says:

    Block that kick!

  123. dfm Says:

    SKANK! hahahaha

  124. dfm Says:

    Welp, you know what that means. Watching the rest of this one in bed. Gotta get up earlier than usual to help the wife with a benefit so later gator.

  125. astro Says:

    Illini D! Last stand

  126. astro Says:

    Tiny QB emerges victorious for the Illini! Final, Illinois 17, ASU 14.

    I hope the little guy can survive a full season, he’s doing good work for the Zookster.

  127. astro Says:

    And in the ‘NCAA Sanction’ bowl the U takes down Ohio State 24-6, proving once and for all that hooker abortions are superior to free tattoos.

  128. johnnyj Says:


    …The Illini WON! Congrats DFM, that is awesome…

    …The COOGS lost to SDSU…

    …The VANDALS ONLY lost by 30. That is Success, TD…

    Good day of KFB boys, lets do it again…

    Oh, SOUNDERS kicked the shit out of that DC United ass, 3-nil! FREE HAIRCUT!

  129. dfm Says:

    awesome ILLINI

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