Saturday Footall Update


Here we go folks for another week. Hot Carl is coming up for the big game between the Cornholers and Badgers here, we should be getting a LOT of great material for Drunk Bear Fans. I may try to go down to see my ex-girlfriend as well. On with the show. Pool teams first, as always.

11am – Northwestern at the Beloved on the deuce, in the annual battle for the Land of Lincoln trophy – nothing will ever beat watching the Illini destroy Northwestern at Wrigley last year, but lets hope we can repeat it and keep the hat.

11am – Aggies at Hogs on the uno – lets see if TD’s team can rebound after a heartbreaker last week.

11am – Tulane at Army on CBS Sports Network – the march to the National Championship rolls on as Tulane meets up with a team that they have had problems with recently, the Knights.

1.30pm – Nevada at BOISE on Versus – this should be yet another wipeout by the Broncos.

6pm – Huskieys at the Utes, FSN regional – kick those damned Moormon asses. First Pac Televirteen meeting between these two, I think.

The Ducks are off.

Other game of note – Alabama at Florida is the other biggie besides this insane game here in Madtown.


107 Responses to “Saturday Footall Update”

  1. dfm Says:

  2. TD Says:

    see what a good cup of coffee can do for you?

  3. TD Says:

    Three teams of interest playing concurrently:
    1 – Aggies & Hogs on ESPN
    2 – Zoomies & Mids on CBS
    3 – JoPa’s beatdown of IU on the U
    Gonna be a hectic early afternoon… hope to visit with y’all soon.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Hot Damn DFM, the big Badger/Cornhusker game looks like fun with the ‘College Gameday Crew’ there, that should be a kick ass time! Maybe the Huskies will get the College Gameday Crew to visit sometime…

    • dfm Says:

      Yep I was down there for a bit yesterday and will be there today, I have been yelling at Erin but she isn’t answering me. Typical of a stuck up ex, all bitter like that.

      • dfm Says:

        I should add that I took the long way to work today through town by the stadium and people were setting up at FIVE AM. Either that or they just went all the way through from last night.

        This is going to be a treasure trove of photos and video for Drunk Bear Fans.

        • johnnyj Says:

          …They likely stayed up all night and will be blacked-out before kickoff and miss most of the game…I wouldn’t know anything about doing something that stupid…

  5. astro Says:

    If anyone is interested in watching Army blow out Tulane (and the Wave players knees) it is on DirecTV channel 613. Line has been growing, and now has Army by 8.

  6. travsdad Says:

    The academies always play with lotsa heart, but…. I’ll go for Tulane on this one.

  7. astro Says:

    Fuck Yeah! Darkwa busts a 67 yd run, and then follows up with the 1yd TD!


    Great start!

  8. travsdad Says:

    Wow! What a play on the first series… Scoooooooorrrrrrrre! (smooch)
    Gig’ em Aggies.

  9. travsdad Says:

    Zoomies score in the first two minutes…
    Navy fumbles the kickoff, but recovers.

  10. travsdad Says:

    Ag’s lookin’ mighty tough! Another score (smooch) 6 minutes into the game.
    Gig ’em.

  11. TD Says:

    Ags drivin’… drivin’… aw sheeeit! PIC

  12. TD Says:

    A fluke pass … and the pigs score.

  13. TD Says:

    Early in the 2nd Q the Fightin’ Texas Aggies do it again! (smooch)

  14. TD Says:

    Falcons are beatin’ up on the Squids. 21-3

  15. Sk8 Says:

    AF kicking naviey’s arse, 21-3 at the half.

  16. TD Says:

    Nitnoy Lions are sure bitchslappin’ Indiana…. 3-3 at half

  17. johnnyj Says:

    I’m watching the Tulane/Army game since I get it—Oh damn, Touchdown Army, again. Not looking good…

    …Not looking good for the Illini right now either…

  18. johnnyj Says:

    Well shit. The one time I get to watch the National Champion Tulane Wave they shit the bed…They just turned it over, again. 28-6, ARMY…

  19. johnnyj Says:

    Boooooo…..N’Western up 28-10 on Illinois now…

    Hmmm, I think there’s a baseball playoff game on…

  20. johnnyj Says:

    JENKINS!!! Touchdown Illini! About damn time…

  21. TD Says:

    The Aggies have to be the strongest 1st half team in the country! 2nd half Aggies really suck!

    • johnnyj Says:

      The Illini are enfeugo right now, they just took the lead! That’s an amazing comeback, 21 unanswered points just like that! 31-28 Illinois…Lets see if they can hold…

  22. johnnyj Says:

    Tulane only down by 32 now…They’ll probably kick a field goal just to put Astro in the red zone…

  23. TD Says:

    Hogs fumble the ball and then recover in the endzone. 2pts ties the game..

  24. johnnyj Says:

    WTF Aggies? The wheels came off…

  25. TD Says:

    Ok, Ok…. let’s try this:
    Go Pigs Go

  26. johnnyj Says:

    IIlini down by 4 with 26 sec to go…2nd and goal…

  27. Sk8 Says:

    28-20′, navy coming back!

  28. johnnyj Says:

    Well the Illini pulled it off 38-35…Good game.

  29. TD Says:

    a breath holder for AF/Navy… Can AF hold off the 2pt play? Stay tuned, fans.

  30. johnnyj Says:

    Good Grief Aggies… I was Squeeeeeeeezing too, TD…

  31. TD Says:

    WHAT???? !!!!!
    A&M’s gonna do it again! Choke in the 2nd half!
    Son of a BITCH!!!!

  32. TD Says:

    REALLY gutsy play for the Middies!
    Now it’s up to the AF to tie.

  33. johnnyj Says:

    Chit. Put a fork in the Aggies.

  34. TD Says:

    Suck! Aggies get outscored again (still beat the Hell outta Arkansas)

  35. TD Says:

    Zoomies WIN
    The Middie’s punter has to feel like crawling back to the locker room for missing a PAT in OT.

  36. johnnyj Says:

    Where’d Astro go? His emo side probably kicked in and he’s cutting himself after that ass thumping the Wave took…

  37. johnnyj Says:

    Auburn and the Cocks now! Cougs underway vs Colorado too…

  38. Sk8 Says:

    Baseball is on… Yawn.

    All the teams I wanted to lose in dramatic fashion already did. What should I look for now JJ?

  39. johnnyj Says:

    Flipping between the Boise St/Nevada and USC/Zona games…Yawn..Maybe I’ll crack a beer and play guitard until the DAWG game starts.

  40. johnnyj Says:

    Did TD slit his wrists too?

  41. TD Says:

    Wargles are giving those yahoos in Columbia a nice tussle.
    Hope they don’t choke in the 2nd half… like the Aggies

    BTW, JJ: that Apricot Ale is pretty good stuff; worthy of a desert beer.

    • johnnyj Says:

      …Indeed, the Apricot Ale is one of my favorites, good for sippin’ on when taking it easy…
      Pyramid makes some mighty fine beer, it’s usually what I drink (that or Redhook or Pike Place Ale or Elysian Ale or…)…
      …Their Seattle brewery is located across the street from Safeco field and is always our ‘prefunk watering hole’ for Mariner games…

    • Sk8 Says:

      Yeah, your “we suck in the 2nd half” meme is catching on at ESPN.

      Duh-duh-dat, Duh-duh-dat!

  42. johnnyj Says:

    Trojans sticking it to the Zona Cats now 34-12…USC looking good again this year, damn them and that Lane Kiffin.

    The lucky DAWGS get to play them at the Coliseum AGAIN this year due to the new Pac-12 scheduling. Can SARK get to 3-0 against them? That would RULE, fo sho…

  43. TD Says:

    I’m off for a while… bad news in the family.
    Snakeye’s sister gave birth today 2 months premature, and with serious/fatal birth defects.
    Hopes of survival are dim.

  44. johnnyj Says:

    Hey sk8 (or TD), Have you seen the Charlie Sheen ‘Roast’ yet? I finally watched it last night…

    “If Charlie Sheen is ‘winning’ then there’s something wrong with the fucking scoreboard.”

  45. johnnyj Says:

    Well sk8, looks like me and you for the DAWG game.

  46. johnnyj Says:

    DFM’s teams on a roll today: Illini win, brewers win…Badgers and Bears next?

    • Sk8 Says:

      Yo, go Brewers. I guess I am going 4 them.

      And the fn Injuns, who won today, nice job DFM!!!!11!!!@@@#$@~!!!!

  47. Sk8 Says:

  48. Sk8 Says:

    or just honey badger:

  49. johnnyj Says:

    DAWGS! Up 31-7 in the 4th…

    Shit Sammich UTAH! Welcome to the big boy league, I guess.

    DAWGS at 4-1, Illini at 5-0, Cougs at 3-1!!— We might have to redo the scoring system at some point because our teams MIGHT NOT be as shitty anymore…Finally.

    Tulane on the other hand…

  50. johnnyj Says:

    …All of our best thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family, TD.


    The KFIL crew…

  51. johnnyj Says:

  52. dfm Says:

    Man sorry to hear that TD thoughts are with you for sure. Makes all of this crap seem pretty unimportant.

    That said, WHAT A GAME by the Illini, Hot Carl and I watched it at a bar and were the only two people cheering. Also, the scene was crazy last night before, during and after that game. I have some great content for drunk bear fans.

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