NFL Week 6


Queens at Bears at 7.20. The Chickens with a well deserved week off.


60 Responses to “NFL Week 6”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    Watching OSU vs Ill right now on AFN delay, will tell u how it finishes. 17-7 OSU is up right now.

  2. Sk8 Says:

    Dawns ranked 22!

  3. dfm Says:

    Dawns! The Illini were who we thought they were.

  4. dfm Says:

    Patsies and Boyz playing a pretty good game here.

  5. dfm Says:

    haha almost a fight between harbaugh and the lions coach after the game, what a couple of sissies – throw down, don’t chest bump!?

    • astro Says:

      That was hilarious. I really wish everybody had backed off and let them go at it. Harbaugh would have pounded Schwartz to a paste. What a whiny loser.

  6. astro Says:

    Lets go the Bears, bitch!

    I want to see a classic NFC North game with AP and Forte getting 40 carries each, and the final score being 9-7.

  7. astro Says:

    Here we go! DFM, are you in bed already?

  8. astro Says:

    Forte time!

  9. dfm Says:

    Whoa Spencer starting, and Ohmygod out. THANKS FINALLY.

  10. astro Says:

    Roy E with a target. And a catch!

  11. dfm Says:


  12. astro Says:

    HOLY FUCK!!!!!!

  13. dfm Says:

    i don’t give a shit what anybody says. If cutty has time he is one of the top five QB’s in the league. Easily.

  14. astro Says:


  15. dfm Says:

    damn we GOTTA ca$h in on those

  16. dfm Says:

    gtfo the field Berrian you loser

  17. astro Says:

    D is fired up

  18. astro Says:

    Forte time!!

  19. astro Says:

    Holy shit that mohawk

  20. astro Says:

    Oh man…

  21. dfm Says:

    whew glad they didn’t challenge that one

  22. astro Says:

    Wow, nice, Forte.

  23. astro Says:

    Haha Cutler rules

  24. dfm Says:

    welp, that one got away from him for sho

  25. astro Says:

    Nice fair catch at the 5

  26. dfm Says:

    Man I am so sick of all the pink accessories. Hope this ends soon.

  27. dfm Says:


  28. astro Says:

    fuck yeah safety!


  29. dfm Says:

    GREAT run fortay

  30. astro Says:

    Dammit, quit killing yourselves with penalties

  31. astro Says:

    Forte has gotten good this year with making something out of nothing

  32. astro Says:

    Roy E! Twice now!

  33. dfm Says:

    what the hell was that, jump ball?

  34. dfm Says:

    There he goes again!

  35. astro Says:

    Forte on a mission tonight

  36. dfm Says:

    Yea BABY 16-0 what a hole I could have run through that one.

  37. astro Says:

    Wow, that was easy

  38. astro Says:

    2 good plays by Paea so far…

  39. astro Says:

    Nice tackle by DJ there.

    Even though the Vikes are on a drive, I’m liking Wright and Conte at safety so far.

  40. astro Says:

    Where did Martz go? This is a great gameplan so far

  41. dfm Says:

    No shit. Even assblock Webb is doing well. I gotta go, I have had a hell of a week and need some sleep. Later the stro.

  42. astro Says:


  43. dfm Says:

    sk8 – holy crap Cav joined Team Sky – I wonder what Bogen-Hasen will do now?

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