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NFL Week 8

October 30, 2011

The Bears with a well deserved week off, and the Chickens are at the Bengals at 3.15.


Saturday Football Update

October 29, 2011

The season rolls on! As usual, pool teams first.
11am – Mizzou at A and M on FX. The Aggies seem to have been getting it together.
2pm – Wazzu at the Quack Attack on FSN/ROOT – I still have no clue what the fuck the Root is.
2.30pm – Beloved at JoPa on either the deuce or ABC depending on where you live. We have lost two in a row and just can’t score all of a sudden. We need this one but it will be tough against the Niftys.
2.30 – Tulane at ECU – local TV or stream – the Post Toledo Era continues.
9.30pm – Kittys at Washington on FSN/ROOT – this should be an easy win for the Huskieys on their way to a bowl.
Boise is off this week.

Other games of interest – Navy at ND, Oklahomo at Kansas State, Iowa at Minnesota (of interest to me since they play for one of the finest trophys in all of kollej football, Floyd of Rosedale), Stanford at USuC, Wisco at The, and the cocktail party with Georgia vs. Florida.


…I went with the “Tebowing”  successfully until I tried it in front of the boys. All I got was “Tebagged!”

Friday Night Football

October 28, 2011

Its a religious war! Mormons at Christians at 7 on the uno.
Per sk8’s request, me at work Tebowing!

Obama Thursday Night Football

October 27, 2011

Rice at Houston at 7 and Vagina at Miami, also at 7. I won’t be around – attending a bike mechanic class!

The End of Tradition

October 25, 2011

Today there is a rumor floating about West Virginia joining the Big Twelve. This is officially the end of tradition in college football.

I suppose some moves recently could have been interpreted as such, with the Aggies joining the SouthEAST Conference. Honestly, I don’t blame these schools. They want as much money as they can get, and they want some sort of secure plan for the future. I personally think that West Virginia moving from the crappy Big East to the Big Twelve is a lateral move, but what do I know. Won’t they have markedly increased travel costs? Wont the other members of the Big Twelve have increased travel costs? I guess all that TV money makes up for it and more.

Speaking of travel, Mizzou to the SEC? What a crap fit. I still can’t believe they couldn’t get their act together to get into the Big Ten. What a natural fit that would have been, and the already poplar rivalry with Illinois (in hoops and football) was baked into the pie.

I guess the only BIG question left is to see where ND lands for football. If they go with the ACC as I have been hearing rumors about, that is about as shit a move as you can ever find. Talk about a conference having no hair on it’s football chest.

Really, there are only three conferences holding a handful of traditions alive at this point – the SEC, Big Ten and Pac 12. Every year, rivalry games can be counted on, stadiums will be filled, and revenues will flow. It seems to me that all the rest of the teams are scrambling for what is left.

Of course, I am talking only about football here – the football revenue dwarfs hoops revenue. I don’t see anyone challenging the ACC in hoops for some time to come. But who cares, really.

NFL Week 7

October 23, 2011

Bears vs. Bucs in London at noon, and the Chickens are at the Browns, also at noon.

Saturday Football Update

October 22, 2011

Goddamn Sam I am one busy dude. I have been watching foosball, but hardly any time to comment. Sigh. Oh well, on with this weeks slate:
11am – the Beloved are at Purdon’t. We need to rebound from that awful performance last week against The.
2.30 – Zoomies are at Boise on Versus, and look for the Broncos to keep marching toward new years day.
2.30 – Aggies go to Ames to face Iowa State on ABC. This should be an easy one for the SEC bound Aggies.
2.30 – Memphis at Tulane – the WAVE is a heavy favorite in this one, in their first game of the Post Toledo era. Thank god.
2.40 – Ducks are at Colorado – this one is on either FSN or ROOT depending on where you are. Should be a wipeout.
7.00 – Huskieys at Stanford on ABC – hopefully the Washington pass defense can have some good luck instead of Andrew.

Other games of interest – Wisco at Sparty, USC at ND, Whargles at LSU

Friday Night Football

October 21, 2011

At 7 on the uno we have Strippers and Coal University at the Orange and on the deuce there is Rutgers at Loiusville.

Obama Thursday Night Football

October 20, 2011

UCB at UAB at 7, and fUCLA is at the kitty kats at 8 on the uno.

…Updated Pool Standings…

October 17, 2011

Well, a little shuffling in the rankings this week and 5 out of 6 of our teams are now in the Top 25! I think that’s a first for our ‘crappy’ teams here at the good ‘ol KFIL…

…After week 7:

1. Jmac (Boise State): 40…Next vs USAFA.

1. DFM (Illinois): 40…Next @ Purdue.

2. JJ (Washington): 30…Next @ Stanford.

3. Astro (Tulane): 20…Next vs Memphis.

4. Sk8 (Oregon): 15…Next @ Colorado.

5. Trav’s Dad (Texas A&M): 0…Next @ Iowa State.