…Updated Pool Standings…


After week 3…

1. JJ (Washington): 20…Next vs Cal Golden Shower Bears.

2. DFM (Illinois): 15…Next vs W. Michigan.

2. Sk8 (Oregon): 15…Next @ Arizona.

3. Jmac (Boise State): 10…Next vs Tulsa.

4. Astro (Tulane): 0…Next @ Duke.

5. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M): -5…Next vs Oklahoma State.

Love the Honey Badger!


18 Responses to “…Updated Pool Standings…”

  1. johnnyj Says:

    TD: I assume your Tejas addy is still the same?

  2. Sk8 Says:

    We gonna stay the Pac-Twelve it seems, yawn:


    • dfm Says:

      I am sure this status will stay certain until…tomorrow…

      • johnnyj Says:

        Oh–Regarding your comment on the last post about scheduling 3-4 OOC ‘cupcakes’ and then beating 2 conference ‘doormats’ to earn a bowl game (ahhemm, Illini):

        Don’t blow your wad yet ol wise one: Only ONE (1) ‘lower division (fcs)’ victory can count towards a bowl bid…Remember Arizona State got cockblocked last year with a 6-6 record (which is how the Huskies ended up in the Holiday bowl against those cheater Cornhuskers)…

        Yep, the Illini still need to win 5 conference (or D1/bcs) games…I love that they’re ranked in the top 25 though!

        • johnnyj Says:

          Ooops–I meant 4 more games, they beat ASU! Still can’t believe that one…
          …They’ll probably move into the top 20 after they assthump those D2/fcs monsters W. Michigan christian hair academy this weekend…

          • dfm Says:

            Well, as usual you are half right JJ. I said that teams need to schedule OOC cupcakes – I didn’t say anything about 1-AA n(I like to use the old school terms).

            Illinois had a 1-AA team this year (S. Dakota State) and we also beat Arkansas State and this weekend will beat Western Michigan. Those are 1-A schools (A. State out of the Sun Belt conference and W. Mich out of the MAC). Of course ASU is 1-A. That will make us 4-0, with all wins that count. All we need is two more and presto, bowl eligible. That is the way every team should do it, and that is the way Wisco has done it for at least a decade now. Almost assured of a bowl every year and you are practicing that extra month.

            This is why kollej football is a shadow of its former self, because you can get away with this nonsense.

            • johnnyj Says:

              Well holy shit!… I honestly thought A. State and W. Mich were 1-aa for some reason–my bad…I guess I don’t see, hear or care enough for those conferences to even pay attention…Still, only (1) d-aa victory counts (S.dakota it is!)…Lucky you…

              Not to worry, Washington FINALLY jumped on this bandwagon too by scheduling Eastern Wa. this year—and we almost lost…What an all time fuggin backfire that would have been…

              …Just out of curiousity, who are the Illini going to beat in the big ‘tenelve’ (or whatever you call it)…?

  3. johnnyj Says:

    Heh hehee!!! Too funny…


    …I should have grilled Mark Emmert (more) when he showed me his ‘cedar canoe’ at MY fishing hole earlier this summer (I had forgotten that he had become pres. of the NCAA at the time)…

    • Sk8 Says:

      Showed you his “cedar canoe”???

      You can build a thousand bridges jj, and never be called a bridge builder. Suck 1 dick, cocksucker for life.

      • johnnyj Says:

        …Meh, see DFM’s ‘wine and cheese’ post on here from a while back…

        Yes, I met Mark Emmert and his wife at MY fishing hole on the ‘ol Island (he has a ‘cabin’ there)..I was with JG and others, we had put an honest 7 hours of catching in and were taking a break before going back out for the evening bite…Then a truck rolled in towing a ‘fancy canoe,’ and we thought we had the place to ourselves…

        (are you done being gross yet?)

        …Like always, I offered to help him put-in and like always, shoot-the-shit for a few minutes…His canoe was awesome, belonged to his grandpa and he recently had it refinished (you could still smell it). We mostly talked fly-fishing but talked kfb too and he’s happy with the UW program…

        THEN, JG caught a 2lb LM bass right in front of him, no shit. It was prophetic, guess you had to be there…

  4. dfm Says:

    Enough of the faggotry you two.

    As for who the Illini are going to beat, Northwestern, Indiana, tOSU, Purdue, Minnesota fo sho. What is left is JoPa, Michigan and Wisco. Wisco looks like a sure loss unless they start to get some injuries. If we pick off either M or JoPa that puts us at 10-2 and is an AWESOME season. See ya on New Years Day.

  5. johnnyj Says:

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